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All Soujiro was able to do was lie there. His clothing was torn, and his sword had disappeared from his sheath. His prized weapon wasn't in his hand either. It lying next to half of it anyway. The other half was just five feet away from it, having been broken off.

He couldn't believe it, didn't want to believe it. He had been defeated.

The Tenken wasn't smiling this time, only stared at the ceiling in a bit of a daze, thoughts running through his mind.

He had been defeated. He was supposed to be strong. Now he was weak. How could he have lost?

Himura had been much weaker when they had last fought. How is it that he could've gotten so strong so quickly?

Soujiro sighed. It didn't matter now.

No one was in the room except him. Himura and his friend, Sano if Soujiro heard right, moved on to face Shishio. Yumi had disappeared, with the secret to Himura's Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki technique. Even if Yumi wasn't able to see it during Himura's fight between Shinomori, Soujiro was able to see it clearly.

But Yumi didn't only take the secret of Himura's technique to Shishio.

Soujiro sighed again, remembering giving his mother figure the sword that Shishio had given him. The same wakizashi he had used to kill the first people he ever killed. He had treasured it for tem long years. And now.....he just didn't want it anymore.

He was still sore, but Soujiro still found it in him to move. He clutched his side where he had been hit the hardest by Himura's attack as he stood up, his legs shaking but overcoming it. The Tenken allowed himself to look at the room, having been damaged greatly when he had used his Shukuchi.

This may be the last time he got to see this place.

He didn't want to be here anymore. Despite this place having been his home, he couldn't stand being here anymore. It held too much blood and death, like his wakizashi had. Too many memories.

Instead, he was going to do what Himura had told him to do, find the answers to his questions. He needed to live out his life now, to atone for the crimes he had done.

Soujiro leaned against a wall, looking down at the floor. He was changing, had been changing, ever since meeting Misao. He was no longer able to suppress his emotions during the battle with Himura, and lost. His memories had been too much, he had been distracted, and was defeated.

During that moment, as he lied there, cradled in Yumi's arms with Himura standing over him, he had wished the Battousai would finish him. He had even told Himura to finish him, to finish the battle. Himura was stronger, so it made sense that Soujiro was supposed to die.

He wasn't expecting the reply.

Himura had told him something, something that only he was able to hear.

"I won't kill you Soujiro," Himura had said. "I gave up the ways of the Battousai years ago." Then, quietly he added, "Besides, Misao would be very angry with me if I were to tell her that I killed you."

She actually cared for him.....

Soujiro felt something wet slide down his cheek. Blinking, he raised the hand that wasn't clutching his side and touched whatever it was. Removing his hand, he looked at the droplet of water on his finger.

A tear.

For a long long time, Soujiro never smiled a true smile. But now, he was smiling. A true smile.

Pushing himself from the wall, he allowed the couple of tears slide down his face as he moved to the door. Whether Himura won or became defeated by Shishio, it didn't matter. Soujiro was leaving.

"Good bye Shishio," he said quietly to himself.

Himura said he should go find his answers somewhere. But what Himura didn't know, Soujiro knew where he needed to go.


Another punch and another kick.

Misao, blindfolded, back flipped before kicking at nothing at air. Following an uppercut, she twirled to face another invisible opponent and shot two fists forward. Stopping, she got into a stance and allowed herself to take deep breaths.

It has been two weeks after the defeat of Shishio. Aoshi was back, and Kenshin was recovering from the battle.

Despite the celebration of Kenshin's victory, Misao wasn't attending at the moment. Today, she just wanted to train and let herself think.

Aoshi was back, that she was happy about. But, from her time being with him, she had discovered that he had also thought of her as a little sister then a lover. Though it may have torn Misao apart weeks ago, she was actually relieved. To her it was strange.

Saitoh was dead, having been killed when Shishio's lair was destroyed (But we all know the truth. Wink wink.). But even with the death of a fellow ally, there did seem to be cheers around the group. Everyone else was alive, even if Kenshin was taking a long time to recover.

Except someone else was missing.

Though Misao didn't know it, she felt like someone was missing in this little party of happiness. It took her a while, but as she thought, it seemed to come to her all at once.


When Kenshin, Sano, and Aoshi came back, Misao was quick to ask Sano about what happened to the Tenken. Sano simply said that Kenshin defeated him. When she asked if Kenshin killed him, Sano just gave her a look that said, "You know Kenshin better then that."

Misao was relieved. Really relieved. Probably why it came as a surprise to her. Soujiro had kept her as a prisoner, but was also the one that had set her free. For that, the ninja girl had considered him her friend.

As she stood there, she wondered what happened to Soujiro. All she knew was that Soujiro was alive. Where he was, she had no idea. She did hope that she would somehow meet the Tenken another time though.

Misao suddenly tensed when she heard some footsteps. They were slow and quiet, but the ninja girl was barely able to hear them. Misao gritted her teeth. She got snuck up on before. She was not going to be snuck up on again.

She waited until whoever it was was just behind her. Then she turned around and struck.

Sending her fist forward, she found out that she didn't do so well in catching the guy off guard, as he blocked. She followed up her punch with a swift kick, and her opponent only ducked. She sent another fist at him, and that was grabbed.

Misao cried out in surprise when she was suddenly flipped and landed flat on her back. Already about to get back up, a foot was planted on her chest and kept her down on the ground. She growled, and her reply was a chuckle from her opponent.

"You've been practicing Misao."

Misao froze. She knew that voice. couldn't be.

Slowly, her hand moved to the blindfold. Still slowly, she pulled it off and looked up.

And saw a certain smiling Tenken.

"Soujiro?" she asked, not believing that the Tenken was really here.

"Hello Misao," greeted Soujiro, smiling down at her. Removing his foot from her chest, he helped the ninja girl up onto her feet.

At first, Misao only stared at Soujiro. Then, suddenly getting the point that Soujiro WAS standing in front of her, she suddenly flung her arms around him.

"It really is you!" she cried happily, hugging him tight.

Though feeling his oxygen supply close to being cut off, Soujiro hugged her back. "Himura said I should try to find the answers to my questions. I've decided to look for them here."

"It's so good to see you again!" Smiling, Misao removed herself from Soujiro. "Come on! Let's go see the others!"


"Aw that's so sweet," said Angel Misao, perched on top of a nearby house and watching the ninja girl and Tenken walk off.

"Whatever," said Devil Misao. "Just glad we got this thing over with."

"No we didn't!" argued Angel Misao. "They're not together!"

"Yeah you're right," agreed Angel Soujiro. Grinning, he turned to his devil counterpart. "You know what this means don't you?"

Devil Soujiro grinned back. "Yep."

Then together they said, "Sequel."


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