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John was outside working on his car when Mark pulled up into the driveway. Looking up he watched as the grim faced man got out and came over.

"You didn't bring Laney with you?" He asked, stalling.

"Didn't want her to witness the carnage. Besides she's with Steph. Paul doesn't like to leave her alone." Mark responded eying the young man.

"What's he going to do for the next three months?" John asked, thinking of the very pregnant woman.

"So you going to tell me what the hell you were thinking?" Mark asked ignoring the question and crossing his arms.

"About what? I've had a lot on my mind." John answered evasively.

"Does a jailbreak sound familiar?" Mark growled.

"Haven't been to any jails recently. So no it doesn't sound familiar." John said trying to keep a straight face while preparing to run.

Mark picked up a large wrench and began tapping it against his palm. "Get rid of the smart ass comments and answer my questions."

"Yes sir," John replied saluting. "What do you want to hear?"

Mark growled in frustration. "Paul called. Apparently Randy left the hospital. How did he get home?"

"He called and I drove him home." John shrugged.

"Haven't you learned by now that when you help Randy do something that you know is wrong you end up in trouble." Mark pointed out.

"He's my friend. Besides as you said earlier this week Randy's a big boy. He can look out for himself. As long as he doesn't hurt Journey he can do what ever he wants." John stated sticking his head back under the hood of the car.

"Journey?" Mark asked confused. When John didn't answer he grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him out to face him. "Since when have you cared so much about Journey?"

"She left him you know. Realized she didn't love him. That's way he went home." John said instead.

Mark looked hard at him for several minutes before answering. "Randy know you have feelings for his girl?"

"From what Journey said this morning he agreed with her that there was nothing between them and they parted on good terms. And yea I am pretty sure he knows we like each other." John shrugged smiling slightly.

"So" Mark started, only to be interrupted by the girl in question.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" She asked coming out of the house. Mark raised his eyebrows to John who grinned wider.

"Mark came over to beat me up for taking Randy home." John explained to the young girl.

Journey turned to Mark. "You better leave him alone. He was only helping a friend. If he hadn't drove Randy home that idiot would have walked. And we both know he was not in the condition to do that. John didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes ma'am" Mark replied amused. "Why aren't you home taking care of the invalid?"

"I think Dave's doing enough taking care of and I didn't want to be anywhere near there. I'm hiding." She confided.

Mark laughed as his phone began to ring. Answering it he listened for a few minutes before laughing out loud. Hanging up the phone he turned to the couple who was watching him strangely.

"That was Paul. Apparently they are ready for my role in the drama." Mark told them eyeing them sternly. "You two stay out of trouble."

As they watched Mark pull out of the driveway Journey turned to John with a serious look on her face. "No more stalling. You were going to tell me what's been going on in your life."

"Yea I guess you deserve to know." John sighed, wiping the grease off his hands.

Dave walked into Randy's room to find Randy standing at the window. Hearing the door open Randy turned around and crossed his arms, a stubborn look on his face.

"Changing your mind about cooperating?" Dave asked stopping in front of the door.

"No, but that doesn't mean I have to like it." Randy replied sullenly.

"Trust me if I ever lay into your hide you will not enjoy it." Dave answered smiling.

Randy just looked at the older man with a confused look on his face.

Dave sighed and moved to sit on the bed. Randy watched his every move warily. "Randy I never had any inclination to lay into you for this infraction." Dave explained.

"You put me through hell up here." Randy exploded.

"Exactly. And you learned something from it too didn't you? Now this doesn't mean that I won't do something in the future. It just means you don't deserve that extreme of a measure at this time."

Randy sat down in a chair weak with relief as Dave continued.

"Most of the time we understand why you do what you do. Where you get into trouble is when you don't tell us until after you do it and make us worry. We care about you and are just looking out for you."

"So as long as I tell you before I do something I can pretty much do anything I want?" Randy asked, some of his cockiness returning.

"Within reason. If you explain and I still say no then that's it." Dave responded dryly. "And it's not for every little thing. Just stuff that you know I won't approve of." He added pointedly.

Randy nodded in understanding.

"Okay, if we're good Mark's here so we can all discuss the consequences of you almost dieing and using drugs." Dave informed him.

Randy closed his eyes and groaned before following Dave down the stairs. Dave pointed to a chair set in the middle of the room facing the three older men.

"I want you to understand that we are not doing this to embarrass you. We just want you to think twice before you do something like this again." Paul started, in a grave voice.

"The main thing we are worried about and want to impress on you is the importance of your health. So for the next month you are grounded." Dave said calmly.

"I don't think it's going to work. I have to travel as part of the job." Randy pointed out smugly.

"You don't go back on the road until Friday. Until then you are stuck here by yourself." Paul explained.

"That means no one coming over, no going out for anything. It also means no play station or laptop. This isn't a vacation." Mark stressed.

Randy looked up at the ceiling as he bit his tongue to keep from saying anything sarcastic.

"On the road you will go from the airport to the arena to the hotel. The only time you are allowed out of your hotel room is to get something to eat. You abuse that and we will start bringing your food to you." Dave continued as Randy looked back down at him.

"Two other things. No visitors in your hotel room and lights out by one am. You are not going to get healthy by staying up until five or six like you usually do." Paul added, expecting Randy to protest the last.

The young man was quiet a few minutes before speaking up. "I usually room with someone. What if that person has a bunch of people over?"

"If you thing that's going to be a problem then room with someone that understands or with one of us." Paul informed him, surprised by the question.

"Like we said at the beginning. We are not trying to embarrass you. No one on the roster will know what's going on. However, the first time you mess up we will have a meeting and tell everyone on the roster so they can help keep an eye on you." Dave threatened, amazed at how calm Randy was taking this.

Randy thought for a moment. "Okay, but what if something happens and I have to go out for some reason?" He brought up.

"Randy what did we talk about up stairs?" Dave asked sternly.

"All I have to do is call and explain." Randy quoted. "Okay, I can deal. So if we're done here I'm hungry." He said standing up.

"Sit down. We still have to discuss your using drugs." Paul growled.

Randy groaned and slumped back into his seat. "I was really hoping it had been included."

"Not a chance boy. Using drugs is a serious business. Now you can either take what we dish out or Vince is going to subject you to weekly drug testing in front of the whole roster. He's not too happy about you using." Mark told the young man.

"Well I guess that leaves me a lot of choices." Randy answered sullenly.

Dave tried not to smile at Randy's attitude as Mark went on. "Obviously you do not know enough about drugs not to hurt yourself. So your job the next month while you are grounded is to copy this front to back, every word." He said as he handed him a Mosby's Drug handbook.

Randy's mouth dropped open as he flipped through the book and looked at the small print. "There has to be at least a thousand pages here."

"If you chose not to do that we can always do what I wanted to do. I believe you already made the trip once today." Dave spoke up raising his eyebrows.

"I think I'll stick to writer's cramp." Randy said quickly clutching the book to his chest.

Randy blushed as the three men laughed. "So what else?" He asked resignedly.

"Well unless you feel you need to be punished for something we don't know, then we're done." Paul said standing up. Saying good bye to the young man they filed out the door. Dave stayed back to give a parting warning.

"Just because we are leaving tomorrow to go back on the road does not mean you can sneak out or disobey us. I have spies."

Randy just grinned back at him. "Wouldn't think of it."

One week later at RAW.

Randy was sitting on the couch in the locker room when the door opened. Expecting one of the guys he quickly flipped off the TV.

"Glad to know you wanted to give me your undivided attention." Purred a soft feminine voice, causing Randy to whip around. His mouth dropped open at the vision before him. She was average height, dressed in low rider jeans and a snug black halter emphasizing her curves. Her honey blonde hair was piled atop of her head exposing her slender neck. Bright sapphire blue eyes were looking directly at him. Randy felt they were gazing straight to his heart. For once in his life he was speechless.

She smiled. "My name is Nicole Cena. I'm looking for my brother."

Well that's the end. If you want to follow John and Journey and see if Randy and Nikki get it on look for them in the third family stories Ghosts from the past.

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