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I never thought that I'd be here. Here, standing guard over Batman's coffin. The Commissioner threatened us with all sorts of stuff if we tried to look under his mask, or let anyone else look under his mask. I can't say that I'm not tempted, who wouldn't be? Batman's identity is Gotham City's biggest mystery. But I wouldn't look even without the threats.

Some of the guys resent Batman. They take it as a personal insult that Gotham City needs a Batman, and make no mistake, Gotham needs Batman. I really don't know what's going to happen now. Well, in part I do. I know that Joker, or Poison Ivy or Harvey Dent, or any other the others will once again break out of Arkum. More than one of them will. It's how we're going to deal with that, that I don't know.

We've never had to face them without Batman to help. I don't know if we can face them without his help. I know we couldn't have dealt with Scarecrow without him. He's the one who came up with the antidote to the Fear Gas. The Scarecrow would have had us all without that antidote. I mean, none of us are cowards, cowards don't last in the GCPD, but that fear gas . . . And that's just one example. A lot of the Riddlers mysteries only Batman has been able to solve.

I hate to admit it, but I'm scared. Scared of Gotham without Batman.


I'm out here hunting the night, but it doesn't have the same excitement and joy it used to. No longer do I need worry that Batman will show up and ruin one of my plans. But it's been a long time since that happened anyway. But I no longer have the thrill of wondering if he'll suddenly appear at my side, or the joy of sharing a hunt together.

I crossed the line to the side of the angels for my own reasons. I did. But once I was there he was a large part of the reason I stayed. I found that I much preferred working with him, not against him. He makes a very bad enemy, not merciless, but certainly relentless. He makes a perfect ally. Strong, intelligent, capable, and loyal. The same things that make him the perfect mate.

He and Superman were each others opposites, they balanced each other. But Batman and I were each other's compliments. We both loved the night. We both were willing to do whatever it took. We were both loners who reluctantly learned that we need others.

I will still hunt the night, but the night will never be the same again.


The funeral will start soon. And this isn't just any funeral. It's Batman's funeral. We're all here to honor him, but also to see it for ourselves. To see that Batman really is dead. None of us ever thought he could die. Not Batman.

It was a little over a year ago that he saved me. I was attacked, and the guy was gonna rape me. One second he's on top of me, telling me what he's going to do to me, the next he's gone. I saw a dark figure holding the guy, and then realized it must be Batman. I've never been more glad to see anyone.

I couldn't hear the quiet words Batman said to the guy, I don't think I want to. A hardened criminal, who seconds ago had seemed totally in control and threatening, was reduced to a scared, cowering, little boy.

Batman tied the guy up and stayed for a few minutes until the police got there. He didn't really say anything to me, except to ask if I'd been hurt and needed medical help. But just having him there I felt safe, protected. He just vanished into the air when the police car pulled up.

I've never seen him again, but I'll never forget him.


Bruce and I have had our problems. But I still admire and respect him. I don't blame him for the Joker shooting me and paralyzing me. I blame the Joker for that. Besides, Bruce paid for all my medical expenses. To this day he has doctors working on a way to heal me, so that I can walk again, so I can once again fly with Robin, well, Nightwing now, but you get what I mean.

This was one time when I hated, I mean really hated, being Oracle. It was my job to call everyone and tell them what had happened. It wasn't easy. I've called them to give them bad news before, but this. . . This was beyond bad.

I feel for Dick. And for Tim. They aren't letting it show in public, but this hit them hard. And for my Dad, he's lost his best friend. Clark did his usual "Man of Steel" routine when I told him. Diana, Wonder Woman, went back to Paradise Island to grieve. She'll return for the funeral. Everyone else also reacted about like you'd expect. I think most of them wish that it had been some super-villain that had killed him, then they'd have someone to go after. Instead it was a street punk, and no one got a good description of him. There's nothing they can do to avenge his death, and that is hard for these men, and women, of action.

I don't always like that I'm now the one sitting and observing everything, unable to act, but at least it's something I'm used to. What I'm not used to is the empty feeling in my heart. Batman, Bruce, was bigger than life to me, to Dick too, it's something we had in common. Anyway, since he was bigger than life, the hole his death has left in my heart is also bigger than one might expect.

Knowing he was there was a comfort, one I now realize I took for granted. As Oracle I see a lot of horrible things happen. But I always knew that Bruce was there. That he would do everything humanly possible, and sometimes what seemed like more than humanly possible, to fix the horrible things I saw. I knew he would find a way to make them better. I don't have that comfort anymore.


Bruce Wayne is dead. Part of me is glad of that. He's one of the few men in the country who was powerful enough to be a real threat to me. I'm not talking the kind of threat Superman is. I'm talking a threat in the worlds of politics and business.

Of course, that all changed not long ago. Wayne did buy LexCorps Towers. Batman was the one who told me that, but he's now dead anyway. The only interest The Bat ever had for me was that he and Superman were friends. But there was some kind of link between the two. Batman was more than a little obsessed with the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Maybe Bruce paid for the Batman's stuff in return for him focusing on that crime.

I'd almost believe Bruce Wayne was Batman, if I had met Bruce. He has no concept of the will power and determination that Batman must possess. Bruce isn't stupid, I don't care what some of the press say. You can't be stupid and run the Wayne financial empire the way Bruce did. Most attribute that to Lucious Fox, and I'm sure he deserves much of the credit, but Wayne wasn't an idiot. There was also the way he "just happened" to meet the most important and powerful political figures and make them his friends. Still, even giving him that, there is no chance that that superficial fool is Batman.

I had planned to get my revenge on Wayne, and Batman, for their parts in bringing me down, now I'll have the chance. But at least Superman won't have The Bat there to help him when I let him now I did survive the collapse of LexCorps Towers, and renew my war against him. Not having his partner Batman will make him much more vulnerable.


Batman's dead. I guess that should mean something to me. I guess it does. IT means my life will be a lot easier. No one but Batman was ever really a challenge for me. I'd win every fight. Yeah, that fun, but it's also boring. I love a challenge and Batman was a challenge.

In the end, I guess most would say I won, since I'm still alive. But I'd say it was a draw. He did damage on me. I did my share of damage to him. If I'm honest, which is rare, I have to admit he did the most damage, but his death evens us out.

I don't think I'll ever find another opponent to match him. No, scratch that. I know I'll never find another opponent to match him.


Someone finally finished the job I started. The job of killing Batman. I broke his back and thought I broke him. I was wrong. He came back stronger than before. More dangerous than before. But this time he won't be coming back. Not even Batman can come back from the dead.

Of course, if I ever get my hands on the punk who killed him, I'll kill them. They took away the honor that was supposed to be mine. The honor of being the one to finally beat Batman.


I can't believe I'm here at Bruce's funeral. When I first met Bruce Clark was still just a friend and I became totally infatuated with Bruce. Eventually I got over it. I figured out that Bruce was Batman a long time before Clark admitted it to me. I'm an investigative reporter, after all. I noticed that Batman's appearances in Metropolis coincided with Bruce's trips to Metropolis. Since Bruce and Batman were also both from Gotham it made sense.

Then I looked up a psychologist's report on Batman's likely psychological profile. Once I had that I did some research into Bruce's past. The murder of his parents fit perfectly with the profile. Then there was the fact that all Batman's "toys" are beyond cutting edge, and would cost a great deal of money. Again, Bruce would have the money and resources necessary. Anyway, the point is that I figured it out.

When we got the news, Clark was stunned. So was I. So was the world, I think. For a long time Batman was known only in Gotham. Then the JLA came into being and the world learned of him.

Yes, I'm dwelling on facts and details. As a reporter it's what I do. It's also the only way I know to distract myself from the grief and pain I feel. Right now I can't let myself break down. Clark is hurting worse than I am, so I have to keep it together for him. I'll do my own grieving later.


All my hopes for the future died today. Batman was to be my successor, whether he liked and accepted that or not. My daughter loved him. I respected him. My men feared him. He would have been the perfect heir for me. But that can not longer be. I wanted to take him to a Lazerus Pit. But I didn't. I left that choice to my daughter, and she choose not to revive him that way. His death is a great loss to me, me Talia, and to the world.