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The door to Shishio's room opened and a young man walked in. Eighteen years old, the boy had brown hair on top of his head and blue eyes stared forward with an emotionless gaze. His clothes were just a simple blue gi and hakama. But what was most notable was the smile that seemed glued to his face, showing no emotion at all like his eyes.

"Hello Shishio," greeted the young man known as Soujiro.

"I trust that your mission was a success?" questioned the mummy man known as Shishio.

"Of course. You do not have to worry about him anymore."

"Excellent. If that man had told the police what he saw, that would've caused us unnecessary problems."

Soujiro nodded, smile still on his face. There was a moment of silence before the Tenken asked, "Is there anything else you want me to do, Shishio?"

"Actually there is." The sudden smell of burning tobacco reached Soujiro's nose as Shishio pulled out a lit pipe and placed it in his mouth. The Tenken waited patiently, the smile ever present on his face, while Shishio took a few puffs of smoke. Taking the pipe out of his mouth, Shishio said, with smoke trailing from his mouth, "We have a prisoner."

"Oh?" Despite emotion being devoid from his face, Soujiro was interested and curious. Shishio never talked about a prisoner before.

"The men seem to have trouble guarding the prisoner. Almost escaped twice already."

"I see. And what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to guard the prisoner. Just in case Shinomori decides to betray us, we have this prisoner, who is very important to him."

"I understand, it will be done." Turning to the door, he opened and disappeared behind it.


Soujiro walked through the several hallways of Shishio's lair, humming a tune that he had heard his victim hum before the Tenken had killed him. The tune had been stuck in his head and now he hummed it to amuse himself. He stopped humming when he saw a familiar person walking towards him.

"Ah, Yumi," he greeted the woman, his smile widening slightly at his mother figure.

"Hey kid," greeted Yumi. "I take it you've heard about the prisoner?"

"Mhm. Shishio has ordered me to watch over the prisoner."

"Yes I know. The prisoner had to be moved to a more secure part of the lair. I'm sure you know where that is."

Soujiro nodded. "Yes I do."

"Well good luck kid." A grin played across Yumi's face. And if Soujiro was right, which he usually was, he thought he saw a bit of mischievousness in that grin. What probably puzzled Soujiro the most was when Yumi said, "Try not to spend to much time with the prisoner," before she departed.

Soujiro watched curiously as Yumi retreated down the hall, the words she had spoken repeating in his mind. Shrugging, he turned and continued walking, once again humming the tune while wondering what Yumi had meant.


It was about five minutes later did Soujiro stop humming as he reached his destination. Thanks to the several torches on the several walls in the several hallways, he was able to see the two guards standing in front of a door clearly. It didn't take him long to figure out that the prisoner was behind the door. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed that the door had been bolted shut and several chains kept the door closed.

'He must be a dangerous person," Soujiro thought to himself, otherwise having no clue why the door was as secured as it was. Of course, that led him to wonder who the prisoner was. Could he be Aoshi's mentor? Maybe a close friend or relative? Whoever he was, Soujiro was about to find out.

With the smile having been on his face since.....ever, the Tenken moved towards the two guards. The said two guards saw Soujiro and fear started to creep into their eyes. It was known for a fact that Shishio's men feared their master the most. But next to Shishio, Soujiro was second most fearful person. Ask the dead guys that said the wrong thing to Shishio and Soujiro, or ended up failing a mission or a simple task, or giving bad news, or even being killed when Shishio was in a bad mood.

"Soujiro," a guard acknowledged, keeping his voice from shaking. "We were told that you would be here."

"I've come to see the prisoner," stated Soujiro, standing in front of the two and letting his presence drive the fear into their hearts.

"Yes we know," the second guard said, also keeping his voice from shaking. "The prisoner is in there." He pointed to the door.

Well of course," replied Soujiro, smiling. "Why else would you be here?"

Both guards didn't know if Soujiro really wanted an answer. Any hints that would show whether Soujiro wanted an answer were hidden by the Tenken. And at times like this, the guards kept their mouths shut.

"Would you two open the door?"

Both guards nodded. Quickly going to work, the two unbolted the door and started removing the chains. Soujiro waited patiently, though he was eager to meet the prisoner. A few seconds later, the guards finished the work and once again stood in front of the door.

"I would like to be alone with the prisoner," said Soujiro.

"But Soujiro, are you sure?" asked the second.

"Do you doubt my skills?" A dangerous glint appeared in Soujiro's eye as he stared at the one who had questioned him.

"N-no! Of course not! You can be alone with the prisoner!" The guard quickly took off with the other following, wanting to be fffaaarrr away from the Tenken.

Soujiro watched them go, chuckling. He might kill the guard later, but not now. His eagerness to meet the prisoner won out over killing the guard. Besides, there would be many other men to kill.

Now looking at the door, Soujiro opened it before walking into the room. It was a simple one room place, a wooden floor, wall, and ceiling. But that wasn't going to leave an easy escape route, since the rock of the cave walls were behind the wooden walls of this room. A futon was on the floor, with a lump that would probably be the prisoner.

Soujiro made sure the door was closed before taking the few steps he needed to the futon. Kneeling down, he grasped the blanket of the futon before pulling it away.

And saw that the lump was actually a pillow.

During his training, Soujiro had learned to expect even the most ridiculous situations that might occur. The pillow on the futon was the oldest trick in the book, and one the Tenken had always been prepared for. Which was why he was able to see the sudden movement out of the corner of his eye.

Already out of his kneeling position, Soujiro just sidestepped, and someone flew past him where he just was. All he was able to see was black hair tied in a long braid of the, no question about it, prisoner. That was because after the sneak attack had failed, the prisoner was up and sending kicks and punches at him. Soujiro felt a tad of disappointment as he easily dodged and slapped numerous blows away from him, having expected a challenge after all he heard about this prisoner.

He sidestepped a roundhouse kick before his foot ended up knocking the prisoner's feet out from under him. With a yelp (Which Soujiro noticed was unusually high) the prisoner fell to the floor.

"I thought that you would be a bit more of a challenge," the Tenken said, his smile hiding his disappointment. "But I guess you aren't really that skilled."

"Ah, shut up!" the prisoner snapped.

Soujiro blinked. For a male, this prisoner's voice, like the yelp, was a little high. It all became clear when the prisoner stood up and turned to face him.

This prisoner was not a male. Quite the opposite actually. This prisoner was a female.

Clad in a ninja outfit, Soujiro's emotionless blue eyes stared into fiery emerald green eyes. And, as Soujiro already noticed, long black hair was on the girl's head, most of it tied in a braid. This female was just a girl, maybe two years younger then he was.

But then again it was a girl that attacked him and standing before him in a fighting stance.

For some odd reason, Soujiro felt a bit of recognition, as if he had seen this girl before. It seemed the same vice versa, as the girl's emerald green eyes widened, full of recognition.

"You!?" she cried, pointing a finger at him. "You're the one with that mummy guy! Soujiro!"

It took Soujiro a bit to collect the information about the girl from his memory. And soon his smile widened. He knew this girl. The one that had been with Kenshin and Saitoh.

Makimachi Misao.


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