This is the afore-promised sequel to my fic Slaying Uncommon Angels. If you haven't read that one, you need to, 'cause otherwise very little in this story will make sense.

Title: Blood Speaks

Pairing: Olivia/Casey (if you don't like it, don't read it)


Chapter One: Regina


It was one of those days.

One of those days when it got hard for Regina Novak to focus. One of those days when it seemed like the whole world was crashing down on her head. One of those days when everything- everything!- reminded her of Ashely. One of those days when not even Monty Python and the Holy Grail could make her laugh.

Ashely Mabre had been dead for seven months. It was the opinion of most that Gina should be through grieving for her lover by now. That only made it clear that they had never- as the cliche put it- loved and lost.

As her twin sister Casey was fond of saying, Gina never did things by halves. She had loved Ashely with all her soul, holding nothing back. Having her gone had been like a knife to the gut.

No, worse. There were painkillers for the stab wounds.

Her shrink had suggested anti-depressant drugs, but Gina had refused. Soon after, she had quit going to that shrink. He wanted her to put 'the attack,' as he so blithely put it, behind her, to move forward with her life. What he hadn't understood, what Gina couldn't make him understand, was that the attack and rape wasn't the real problem. It had never been the real problem.

Gina blinked rapidly as the sun cut an arc from the window panes directly into her eyes. The sun was shining in the window; it had to be almost four o'clock. She'd been sitting and staring at the blank canvas on her easel since nine in the morning, and she had no intention of moving now. Why bother?

The phone rang. Gina briefly flirted with the idea of simply allowing it to ring, but at the sixth persistent ring, she slid heavily off the stool and clumped gracelessly to the couch, where she'd left the cordless phone among the cushions.

"Yeah? Whadda ya want?" she asked, voice thick and dazed-sounding.

A low chuckle filled the line, and Gina's body instantly sagged against the couch, the mere sound a balm to her newly reopened wounds. "You sound awful," the woman said, her husky and slightly accented voice managing to sound both sympathetic and amused at the same time. "One of those days, huh?"

"Is it ever," Gina replied, leaning back against the cushions and sighing. "God, it's good to hear your voice, Kel."

"You could have called me," Kelly reproached. "You know how good I am at cheering you up." And the ripple of sensuality in her tone made Gina hum agreeably. "I'm off work tonight," she continued, and Gina yelped in joy. "And I seem to remember something about your sister's girlfriend having a birthday party you need a date for."

"Oh, you lovely person," Gina said, already up and heading for her closet. "You do know exactly how to cheer me up."

"What are you wearing?" came the next question, as if Kelly was reading the same script Gina was.

"I have no idea," Gina said, with feeling. "I was thinking the black one." Her questing hands located the spagetti-strapped black dress in her messy closet.

"Yum," Kelly said, in agreement, then she laughed. "I've got a burgundy number you haven't seen yet."

"Ooooh," Gina said. "You know I love what red does for your complexion." Then she laughed, for the first time all day. "We are so sickening."

"We are obnoxiously cutesy at times," Kelly agreed. "Not exactly the image we want to project to others." There was a long pause on the line. "I'm gonna have to borrow your black shawl, though," she said finally.

Gina laughed at her girlfriend's ingeniousness. "You know where I live," she said, and she could almost see the smug grin on Kelly's face.

"You bet I do." There was click, and Gina tossed the phone on the bed, chuckling, her previous mood forgotten. It was gonna be a great night.



I wanted to start the story off with Gina, like in Slaying, but the rest will be either Olivia or Casey. Review and I'll get to them...