What is this, a conspiracy? I think that Eliot/Elliot can be spelled either way, and Stabler just seems more like an Eliot than an Elliot. And it's my fic, so I can spell it however I want. (Same with my X-men fic. If I wanna spell it Mistique, then it's Mistique for all intensive purposes related to that fic.)

An interesting bit of author trivia: some things I reference in passing are stemmed from real-life. Like when Casey mentions a nasty band teacher, and the girl named Jade. It helps me tie things together. (And about my old band teacher- you do not want to know. Maybe I'll tell you about it in this story later.)


Chapter Seven: Olivia


Olivia wasn't normally very impatient. She almost never got mad when the coroner took a long time examining a body, or when the lab techs took forever with her evidence because they were so busy.

She figured she wasn't really being impatient now. She'd been patient her whole life, and she was just nervous about finally finding out who her father was. She honestly didn't know how she felt right now, and she was trying not to think about it.

She directed her attention back through the glass into the interview room, where the woman who was probably her half-sister was sitting with fourteen year old Jade Sullivan.

That was all Kelly was doing. Sitting. Casually and comfortably in jeans and a white polo shirt, slouching slightly in her chair beside the straight-backed teen, not saying anything, not making physical contact, not even making eye contact. Just sitting.

The weird thing was, it seemed to be working. Jade was slowly relaxing and stealing glances at Kelly, who looked so completely tranquil that Olivia envied her her serenity.

Kelly yawned and stretched slowly upwards, then fingercombed her hair into a ponytail, the first movement she'd done in a while. Olivia watched Jade's reaction and saw that the girl had only flinched slightly, her eyes widening, but she hadn't yelped or anything, and she didn't move away.

Beside Olivia, George Huang hummed thoughtfully. "She's one of the best at this. It's a form of acclimation, the theory being that they'll eventually become so comfortable that they'll start talking of their own accord, with little prompting. It normally takes a few sessions, or at least several hours."

"It's been, what, an hour, maybe two?" Olivia checked her watch. "It looks like she's almost ready to talk now."

George nodded and smiled. "Exactly. No idea how she does it. It works with criminals, too. Battered wives who won't even admit their abuse to their best friend will tell her all about every bone their husband's ever broken."

"Useful," Olivia said, not sure if she believed him.

"Disturbing," George corrected. "I can't imagine what keeping so many secrets would do to a person, and I have my share of confidences."

Olivia started to say something but stopped as Jade turned bodily in her chair to face Kelly. "I'm Jade."

Kelly smiled but didn't move. "I know. My name's Kelly."

"Are you a shrink?"

Kelly raised her head slightly and cocked it to one side as she gazed placidly at Jade. "Yes, I am. Is that bad?"

"I guess not," Jade admitted, rolling up the sleeves of her oversize sweatshirt to expose her wrists, something that made George make a triumphant noise in the back of his throat, but Olivia didn't attatch that much importance to it. It got hot in that room sometimes. "You don't act like a shrink."

"How am I supposed to act?"

"I dunno. Weird. You're supposed to go 'mmhhmm' and say things like, 'And how does that make you feel?' But you look like an ordinary person."

"Mhmm. And how does that make you feel?" Kelly said instantly, and Jade actually laughed, until she winced as her bruised ribs protested.

"No," she said definately when Kelly asked if she was okay. "I'm never, ever dating another guy as long as I live."

"Aw, c'mon," Kelly rolled her eyes sympathetically. "They all can't be that bad. I bet there's some okay ones out there."

"Nope. But that's okay. I like girls better anyways." She frowned. "My dad won't like it, though. He doesn't want a fag for a kid."

Olivia flinched visibly; she saw the hand that Kelly had hidden from Jade curl into a fist before she forced it to relax. "Neither did my mother," Kelly said mildly. "But you know what? She got used to it, because she loved me, and I bet your dad loves you just as much."

"You're gay?" Jade asked, and looked Kelly over. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Kelly nodded and smiled slightly, affectionately. "She's a redhead. And an artist."

"She sounds great," Jade said, with a jealous sigh, and Olivia smothered a chuckle.

"She is. But I have to go slow, because what happened to you, happened to her."

"Oh." There was a moment of silence as Jade contemplated this. "I'm sorry. What David did to me was horrible. Why would anyone ever do that to anyone?"

"I don't know," Kelly said, with a world-weary sigh. "Maybe because they're angry and they don't know how to express their anger."

"That's a stupid reason. I get angry sometimes, and I punch my pillow or yell at people. I would never..."

"Me neither, but some people aren't as smart as us, right?"

"Right!" Jade agreed, and grinned.

Half an hour later, when Jade left with her father, Kelly sighed. "Nice kid. Shame about what happened. Pin this David's ass to the prison wall for me, huh, Casey?"

"No problem," Casey said instantly. "Do you think she'll be okay to testify?"

"Definately. She's more adjusted about her rape than some I've talked to. There might be a slight problem if the defendant's lawyer is a guy-"

"She's not," Casey said instantly, and Kelly nodded in relief.

"Put her on the stand. It'll do her some good for her to help put him away." Kelly shrugged and accepted the can of soda Cragen offered her. "Other than that, she might need sedatives for a couple of weeks. She admitted to having graphic nightmares." She popped the top of the can and downed half it's contents in one gulp, with as much gusto as the Spanish probably showed when they discovered the so-called Fountain of Youth. "The hospital gave her a morning after pill, didn't they?"

"Standard with all rapes," Cragen said.

"Good. A kid that young doesn't need to worry about having kids herself."

"You got that right," Olivia said, knowing that Kelly's question had stemmed from memories of her mother.

Kelly nodded in understanding, and then checked her watch. "Ahhh, shit. I missed my whole lunch break. Gina's gonna kill me." She blew out a breath, apparently thinking fast. "If my secretary calls, tell her I'm still with Jade, okay?"

She downed the rest of her soda and tossed the can into a wastebasket as she headed out the door- Olivia would bet money she was headed to Gina's apartment.

As the last strands of dark hair disappeared around the corner, Olivia had a thought. If it turned out Kelly was her sister, she wouldn't mind all that much.



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