Truth or Consequences?

It had been a good five minutes that Ron had been standing on the front step of the Possible house. His hand reaching for the doorknob. Whenever he came close to opening the door he would pull his hand away. "I can't do it."

"Yes you can." Kim had seen him coming up the street and started to wonder why he hadn't come in yet, so she went out the side door and around to the front to see what was up.

Ron was startled by Kim's voice coming from behind him. "Kim?"

"You can do it Ron."

"No. They hate me, I know they do." Ron hung his head down until it almost touched his chest.

"Ron, no one in this house hates you." Her voice sounded so angelic, Ron almost started to cry. But he didn't, he simply stood quietly.

"Even if they did hate you, which I know for a fact they don't, I don't hate you." She took hold of his hand and gave it a little squeeze. "I believe in you."

Ron reached out with a renewed confidence and turned the doorknob. Opening the door to face Kim's parents for the first time in almost a month.

Mr. And Mrs. Possible were sitting in chairs and Ron was on the couch, with Kim by his side. "…and let me say again just how sorry I am for betraying your trust in me. All of you - especially yours Mr. P."

Mr. Possible looked at Ron. "Ronald…The fact that you're here says a great deal about your character…"

Mrs. Possible cut in. "I'm proud of you Ron."

Mr. Possible looked at his wife, slightly annoyed at her interruption, and then back at Ron. "As I was saying it takes a brave man to face up to, and admit to, his fears and flaws." Mr. Possible stood up and stepped over to Ron, standing him up off the couch. "I'm not ready to forgive and forget, but you are on the right path."

"Thanks Mr. Dr. P."

"Your friendship with Kimberly means a lot to us. As I'm sure it does to you."

Ron got a little misty eyed. "It does."

"Then the trust you have to earn back. It just got a little easier for you to do." Mr. Possible smiled as he gave Ron a hug, Kim and Mrs. Possible joined in on it. Ron felt like he should be crying his eyes out, but he didn't.

"So Ron. Did you want to stay for dinner? We're having Spaghetti." Mrs. P. missed having Ron around, the house seemed so empty without him in it.

"Sorry Mrs. P. , Mom and Dad want to take me to Xtabi."

"Well maybe later this week we can all get together for dinner."

"Maybe. We'll see."

Kim and Ron walked to the door. They were out on the front steps when Kim asked. "Speaking of Xtabi. When are you going to be taking me back?"

Ron's face went pale and he stammered "Uhh…"

She added a qualifier to her question. "As your friend."

Ron let a sigh of relief and began to go over his schedule for the next several days. "Let's see, I workout tomorrow with Jerry. I see Dr Bloom the next day. Workout again the day after that. Friday would be the first day I have open - but I'm sure you have plans already. So I guess it'll be Saturday lunch?" Kim saw how dejected Ron looked, another Friday night where he would be home alone while she was out.

She did have plans, with Josh. They were supposed to go for dinner and a movie. "No. Friday night is good for me."

"Thanks KP." Ron smiled, knowing that she was going to cancel a date with Mankey to spend time with him. Of course she didn't know he knew, but word gets around. He said goodnight and headed for home. Kim stood and watched him walking down the sidewalk, he was finally starting to seem happy again. She went back into the house and headed up to her room, she had a phone call to make.

Ironhouse Gym

Ron had been working out for about two and a half weeks. His therapist, Dr Bloom suggested it as a way of letting off steam, and as self improvement. According to Ron that was the only worthwhile thing that he had done, therapy hadn't been going very good. That is, until Jerry let him in on a little secret.

"7, 8, 9. One more, you can do it Ron - push it." Jerry was spotting for Ron. Ron gave it all he had and finally got the bar up, letting it slam into the cradle. "10. Good job Ron."

"Thanks J." Ron said as he stood up from the bench and wiped the sweat off his brow with a towel.

"So how did things go yesterday? Did they buy it?"

"I didn't think they would…but they did." Ron smiled, he was fooling everyone with his therapy.

"Told you they would. Just keep at it. Sooner or later everything will be back just the way it was." Jerry took his spot on the bench as Ron loaded another 50 pounds onto the barbell.

"What about me?" Ron asked.

"Even you…But I don't think that really matters to you does it?" Jerry set his grip on the bar and began his lifting routine.

"No. Kim thinks she's getting her best friend back - that's what matters."

The End

AN: Now it is done. This last chapter sets up the continuation that I plan to have going into 'Tommy'. Ron isn't happy being himself. Kim has started to realize that Ron means more to her than she thought. What will the outcome be? Read 'Tommy' and find out.