Hiding my emotions

From this dark and empty world. . .

Protected by a wall

Of fire and of ice. . .

My fragile and yet mysterious heart

Remains guarded evermore.

Lost in my mind's charade,

Living out the masquerade,

I have no need to be dependent

On the fickle bands of society.

This world of mine is all I need

To be sustained,

To survive.

No one to ever read me-

No one to really see me.

Hiding in the shadows, all alone,

I am free from the judgment-

Since no one can truly judge

What one has never seen.

So, then, you can't hurt me.

But, then, you can't save me.

This is the truth that I truly know,

My greatest strength. . .

My greatest curse. . . .


~~author's note~~

This was another Raven POV (if you couldn't tell). I'm not sure if it is more her or more me, but she was my inspiration. . . . I hope you enjoyed it. Please review if you so desire. If you happen to be reading my poem series "Falling", the next chapter should be up soon.