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A day at Tsubasa School

(Tsubasa means wings in Japanese)

Chapter 1: The start of a crazy day

            The Saiyan prince sat in the yard of the school, his black back pack placed to his right and his blue lunch box to his left, he was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with black pants with a hole for his tail, his sneakers were white with a red strip on them instead of his silver royal armor with the royal crest and red cape, after all he wasn't the only Saiyan that went to this school and, he rather be a normal peasant Saiyan at school then have half the school giving him the kings treatment everyday, at least this way he knew who his allies were, people who hung out with others just to be noticed were so darn odd to the prince, who would want everyone knowing about you? If you did something stupid it would be around the school in a matter of one hour at most if everyone knew you.

If you didn't look too well you would think he was by himself but you would be wrong, up in the tree he was sitting under was another Saiyan like him only at a lower power grade of third class he was deeply dozing on one of the middle branches of the tree, unlike the princes gravity defining magony black hair, this boy's jet black hair stood out in spikes on either side of his head, this boy was wearing an orange fighters gi with black boots and a dark blue shirt under the orange one, he had a red back pack hung on the branch closest to him and his orange lunch box in his hands so that he knew were it was, someone should have told him that nobody could even see him in that tree…that and nobody would go to the trouble of climbing a tree to get at his lunch since Kakarrot's mother pack mostly heath food and everyone in there class knew this.

Both of the Saiyan trouble makers were glad that Nappa and Raditz were suspended from school for writing foul words on the wall the teachers lounge with permanent marker, they would not have been found out if Nappa had not stupidly written his and Raditz's name on the wall, how stupid those two were was a mystery to even his wise yet young innocent mind, Kakarrot had obviously fell into a deep sleep since he started snoring up a storm just then, normally Vegeta could not be bothered by it since his and Kakarrot's bedrooms were next to each other and he had to put up with it every night at bed time but everyone in the grass filled school playground were starting to stare at the place were the "roaring lion" roar was coming from so he decide to wake him up before people started to start rumors about a haunted school yard tree or something.

"Kakarrot!" Vegeta called looking at the younger Saiyan; Kakarrot just muttered something about fishing before falling asleep again, "Kakarrot!!!" Vegeta yelled louder this time but gain no response from Kakarrot, by this time Vegeta was done playing alarm clock for the snoozing seven year old Saiyan,


Kakarrot woke up and fell from the tree and onto the ground next to the prince, he was soon followed by his backpack as it landed on top of him, Kakarrot pealed himself of the ground and yawned a little before looking around, then he turned to Vegeta, "What were you screaming for?" Kakarrot asked with a puzzled look on his face, "You were snoring and gaining addition!" Vegeta growled, "Oh" was all the younger Saiyan said before a group of girls came into view.

One of the three girls was wearing all pink and had shoulder length black hair down and was carrying a pink lunch box and had a pink back pack, the other had bright blue hair done up in a high pony tail and blue eyes and was wearing a light blue sun dress and was carrying a blue lunch box and blue back pack, the third girl had brown hair in a low pony tail that was down pass her hips, and had green eyes tinted with hazel and she was wearing all red and had on a peach colored back pack and carried a purple lunch box, "Wonderful, Bulma, Chi Chi and Korureenu" Vegeta muttered as the girls saw them and started walking over to them much faster.

(Korureenu is my name in Japanese, and by the way the girl Korureenu is really me, well me at age eight years old, but my hair is still that long to this day.)

"What do I do…" Kakarrot was getting nervous, Vegeta rolled his eyes, Kakarrot had had a crush on Chi Chi for so long the prince could not remember anymore how long, "Just sit there and say nothing!" Vegeta said watching the younger Saiyan twitch around in his seat, "But that would be rude!" Kakarrot said, "Fine then tell her hello!" Vegeta said, "Ok that's a great idea I'll say…OH NO I FORGOT!" Kakarrot wailed, Vegeta fell anime style followed by a sweat drop on the back of his head, "You are such an idiot! SAY HELLO MORON!" Vegeta yelled just as the girls got to were they were sitting.

"Hello Vegeta, hello Goku!" Chi Chi said with the other girls saying hello to them, Vegeta just muttered something under his breath about how dumb the nick name the human's gave Kakarrot was, who had such an odd name as "Goku" anyway? Vegeta was pondering this when Kakarrot said something really stupid to Chi Chi, "Hello Moron!" Kakarrot said, Vegeta did a grade A face vault into the ground and screaming the wonder of just how much stupider his partner in trouble making could get into the dirt, when he had told Kakarrot to say "hello" to Chi Chi he didn't mean add on that "Moron" comment that he said along with it.

"What…?" Chi Chi asked her eyes tearing up, Kakarrot had a look of horror on his face at this, "Um…I'm sorry! I'll give you my snack at snack time today to make up for it!" Kakarrot said, Chi Chi beamed and hugged Kakarrot who began blushing, Bulma and Korureenu giggled at the pair and Vegeta just stared, after all this was the first time he saw Kakarrot give up food, "Your sweet Goku thank you!" Chi Chi said she gave him a peck on the cheek as the young Saiyan glowed with happiness and from embarrassment of being kissed in front of half the school.

That…is so gross! Vegeta thought wrinkling his nose up in disguise, not that he hadn't see kissing before, sure he had been scared for life with the countless mental images of his parents kissing but now one with his partner in it with that human girl, just plain gross, grosser then the time he and Kakarrot put fish guts in Nappa's boots, not that you could tell there was fish guts in them since the guys boots already had a odor so foul it could kill even the strongest Super Elite Saiyan for Planet Vegeta.


All eyes turned to a young Saiyan girl running over to them, her pink tinted black hair in pig tails, her eyes were a soft light green color, her back pack a light purple and her lunch box matching it, she was wearing a red long sleeve thin shirt and a pink skirt that went down to the middle of the calves of her legs, "Hey Ranju" called Kakarrot, Vegeta and Kakarrot knew Ranju since first grade and was one of the small few who knew Vegeta was the Saiyan prince, she loved to Kakarrot's and Vegeta's great aggravation call the two Saiyan boys brothers when they were not blood related at all, why she said Kakarrot and Vegeta acted like brothers both male Saiyan Chibi's would never understand

(I thought up the name Ranju from the Lotis word Rangu from the Manga book Alice 19th)  

"What's up, why were you kissing Kakarrot Chi Chi?" asked Ranju giggling, "He called Chi a moron, and he said he was sorry and said he would give her his snack" said Korureenu, Ranju stared, "Hey, Kakarrot why did you call Chi a moron?" Kakarrot pointed to the prince, "Vegeta said to say that" he said making Vegeta fall anime style for the third time today and more to come, "I said to say "hello"!" Vegeta said annoyed, Kakarrot just blinked, "Then what was the moron part about?" Vegeta glared at him "I was calling you a moron!" Vegeta said, "Either way it wasn't nice…" Kakarrot said giving Vegeta a stern look, Korureenu got annoyed, "Will you two knock it off?" she asked, Ranju giggled, "And they say they don't act like brothers!" she said,

"WE AREN'T EVEN IN THE SAME FAMILY HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!" Vegeta yelled gaining a look from kids passing by, "Well, you two both like to fool around, you both love to fight, your both Saiyans even thought Vegeta is just a step above being prince and all" Ranju said counting of the reasons on her fingers, Korureenu, Bulma and Chi Chi knew about Vegeta being prince of the Saiyan race, thought it always crossed there minds how anyone didn't know Vegeta was the prince, I mean the kid was a mini copy of his father and had the same name so how could people even other Saiyans not tell, it was a mystery to them ad a question Vegeta refused to answer many times before.


"Time for class!" Ranju said running up to the stairs, the other girls following, "That girl is an even bigger book worm then Bulma…" Vegeta muttered under his breath but Bulma herd him and this gain the prince a lump on the head from her lunch box, "I…HATE…GIRLS!" Vegeta said thought clinched teeth, "I don't think there so bad" Kakarrot said grinning, "Hrmp, well good luck when those girl germs completely get a hold of you then!" Vegeta said walking up the stairs, Kakarrot followed now wanting to know what "Girl Germs" were, "Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!" he asked over and over again until the prince could take it no more.


Vegeta's voice echoed around the hall, "Yah!" Kakarrot jumped up and down, "So what are they?" Kakarrot asked again, "You know how our fathers act all odd around our mothers when they open and close there eyes fast or put there arms around our father's necks?" Vegeta asked, Kakarrot nodded more then once he had seen has his mother do things like nuzzle her cheek into his fathers neck after a fight, his father would drop the angry look covering his face and start purring and kissing her, "What about it?" Kakarrot asked.

(With there mothers opening and closing there eyes fast, there batting them open and close in a flirting way, just incase no one caught that.)

"Girls use those germs to control boys! Make them do anything they want! Why else would you hear older guys saying girls are nothing but trouble?!" Vegeta said throwing his arms into the air, "So then I won't Chi kiss or hug or touch me anymore and I'll be ok?" Kakarrot asked, he liked Chi Chi and didn't want to ignore her, more so because he hated to be mean to anybody, "Yes, she can only transfer her germs if she touches you, and don't let her kiss you on the mouth or the germs will get inside you and you will be under her control for the rest of your life!" Vegeta said, Kakarrot gasped, "WHAT?!" he yelled, Vegeta nodded.

"There germs are temporary when they simply touch you, but kissing you on the mouth puts there germs inside you were they grow and turn you into a lovely dovey drooling weakling" Vegeta said, Kakarrot gasped again, never had he thought girls were so much trouble, he wondered then why his parents and other girls and boys were married living together under the same roof, maybe those guys found ways to fight off the girl germs,


The warning bell rang, as always the hall way filled up with kids of all ages, the kids always waited until the warning bell to run to there class rooms, Vegeta and Kakarrot walked over to the second and third grade class room, in there school since there were so few rooms they mixed grades together, Vegeta was in third grade and Kakarrot was in second grade and they were in the same class room, they opened the door to the room and entered ready for another crazy day at Tsubasa all Grades School were every day could not be any crazier then the last.

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