The Letter

The day started almost like any other in the life of Kim Possible, she was up early and off to school, the exception today was she was heading to school alone. Ron had called her and told her he was staying home sick. It wasn't like him to miss school on 'Taco Day' no matter how sick he was. She put any doubts she had out of her mind when the morning bell rang. She was going to be late for class and another tardy meant detention, and cheerleaders don't do detention. She had to skip stopping by her locker and hurry to Chemistry. Class wasn't the same without Ron. They were best friends, but lately she had been feeling that there was -something- between them.

She was at her locker intending to drop off her jacket and pick up her Latin book when she found it. A plain white envelope with her name written on it. She didn't think much of it, using it as a quick bookmark. 'I'll look at it later.' She had almost forgotten about the envelope, until she was in Study Hall. 'May as well see what this is.'

Dear Kim,

Putting these words to paper hasn't been easy, I've lost track of how many times I had to start over. I should have told you this sooner. But I waited until today, which was a stupid thing to do. Its not like I've been busy, I don't have much of a life left to take up my time. Not like you. Here's the thing -- I love you.

I know that sounds dumb, but it's the truth. You're so beautiful that sometimes I can't even breathe when I'm around you. Don't think that this is just a physical thing either. There are so many things that make you beautiful. You're smart, much more so than I. The way you treat people, you're always so nice. You don't care if someone is a dork or a loser, you treat us all the same. Those aren't the only reasons I feel the way I do, but they are the major ones. There are so many other things, too many to list here. I guess a lot of the things I like about you are the things I wish I could have been.

I'm sure you're wondering who I am, don't bother to look for my name, you won't find it. I'm just someone that shared part of his day with you. Those were the best parts of my day, I got to see you, to be near you. Please don't be creeped out by this. I don't spend every waking moment thinking of you or have some psycho shrine to you or anything. I'm completely harmless, besides by the time you read this--I'll be gone.

Kim couldn't help but get freaked out by what she had just read. Only one name entered her mind 'Ron'.

She bolted from the table and headed down the hall, she had to get to his house. She had to get there before he could…well she didn't want to think about what he was going to do. She just had to get to him.

I know that I can never be with you. I suppose you're wondering why I even wrote this. I had to write this--to let you know how I feel. I couldn't imagine leaving without telling you. Goodbye.

She ran, ran faster than she ever had before. She tried calling his phone but there was no answer. 'Why are you doing this Ron? Why didn't you tell me? God, please don't be doing this.' She opened the door to his house with the spare key his parents gave her. 'In case you kids were on a mission and needed to get in.' She looked around the lower level, he wasn't downstairs. Then she heard it, music coming from upstairs. From his room. Soft and low, quiet as death.

If I'm gonna cry (will you wipe away my tears?)
And if I'm gonna die (Lord please take away my fear)
Before I drown in sorrow (I just want to say)
How will I laugh tomorrow when I can't even smile today?

She ran up the stairs to his room. She opened the door cautiously, not wanting to see what she feared was waiting inside. When she peered around the door she saw, his empty room. 'Where is he?' The music was coming from the bathroom. Had he slit his wrists in the tub? 'What a terrible way to die, slow painful and alone.'

She approached the door, opening it slowly and looking in. She saw him, in the whirlpool tub, it was filled with bubble bath. She couldn't see any blood, but the bubbles could be hiding it. He was so pale, and his eyes were closed, was he dead? She stepped in, he didn't move at all. She got up close to the tub, she couldn't see any signs of life. She freaked, screaming his name. "Ron!"

To be continued…

'How Will I laugh Tomorrow' M. Muir and M. Clark, lyrics of the song above.

Inspired by Spider Girl #51, just in case you were wondering.