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A day at Tsubasa School

Chapter 5: Revenge is a sweet thing!

            "Yum! That was great!" Kakarrot said walking out of  the lunch room, a very happy Chi Chi behind him, "It was really nice to share your snack with me" she said clinging to his arm, "Well I said I would didn't I?" asked Kakarrot putting his hand behind his head, It had not been to long since he and Vegeta got back from the hell that was the preschool wing, they had run into there class room and got to there desks before anyone else in there class, after getting thought Art class the bell had rung for there lunch time, now they only had one class left for the day, Gym class.

"Well, see you after school Goku!" Chi Chi said and ran off to the girls gym on the other side of the school, "Ok! See you on the bus!" Kakarrot called, "How many times are you going to drool over that girl a day?" asked Vegeta coming up behind him from the lunch room, Kakarrot smiled as a bright pink blush spread over his cheeks before he smirked and turned to Vegeta, "Maybe as many times a you sneak a look at Bulma when you think no ones looking!" Kakarrot said, Kakarrot burst out laughing at the look on Vegeta's face.

Vegeta's face was redder then the ripest apple, his eyes were wide with shock and he was clutching the handle of his lunch box so hard Kakarrot was surprised it didn't brake, Vegeta covered the younger Saiyans mouth, after Vegeta looked around making sure no one was around in or out of ear shot he looked at Kakarrot seriously, "You say ONE word to her a I swear I will KILL you!" Vegeta said, Kakarrot had gained a shock when Vegeta had covered his mouth but had herd what he said, Kakarrot burst out laughing once again, he removed Vegeta's hand from his mouth.

"Relax I won't say a word" Kakarrot said walking to the boy's gym before the PA system came on.

"IS THIS THING ON?!" Came the principals' voice, "YES ITS ON!" Screamed everybody in the school, "Due to a massive mess in the Preschool wing of the school, all school staff must help to clean, so the remaining classes of today are canceled, the School Buses will be notified, those of you who take the school buses please get your things from your class rooms and go to the play ground to wait, those of you who walk home go to the play ground to wait, those of you in the Junior High and High School who walk home you may leave now, that is all!" The PA turned off.

"I guess the Preschoolers made a big mess chasing us…" Vegeta said, Kakarrot was jumping around glad that School was canceled for today, they went out into the playground to wait for there bus, Vegeta sitting under the same tree he sat under that morning and Kakarrot in it on the same branch, only this time he was awake, "Yes, who would have thought us going to the Preschool wing would have us go home early!" Kakarrot said, "Guess we can thank the preschoolers for making a mess while running after us" Vegeta said, Kakarrot began to yawn, "You fall asleep and start snoring…I'll knock you out of that tree!" Vegeta said, Kakarrot sat up looking alert, he looked down at Vegeta and smiled, "I really don't believe you would do that" Kakarrot said, Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"VEGETA! KAKARROT!" Came two young voices, Korureenu and Ranju came running up to them, "Hey, where's the other two members of your group?" Kakarrot asked, "Bulma and Chi Chi went to the bathroom" Ranju said, "I wonder how the Preschool wing got in such a mess…" said Korureenu, Ranju turned to her, "I went over there when the little kids were gone and the place was a mess" Ranju said, all eyes were on her, "There was paint and glue all over the walls and floor of the class rooms and halls" Ranju said, "So you went down there when they were gone?" asked Kakarrot, "Of course she went down there when the kids were gone" came a girls voice behind them.

They turned around and Bulma and Chi Chi were standing there, "Only a nut would go in there when the kids were in there" Bulma said, "Yah, like the kid that went in there the last time…" Chi Chi said, Korureenu and Ranju just shrugged, "Anyway we'll see you guys tomorrow!" Korureenu said looking over at the street and saw the buses were there, "Hey you guys our bus is here!" Korureenu yelled and ran over to the yellow bus, Ranju, Chi Chi and Bulma following behind, Vegeta got up and Kakarrot looked down at him, "Do you want to miss the bus or what? Get out of that tree and let's go!" Vegeta said before a call stopped them.

They turned around and saw Cell, Zarbon, Frieza and Dodoria walking up to them, "Well, it seems that your little trip to the Preschool wing was a messy one" Dodoria said, Cell smirked, "I'm surprised you two aren't covered in paint and glue" Cell said, Vegeta scowled, "We found a way not to get caught by them" Kakarrot said, "Heh, Sure…I wonder just what you did, nothing smart I bet" Cell said, Vegeta scowl deepen, "That's big talk coming from a guy left back NINE times and looks like a roach!" Vegeta said, "Why you little!!!" Cell screamed, Frieza stopped him and turned to the younger boy's, "Do you have something to prove you were in the Preschool wing?" he asked, Vegeta smirked, "Sure, here you go" Vegeta pulled out the book he was carrying and handed it to Frieza.

A scream of bloody death came from the mouths of the older new students, car alarms went of, fire hydrants blew spraying water, people in the street turned to the school to see who was just killed, All four boy's ran out of the school playground pale as sheets, Vegeta stood there smirking, "Gods Vegeta what did you do?" Kakarrot said picking up the book that was dropped, "Oh lets just say I put something in that book that I know they were scared of" Vegeta said taking the book from Kakarrot and putting it on the ground, Vegeta walked away, "What did you put in there?" asked Kakarrot looking back at the book.

"Oh, just something that would ruin there lives if anyone saw it" Vegeta said smirking, the prince turned around and began walking to the bus, Kakarrot looked at him puzzled and then picked up the book, on a closer look he saw a paper sticking out of the book, Kakarrot quirked his head a little to the side in curiosity, he opened the book to were the paper was on and saw what it was the four bullies had run from, in the page of the book was a photo of all four bullies,  in the boy's bathroom alone, in there hands were dolls!

Kakarrot's eyes widened and he looked again to make sure he wasn't seeing things, but it was true, in each of there hands in the photo was a doll, not an action figure like boys play with but GIRLS dolls and by the looks of them in the picture they were playing dress up with them, Kakarrot burst out laughing and ran up to Vegeta after putting the book back down, "How I earth did you get this?" Kakarrot asked holding up the picture, Vegeta smirked, his eyes got that gleam in them that they only got when he was playing one of his pranks, or was thinking of something sneaky to do, "Well it was when I had to get something for Ms. Screw Ball in art class" Vegeta said said referring to there scream happy teacher Ms. Kowaii, Vegeta began to tell Kakarrot how he got the picture.

~*~Flash Back~*~

"Insane teacher…" Vegeta grumbled as he walked down the hall, a blue plastic hall pass in his hand with his class number on it, Ms. Kowaii had asked Vegeta to get some more tubes of paint and a box of markers for art class, and when Vegeta protested that he didn't feel like it, Ms. Kowaii started on another one of her many screaming fits, At least we only have that insane teacher once tomorrow! Vegeta thought and sighed mentally, at least this got him out of class for a little while, the prince stretched  and then put his hands into his pockets still walking down the hall, I still haven't thought of a way to get back at those little gits… Vegeta thought remembering the nightmare that he and Kakarrot had gone thought just minutes before in the Preschool wing, he clinched his hands into fists, No on makes a joke out of the Saiyan prince and gets away with it! Vegeta thought growling. He was going to give those four gits the book in art class but oddly enough they showed up a few minutes, talked to the teacher about needing to use the bathroom and then Freiza, Cell, Zarbon and Dodoria were out the door.

He was almost to the art supply's room when a noise reached his ears, he turned his head to where the noise was coming from, it was coming from the boy's bathroom, Vegeta walked up to the door, at least he was allowed in there, he was a boy after all, but in the Preschool wing Kakarrot had been stupid enough to run into the girls bathroom, dragging him in there with him, Vegeta was so close to bashing the younger Saiyans brains out right then, and he might have if not for three Preschool girls finding them and chasing him and Kakarrot down the hall, Vegeta was about to open the door when he herd a voice.

"Cell you moron, that dress goes on Sue not Mimi!" came Zarbon's voice, Vegeta herd Cell growl, "So? You put Kiki's dress on Jewel you twit!" Cell said, Vegeta herd a noise that sounded like some on shuffling something, "Hey, Dodoria, want to put this blue shirt on Patty?" came Frieza's voice, Vegeta's eyes widened, the first thing that raced thought his mind was who were these people they were talking about, and what were they doing in the boys bathroom, those names he herd sounded like girls names, and why were they dressing girls in there, if Vegeta was in his teens while hearing this conversation he would be very pale right then, but being only eight years of age his mind was clear of those kinds of thoughts, Vegeta opened the door and looked in.

What Vegeta saw almost made him fall to the floor, there in the middle of the boys bathroom floor were Freiza, Cell, Zarbon and Dodoria, in each of there hands were dolls, in the middle of there little circle was a small box full of doll cloths, Cell was trying to yank a blue dress on his doll and Zarbon had went over to the soap dispenser and began to cover his dolls long yellow hair with the pink hand soap, "To bad dolls hair doesn't grown back or we could trim and cut it" Zarbon said turning on the sink and began washing his dolls hair. "Yah! Think of all the neat hair styles we could do and make up ourselves!" Dodoria said, Zarbon got all starry eyed, "We could copy a few hair styles from our moms beauty magazines!" he said.

Back in the hall Vegeta was close to laughing his head off, now he new what he would do, Vegeta powered up his energy and turned to the hall in front of him, faster the you could blink Vegeta had ran at top speed to the plain white door of the High School wing, ran into the wing, sped to the Tsubasa Photo Clubs Room and grabbed one of there zoom in camera's with no flash Don't want them to know I'm there… and was back at the door of the boys bathroom door, Vegeta opened the door and looked in.

They were now all in a circle brushing there dolls hair with those cheap plastic brushes that always came with the dolls, Vegeta lifted the camera to his eye, made sure all of them were in the frame and snapped the picture, then he ran back to the High School wing, put the camera back were he found it, ran to the supply's room, got the paint tubes and markers and ran back to the class room, Vegeta smirked as his plan unfolded, Freiza, Cell, Zarbon and Dodoria would never bother them again so long as they had this photo.

~*~End Of Flash Back~*~

Kakarrot stood there wide eyed, then he shook his head, smiled and began chuckling, "Vegeta your evil" Kakarrot said handing Vegeta the picture, who took it and put it in his back pack, "Come on before the bus driver gets annoyed and leaves us behind" Vegeta said and ran to the bus, Kakarrot shifted his back pack to a more comfortable poison on his back and then ran to the bus with Vegeta in the lead, well today might have been a crazy day, but at least they managed to get something out of it, and know one knew what the next insane day would bring, at Tsubasa All Grades School.

The End

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