The Once and Future Ron

"Bah! Why do I have to stay in this tiny room? I got enough of this in prison." Drakken didn't enjoy having to spend all day cooped up. He wanted to feel the sun shining on his face.

"I already told you Drew. We want to check your work is all. Wade should be finished with his scan soon enough." Kim hated having to watch Drakken. She would much rather be spending time with Ron, even if only to be near him. She thought she lost him once already. Never again.

"My work is perfection. You came to the right person for help Kim Possible." Drakken certainly was smug, perfection doesn't get sent to prison for life.

"Zip it Drew." Wade should be done soon enough, then she could see Ron again. "I had thought of going to DNAmy. She is, after all, the geneticist, not you."

"DNAmy. Ha! She's a hack compared to me." Drakken was going into his rant mode. "I mean oh sure she had a few nice toys. But once I had a chance to examine them it was easy enough to duplicate them."

Wade stepped into the room. "The scan is complete Kim. You were right to call me. Drakken did alter some of Ron's DNA."

"What!? Drakken…" Kim turned to her guest with a hateful look in her eyes.

"Calm down woman." Anything to stave off a beating, he got enough of those from Shego, but that's another story. "I had to. I mean unless you wanted him to get cancer again. I had to tweak his code slightly is all, replace a few segments here and there, nothing major."

Kim trusted him about as much as she trusted Bonnie. "Anything in your scan to indicate future problems Wade?"

"Nothing I could find Kim." Wade wouldn't let anything slip past him, and Kim knew it.

"I already told you a hundred times he'll be fine, probably better than fine." Drakken boasted.

"Why? What's your scheme?" Kim couldn't bring herself to ever trust Drakken, not completely.

"I don't have a scheme. Well other than doing something you couldn't. When I defeat you, and believe me I will defeat you. I want it to mean something, this would have been too easy…Besides I would never harm a fellow disciple of Snowman Hank." He paused. "Well not when he was defenseless…" he paused again. "Well not this defenseless anyway."

"Wade?" Kim had to know if Ron would be ok.

"Its like I said Kim. Ron should be fine, once he comes out of the IC." Wade had to admit it, Drakken was living up to his end of the bargain.

"You get to stay here for 2 more days Drakken. If everything works out with Ron, then you can go." Kim hated to admit it but Drakken did what he said he would.

"Finally." Drakken just sighed and sat down on his chair.

2 Days Later

"Ready to open the IC. Commencing sequence…now." Drakken flipped some switches and pressed buttons. The liquid around Ron began to drain away. After the container was empty the seal was broken and the lid taken off. Two aides helped Ron out and put a robe on him.

Kim rushed to his side, helping him stand up. He didn't seem as healthy as Drakken said he would be. "How do you feel Ron?"

"Weak and tired." Ron sat down on a bed that had been brought into the room.

Kim looked at Drakken with a renewed suspicion. "I thought you said he'd be 'better than fine'."

"It will take him a few hours to get used to standing again is all. This new body should actually be stronger than the old one." Drakken walked over to stand next to Ron and do a few last checks on his patient. He declared Ron to be in perfect health, and Wade confirmed it.

"Thank you Drakken." Ron shook the villains hand.

"You can go now. Thank you." Kim planted a small kiss on Drakken's cheek.

"Sweet freedom." Before Drakken could get over his kiss two guards took a hold of him. "What?"

"Oh you of course realize that I couldn't actually get you released. But I did manage to get you transferred to a medium security prison." Kim smiled at Drakken as he was dragged out of the room.

"You think you're all that, but you're not!" Drakken shouted back at the teen heroine.

"That was kinda harsh Kim." Ron couldn't believe that Kim wouldn't honor her end of the bargain.

"It was an act, for the guards. He knew he'd be going back to prison. I couldn't get his sentence commuted, he'll probably escape before the end of the week anyway. And I'll go after him."

Her choice of words made Ron wonder. "What do you mean? 'I'll go after him' What about me?"

"Ron. I've been thinking about that. The whole sidekick thing. I don't want you to be just my sidekick anymore." Kim said it so casually that Ron missed the 'just'.


"Calm down Ron. Its not that you haven't been a great partner or anything. Its just that well…" Kim appeared to be struggling for the words to tell him.

"Its just what?" Ron was almost on the verge of tears.

"I want you to give me a chance."

"Chance?" Ron was confused now.

"To be the friend you deserve…" Kim took his hand. "…the girlfriend you deserve."

"Girl…friend?" The two words rattle together in his head. "What about Josh? I thought you said you two were made for each other."

"Things can change Ron. I wasn't sure that I even wanted to do this. I didn't want to risk everything we have as friends on something that might not work out." Kim was the one nearly crying now.

"Are you sure now?" He thought he was sure how he felt about Kim.

"No. But I know if I wait until I'm absolutely sure. If I wait until everything is perfect. I could miss my chance." Kim was crying now, thinking about how close she had come to losing Ron before. "I don't ever want to have to wonder what might have been. Ron…I want to have the chance to make you happy. To make us both happy. I'll always love you Ron." They hugged each other, crying together.

A Long Time Since Then

"Grandpa who is this? It isn't Grandma." A young boy, around 8 or 9, held up an old photo of a teenage girl.

"Where'd you find that?" He asked sort of surprised. 'I thought I had gotten rid of all those old photos.'

"It was in the attic. I finded it in an old box under some toys. Who is it?" The boy climbed onto the couch to sit next to his Grandfather.

"She and I. We were friends back then, when this photo was taken. I thought maybe I was in love with her, but it turned out to be more of a puppy love crush. We drifted apart after a while. I don't know what ever happened to her." He had the beginnings of tears forming in his eyes.

"She was cute." The young boy stated.

"She was cute wasn't she…" His voice trailed off.

"Are you ok honey?" His wife was home and saw him looking sad.

"Grandma!" The boy was excited to see her back from church. "I was just showing Grandpa this picture I finded in the attic." He held it out for her to see.

She took it in her hand and looked at it and then at her husband. "You still love her don't you?" She saw the tears in his eyes and sat down next to him. "Its ok dear." She took his hand in hers. "I know that your first love never leaves you. I still think about my first love from time to time" Her eyes began to sparkle just thinking of him.

"You aren't going to bring up his name are you?"

"You mean Ron Stoppable?" Her voice had a hint of tease in it.

"No Josh Man…wait…oh you…Kimberly Anne!" She had gotten him…again. One of these days maybe he would learn to know when she was teasing him. He hugged her close and they kissed.

"Icky!" The little boy ran out of the room.

"I wonder what ever happened to her." He sighed as he looked at the picture.

Kim bit her tongue, figuratively speaking. "You know as well as I that Zita moved to Go City after she married Wade. We just went to see them last month." His Alzheimer's had been getting worse lately. He was forgetting more and more of his life. 'As long as he never forgets about how happy we are to have each other.'

"Oh yeah. Guess I forgot about that. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to apologize to me Ron. I'll always love you. No matter what."

The End

AN: There you go a sort of 'happy' type of ending. Hope you liked it.