What if things were just a little different?

"What type of things you excel at?"

"Anything you wish.."


"If that is who you want me to be."

"Ha ha, I like your attitude. Thief?"

She tossed his wallet onto the table, having snitched it from his pocket the moment she got close enough. The man hadn't notice, apparently, for his eyes widened. For a brief moment, anger flamed under his skin, but that moment died quickly, and he was back to laughing.

"Talented kid, aint ya?"

'Its aren't you, you fool.' She thought in bitter disgust, but made no attempt to actually tell the man this. Leaning back in her seat, she watched him down another beer. She'd get him drunk in no time. Drunk enough so she could make the impression she wished for tomorrow morning, once he woke.

"How long you been in the city?"

"Just long enough to despise it."

"Despise it eh? Guess its not much to look at."

'Get to your questions already! My time is precious and I shall not have it wasted on the likes of you!' She forced a false smile of cheer, eyes cold behind the sunglasses she wore. "It has changed, though, sense my last visit."

"Last visit? Bartender! Another here!"

"Yes. More years then I care to remember now." 'Change the subject you large marshmallow.'

The man twirled the bottle in his fat hands, eyes gleaming with happiness.

"So, whatcha name girl?"

"Is the name important? Most business men jump right to the fees." 'Most SMART men.'

"Hah, but I don't like to work like those snoots upstairs. So give me the name."

"The name stays my own. I do not give out my name to people I have never worked with. Keeps me out trouble with the authorities, incase some pig decides to sequel."

The man nodded. "You're a smart chick. I like you. Alright, how much you charge?"

"Depends on the job."

"Roughly, for a murder, how much?"

"Twenty Six thousand, and it guarantees you I wound this man your after."


" Thirty thousand if I need to buy my own materials. In total, about Forty thousand. Less if I pop him off using bullets, more if I need to go head on head. He sees who I am, and I'll charge you more."

"Shit, I could hire someone closer to him for cheaper!"

"Question: Could they get the job done? What's their record?" She had him on this, and she knew it. He knew it. The look on his face told her he was stumped, and beat.

"You know some of the people I have worked for. I get the job done, quickly. I get it done with no witnesses left."

"True… True. Lemme sleep on it then, doll."

"Wonderful. Another beer?"