Crimson Tears: Chapter 14

Epilogue: All things must End

There was a knock at his door, Hajime Saitou ignored it. The mountain of paper work piled on top of his desk was enough to keep him busy. He didn't have time for social calls. Everyone could go to hell for all he cared.

He heard as the door creaked open and wasn't surprised when the shaft of light from the hallway revealed his visitor to be Kaoru Kamiya. Or at least, that was her former name.

In spite of himself, Saitou offered a rare half-smile to the woman before him. "How was the honeymoon?"

Kaoru grinned, a dreamy expression lit her eyes that made Saitou's stomach churn. "As if you have to ask," she teased. The teasing expression soon left her face and she shifted nervously.

Saitou crossed his arms in front of his chest and watched her curiously. She always did entertain him with her nervous gestures. It was quite comical normally to see the brave woman reduced to a bundle of unsure nerves. "Is there something else?"

Kaoru moved to sit on the edge of Saitou's desk. She stared at a fixed spot just beside his face, not looking at him directly. "Why did you do it?"

Saitou resists the urge to sigh. With forced fatherly affection, he placed his hand gently upon her forearm. Finally she looked directly at him. "I already told you why. I wanted what was best for you."

Kaoru smiled at him and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "I was wondering if I could invite Aaron to join me at the zoo tomorrow with Aoshi." It was obvious that the woman missed the little boy.

"Of course," Saitou answered without reserve. "You will always be a part of our lives, you know that." He assured her.

A tear slipped unannounced from Kaoru's eye. "I really do love you Hajime," she started. Saitou put a finger over her lips to stop the words he didn't want to hear. Kaoru grabbed his wrist to pull his fingers away to continue.

"No, I need to tell you." She told him firmly. "I'm sad that things never seemed to work out for us, but I love Aoshi as well."

"Please don't say anything more," Saitou spoke softly. "I love you too, and I know that with Aoshi you will be loved, protected, and happy." He closed his eyes and found an inner strength to finish. "I'm happy for you, always."


Aoshi waited in the car for his wife to return. He couldn't help but grin when she pulled open the passenger door and slipped her limber body inside. He had too many memories of their honeymoon to not smile at the mental image her movements gave him.

"Everything is set. Aaron can come with us to the zoo tomorrow. He's such a great kid, you'll love him!" Kaoru exclaimed excited.

The grin never left his face as Aoshi reached to pull his wife over the consol into his lap with a mischievous smirk firmly in place. "I think we need to get started on some children on our own."

Kaoru wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed up against him making him light headed at her actions. She pulled back after a breathless kiss that had both of them slightly dazzed. "No, how about if we just practice for now?"

Aoshi pulled her back to him. "Even better."