Land O' Dreams

a fic. By: Josie G. Evans

Character: MWPP, co. and other

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Lily get's sucked in to the land of dreams after being hit in the leg by a bludger. Read and find out what happens.

Disclaimer: I own the land of dreams! Hehehe,

What a magical place to be,

I want to stay for an eternity.

Just look at the stars,

And the cotton candy!

It heaven in a dream!

Yes it is,

Would you like to come to my fabulous land of dream?

Were none awake and leave?

To believe, is to see!

Wow! I'm on a roll! Ya, well I own what I own, (LAND O DREAMS!) And J.K Rowling own's what she own's or she wouldn't make money and would publish and write Harry Potter books, now would she? I think not, now on to the story! And don't forget to review!


Ch. 1: bludger

"Yes ladies and gentleman, it's a close one, the score stands at , oh what was that?! Lily, is that Lily, ow that must of hurt, Blackeney calls for a time out, and oh Lily Evans is out of the game, her leg seems to be in a bizarre angle, I think she just lost contiousness, she's falling! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING BEFORE SHE GETS KILLED...."


"What happened?" asked a confused Lily Evans, she was wearing her quidditch uniform and was in one of the beds of the hospital wing.

"You fell, oh what? It must have to had been at least 30 feet! How are you feeling darling?" asked a worried Sandra, Lily's friend and a chaser along side of her and James.

"If it wasn't for Adrian and Griffin who were commentating the game, you would have died. They were the ones who saw you fall!" a pale white James answered to Lily's left.

"James!" screeched Lily and hugged him. When she let go of him, him ribs were sore.

"Ah you awake, feel any pain darling?" Lily's screech had been heard by Miss. Gabrielle , the school nurse.

"Now that you mention it, ya! I can't seem to be able to move my legs and my back is sore and my arm is..." said Lily moaning a little to prove her point.

"I get the point hunny, now your leg got badly hurt, and it's magicaly bound which is why you can't move it, as for the pain we don't have any potion left so I'll have to give you a sleeping potion, which while sleeping, will help so you don't fell the pain, and it won't hurt while your curing, don't worry you'll wake up sometime tomorrow morning." answered Miss. Gabrielle.

"I'll get all of your homework, and the teachers will understand, I love you!" said James bending down to kiss her for head.

"I love you too!" was her answer

"Get well soon Lily!"

"Can't wait to have you back Lils" (Sirius of course, he's the only one who calls her Lils)

"Rest well!"

"Sleep tight"....The whole Quidditch left the infirmary all with a relieved expression on their faces. It had been a funny sight, to wake up with the whole Quidditch team still in uniforms all sweaty and anxious looks on their face, but Lily had liked there concern.

"Wait! Who won?"

"We did of course!" said Sirius a big grin on his face, "and Marcus, the Slytherin's beater who injured you, is well injured, I took care of it!" he added

Lily couldn't help but smile, Sirius would give anything to win the bet he and James had started since 1st year, who would get the most detention at the end of 7th year. He would also take any reason to start a fight on the Quidditch field and show his awesome skills, but he also cared a lot for Lily."Ready for this potion?" Lily hadn't even realised, that Miss Gabrielle had left her bedside. Well she was back now, and had sleeping potion for her.

"Sure, it's not like I'll never wake up." she said and drank the bitter tasting potion. The world started spinning, bleu, red and gold sparks were coming from every directions. The spinning room turned black, then bleu and then a orange colour that reminded her of a sunset. Wet grassy lands were forming around her and stars were appearing from the sky, she recognized this place, she'd been there before, she was certain of it. Then it his her, as little houses started appearing on the grassy mountains, land she was in -Ireland.


"Hope she's alright, the nurse won't let me see her!" said a very troubled James.

"Mabe that's because it's only been and hour since we all left the hospital wing!" said Remus, "the whole Quidditch team in the hospital wing, it's a good thing Mr. Blafin has a cold or he would had through a fit and send us away."

"Well without us what would he do? We give him customers every day and keep him busy. Without us, he wouldn't have a job." said Sirius, smiling as usual.

'DRING' the sound of the bell, announced the next class.

"Guess were late again!" said James, "I just wish she were here, we were going to the three broomsticks tonight." he added, his momentary smile fading.

"Hey don't look glump, why break the date we'll go with ya bud!" added Sirius.

They entered the Charms classroom, the teacher at the front had already started the class.

"Ah! Mr's. Potter, Lupin and Black, care to join the class?" said professor Kathleen Wright , as the boys took a seat, "oh and detention tomorrow." she added.

"Ya, I'm totally kicking your ass Potter!" yelled Sirius getting up, sending his chair flying backwards to the ground.

"As I was saying before being rudely interrupted," said professor Wright, looking at Sirius with a warning glance. "Today we will be working on cheering charms, but by the looks of it Sirius doesn't seem to need one. So everybody pair up, two a team..."


'Ireland that cannot be!' Said Lily

'Welcome to my land of dreams said he.

You may stay but you cannot leave!

What a fun time this is going to be.

I dreamed of a time full of joy

that was taken away.

Now I just sit here alone in turmoil.

Where I once belonged to be,

That is up to you and me.

Won't you stay and keep me company?

I long for a friend who isn't me.

Like I said welcome to my land of dreams,

where anything can happen so don't be mean!

I just want to play and have fun,

I believe I am going to have tons!'

The End Of Chapter One


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