Title: The Temptation of Saint Kagome
Author: Resmiranda
Genre: Fluffy. Humor. Ish.
Word count: 250
Rating: G
Pairings: Sess/Kag. Ish.
A/N: No warnings. And pay the title no mind; I am being goofy and probably pretentious. Written for the ebony-silks LJ challenge community.
Summary: Sometimes art reveals more than the artist intends.
Universe: Canon

Kagome was going to smack everyone, even Sesshoumaru, when they returned. Normally she liked babysitting. She was good at it.

But today...

Well. She was getting her tubes tied, and that was that.

"That's me?" Rin asked, staring at an indistinct crayon stick figure on the page. Shippou snickered; Kagome glared at him.

"Er, yeah!" she chirped, face hot with embarrassment. "Um. Here's Jaken-sama -" she indicated a green and brown blob, ignoring the imp's indignant squawk beside her, " - and here's Shippou-chan!"

"I look like a hedgehog," Shippou said. Then, to clarify: "A hedgehog that fell off a cliff." Kagome shook an uncharacteristic fist at him over Rin's head.

"Where are you, Kagome-sama?" Rin pouted.

"Well, I'm not in this picture."

"...Why not?"

With a sigh, Kagome groped for an answer, but to her horror Rin's lower lip suddenly wobbled. Pointing to a small, unwavering line standing beneath a deformed tree in the distance, she demanded, "Is that Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"I'm sorry!" Kagome was mortified. "I told you I couldn't draw!"

Rin wasn't listening, though. After a moment she said, very quietly:

"...But he's lonely."

Taken aback, Kagome looked at the figure silhouetted against the sky. Inside her heart something twisted, strange and dark.

"You're right," she frowned. "He is."

Leaning over, she carefully pressed crayon to paper, and drew another line beside him.

When she looked up again, Rin was grinning triumphantly, and Kagome's stomach executed an odd, giddy flip.

"See, Kagome-sama?" Rin crowed. "I knew you were in there somewhere!"