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More of the green vines came, settled themselves on a patch of human flesh, and began to consume her entire body. The rubbery substance on her neck formed itself into a black hole; the hole looked as if it continued on for an eternity. This scene seemed to disgust Beast Boy; witnessing it made it even worse.

The dark hole grew larger and larger, large enough to fit a whole eagle inside it. A black talon jutted out of it; a jet-black bird's beak followed suit. It flapped its mighty wings as it revealed more of its body; a little gust of wind shooting in all directions.

It's talons barely dug into the ground when white hair strands protruded out of the back of the raven's head. The black wings of this ominous beast formed into to red monstrous arms. His beak opened to reveal a sharp set of yellow fangs. The talons transformed into two feet; it's black nails hanging and touching the ground.

The raven's body stretched towards the dark sky; it's jet-black bird feathers turning scaly and red. "Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!" it shouted, looking at the trio. "Urrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Raven shrieked, getting down on bended knees as the green vines continued to swallow her, transforming her epidermis to a blood red. Trigon's eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth began to smile, his fangs glinting wildly in the dim light.

Beast Boy eyed the demonic cult, clenching his fists and showing his animal-like teeth. The dark teen's eyes became red as Pinkie immediately came to her help. "Beast Boy...do...SOMETHING!!!!" Raven managed to choke out, her voice growing deeper by the second. "I am!" was his response as the green lad transformed into a saber tooth. He lurched out at the demon, eyes both glowing with anger.

He dug his sharp claws into the demon's red epidermis. Blood began to gush out of Trigon's wounds and he bellowed in agony. Beast Boy summoned out a brutal growl; his eyes grew narrow and claws slashing about. Something came over Beast Boy, like a towel laid upon a patch of sand, but in this case, it was 1 of Trigon's humungous hands as he brushed Beast Boy off his shoulder.

"Raaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!" the saber roared; his muscular front legs waving crazily in the air. He was plummeting to the ground at top speed with a single boulder below him. Beast Boy hit the ground with a powerful thud! as his head collided with the boulder. Raven, now free from the vines grip thanks to Pinkie, ran towards the unconscious green dude.

"Beast Boy! Please say something!!! PLEASE!!!!!"

She grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him viciously. No response. Shook him again. Still no response. A roar came from behind her as she felt a hand wrap and grasp her tiny waist.

Raven was pulled into the air at great speed. Higher and higher she was pulled until the dark girl was dangling over the demon's drooling and open mouth. Another roar came out as he lowered his daughter into the black hole filled with fangs. A few black blurs flew here and there. Raven turned to find out what or who was projecting them. Pinkie flew around the demon; black ice shooting out of her palms.

The satanic cult bellowed, moaned, and took a few steps back. Raven tried and tried to pull herself free from the demon's death grip. "Don't worry Rae! I'll get ya out!" Beast Boy's voice rang out of the darkness. In an instant, a green raven was by her side, pecking away at Trigon's fist. Trigon let out another roar of serious agony as his wounds poured out blood.

Beast Boy flew to the back of the cult's head, wrapped his green talons around the white strands of hair, and gave a mighty yank. The demon unwrapped his gigantic fingers around Raven as he tumbled off a cliff and to his rocky doom. One last yellow beam slipped out of his eyes and traveled towards the dark girl. The green teen immediately ran to her protection.


He leaped into the air; the yellow beam collided with the green dude's abdomen.


He collapsed onto the ground with a thud. Raven picked him up in her arms. Her heart shrank to a smaller size and her lips trembled viciously. He opened his eyes a crack and looked at her, growing very pale. "H-hey Rae," he choked out; he coughed ferociously after that.

"T-tell the team I-I said hello."

Tears began to slip from Raven's eyes. She held him closer.

"D-don't say that. Y-you're going to be just fine."

He smiled.

"Tell Cy I said that I'm sorry for losing all his junk."

He drew in one final breath, leaned back, and died. The dark teen shook him. "C'mon Beast Boy," she spoke through tears, "G-get up. W- we've got to go home." It was no use. He really was dead. She stared into his lifeless green eyes, her face squeezing up in sadness.

It was a tranquil and beautiful day in the cemetery.

We met it seems

Such a short time ago

You looked at me

Needing me so...

A gentle spring breeze made it's way through the graveyard, whistling and howling as it did so.

Yet from your sadness

Our happiness grew...

"My other sides don't have the power to stop him," Raven said, lowering her hood. Beast Boy walked closer.

"Not alone, but what about together? They're all a part of who you are." He placed a hand on her shoulder and they locked eyes.

And I found out

I needed you too...

A few silent tears rolled down the dark teen's cheeks as they slowly placed the coffin inside a dark pit.

I remember how we

Used to play

I recall those rainy days

The fire's glow

That kept us warm

And now, I find

We're both alone...

Raven slowly and gracefully walked up to the microphone. "Beast Boy," she began, "You were one of my best friends and my only boyfriend."

Goodbye may seem



Is like the end...

"Sure we had our arguments, but deep down I know you never meant what you said. All I want to say is that I'll always love you and you'll always be in my heart. No matter where I go, you'll always be right beside me. So...farewell Nature Boy. I'll miss you."

But in my heart's

The memory

And there

You'll always


The End