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-Chapter Nineteen: Barcelona

Shinji leaned back in his seat and looked around the classroom. More then half of the desks that had held kids at the beginning of the school year were empty. People had rushed out of the city after Unit Zero's self-detonation. Now more and more people were slowly, but surely, beginning to return. "Do you know the answer Mr. Ikari?" Shinji glanced at the board and stared at the math problem with wide eyes. Then he found that pattern.

"There is an error in the second line," Shinji said. The sensei nodded and smiled approvingly.

"That is absolutely correct. It's good to see that you are paying attention. Now how about you Mr. Suzuhara?" Shinji laughed on the inside. Bardiel had apparently been some kind of scholar. Ever since he had merged with Touji the young man had showed extremely high intellectual thinking processes.

"You cannot have a subtract sign after an addition sign," Touji said. 'Of course that problem was child's play.'

"Correct." Touji smirked at Shinji and the young lycan covertly flipped him the bird. Apparently he wasn't covert enough.

"Mr. Ikari!" Shinji winced as the class rep's volume rose. "See me after class."

"Yes ma'am," Shinji said meekly. The message icon on Shinji's computer flashed a second later. He sighed and clicked on it. 'Now there are three women cracking the whip at you?' Shinji read. He quickly began typing. 'One literal and two figurative,' he thought reading the message. He smiled and hit send. Across the classroom Touji opened the message and read it. He shuddered and shot Shinji a sympathetic look. That was when Shinji noticed a strange hum in the air that was slowly growing louder.

"What the hell is that?" The whole class went quiet when he spoke up.

"It's an angel," someone said shrilly.

"Don't be ridiculous," someone else said. "There are no more angels left." Shinji ignored them and decided to use the distraction to catch up on his sleep. That damned insomnia was back with a vengeance.


Asuka looked around the classroom nervously. The quiet hum had turned into an all out roar. She glanced at Shinji, but he was sleeping. "That sounds like a Type-56 VTOL stealth transport." Asuka turned and saw Kensuke Aida staring at the ceiling.

"A what?"

"A stealth VTOL transport capable of carrying twelve men into battle," Kensuke said slowly. Asuka fought down her immediate urge to slice his stomach open and spill his organs across the floor. Suddenly the sound began to die away.

"What was all that about?" Asuka closed her eyes and focused. She suddenly heard the sound of boots. 'Combat boots.'

"Uh," Touji began intelligently. "Shinji?" Asuka's sire snorted and remained asleep. "Please tell me that you didn't spend the whole night banging each other again."

"Okay," Yuki said.

"Alright," the sensei said. "That was a little weird, but its nothing to get worked up over." That was when the door slammed open. Asuka watched in shock as several black-clad soldiers with automatic weapons stormed into the room. "What is the meaning of this?" One of the soldiers swung his weapon and the butt connected with the older man's head. He fell to the ground with a groan of pain.

"Alright children," one of the soldiers said. "We're looking for four kids." Shinji snorted and drew the man's attention. "Wake him up Hicks." One of the soldiers walked past Asuka and attempted to wake the Shinji. There was the sound of meat tearing and a hand suddenly sprouted out of the man's back. A few seconds later another one appeared. The two hands jerked apart at the soldier fell in two pieces. Shinji stood up and growled at the soldiers. He glanced at the soldier and Asuka leaned a little to the side so that she could see the man trying to gather his spilled entrails.

"Give it pal," Shinji advised. "They aren't going back in there."

"You're Shinji Ikari?" the soldier in charged asked. Asuka noticed how the other soldiers kept their weapons trained on him. "The pilot of the purple Evangelion?"

"Uh. . .no?" Shinji asked. In seconds he had gone from standing still to the standing in front of the commander with his jaws locked around the man's throat. There was a crunch as the cartilage and gristle and Shinji leapt back in a spray of crimson. Asuka's eyes widened as the soldiers raised their weapons, but then someone else stepped into the fray. Yuki slammed into the soldiers in a whirlwind of claws. One soldier managed to climb out, but Touji killed him with a single boot to the head. Asuka saw another soldier with his back towards him. She lunged and her claws tore easily through the man's Kevlar vest. He turned and stared at her over his shoulder with wide blue eyes.

"You're hurt," Asuka cooed with a gentle smile. "I'll make all the pain stop." She raised her other hand and tore out his throat.

"Well that was fun," Shinji commented. "Any alive?"

"One," Yuki said. "Not for much longer."

"I've got brains of my shoe," Touji grumbled.

"Just read his mind!" Shinji bellowed.

"Fine, fine, fine," Touji said. He kneeled down next to the living soldier and closed his eyes. Asuka turned away and looked at Shinji and Yuki. Both were covered in blood. Shinji grinned at her and shook his head, sending blood flying out of his long hair.

"They work for the UN," Touji said. Asuka looked back in time to see all of the bodies turn to orange liquid.

"Why'd you tang them?"

"The smell of blood makes me ill," Touji said.

"The smell of meat makes him ill," Shinji said. "Did you know that he became a vegetarian?"

"Shut up Shinji," Touji growled. "We need to get to the Geo-Front."


"Because we're under attack you idiot!"



Misato watched in horror as armed soldiers rampaged throughout the Geo-Front. One squad came upon a group of NERV computer programmers and opened fire. "Oh God."

"Damn it." She turned and saw Shigeru looking at the weapons he had found. "One automatic and three pistols." He picked up the assault rifle for himself and loaded a magazine into it.

"The Eva pilots just arrived!" Maya said. "We have to tell them to retreat." Misato ran to the surveillance screen and watched as the four Eva pilots and Yuki walked into the Geo-Front. Shinji was in the lead. He was covered in blood and there was a black automatic weapon under his arm.

"I think they know exactly what is going on," she said tiredly. The group began to move quickly. 'God help the fools that get in their way.'


"Okay people," Shinji said as the group reached the escalators. "Here's the plan. We divide and conquer."

"Sounds good to me," Touji said.

"You go to your Eva and begin clearing out the troops topside," Shinji said nodding towards Asuka. "And you find Ikari. We are going to need your full powers awakened." Rei nodded.

"What about us three?" Touji asked. Shinji grinned broadly.

"Search and destroy. If it works for the UN then I was it sliced or tanged."

"I knew you would say that," Touji said. "So we just wander around killing at random?"

"Not at random," Shinji said. "Kill only the UN."

"Right on!" Touji cheered, pumping a fist into the air. "Death to the world government!"

"I want to kick you in the balls so much right now," Shinji said. He looked at the approaching ground and slung his new automatic over his shoulder. He grabbed Yuki by the arm and led her a few steps higher then the group.

"What's wrong. . ." Shinji cut her off by pressing his lips to hers gently. He pulled back and smiled at her.

"I love you."

"I love you too," Yuki said as she stared at him, uncomprehending. Then she understood. "No."

"It's okay," Shinji said.

"You can't die," Yuki said.

"But I will," Shinji said. "I can feel it."

"I don't want you to die," Yuki said.

"Please," Shinji begged quietly. "I've accepted it. You have to do the same." He looked away when he saw tears in her eyes. "Don't make this any harder then it has to be."


"Oh my God." Misato watched in awe as the group of children tore separate paths through the UN soldiers. She noticed absently that while Asuka left corpses, Yuki left parts. Both Touji and Rei simply left piles of empty clothes and puddles of LCL.

"What are they?" Makoto asked.

"Our last hope," Shigeru said dryly. He winced as a severed head hit one of the security cameras. "We're screwed." Suddenly the door behind them blew open. Shigeru dropped to one knee and opened fire with his assault rifle. Misato snatched up her semi-auto and ducked behind a computer console. The first soldier in the doorway staggered back and fell to the ground. His comrades grabbed him and dragged him out of their line of sight. Suddenly there were screams and barking from outside the door. Blood sprayed on the wall across from the open doorway.

"What the hell?" Misato wondered. Suddenly all was silently and a dark figured stepped into the room. "Shinji?" The last of the dark hair and animal features receded and left Shinji bare. He rolled his shoulders and stepped forward, uncaring of his nudity.

"How are they doing?"

"They're cutting a fucking swath of death and mayhem through our attackers," Makoto said. "Asuka just arrived at her Eva and is preparing to launch."

"Good," Shinji said. He searched the screens. "Looks like Commander Ikari found Rei."

"What?" Misato stared at the screens. She couldn't find the blue-haired girl on any of them. "Commander Ikari took Rei?"

"I hope she can withstand the temptation," Shinji said tiredly. He saw Yuki on one of the screens and smiled gently. "Time for me to make my appearance."

"Maybe you should put some clothes on first," Shigeru said. "Clothes do make the man."

"Naked people don't do much for the society," Maya added. Shinji grinned and shrugged. He disappeared out of the door and Shigeru followed momentarily to search the corpses outside of the door. He came back with numbers automatic weapons slung over his shoulders.

"Merry Christmas."


Rei watched as the Commander drew closer to her. She could feel His presence. She knew the Commander had Him. Her soul yearned wildly for its mate. "It is time Rei."

"No," she said hoarsely. Commander Ikari's purposeful steps faltered. "I am not your doll." Her voice was wavering.

"You want to be one with Adam," Commander Ikari said with a sneer. "Well here he is!" he yelled as he thrust his hand forward. Rei stumbled back and felt like her knees were about to give out.

"I don't need anyone," she growled lowly. She turned her back on the man and looked at the massive form of Lilith before her. She could feel the desperate battle raging above her. Sohryu was fighting her best, but she was no match against so many enemies that were as perfect a predator as she herself. "Good bye Commander Ikari. Rot in hell."


Shinji leaned back against the doorway. He heard Rei's words and smiled. "That's my girl."

"You bitch," Commander Ikari raged. "I created you!" It was far too late of course. Rei was merging with Lilith. Shinji watched in awe of the transformation. Light so pure and bright flashed and Shinji had to cover his eyes. He finally looked up and saw a young woman with several wings standing in the center of the lake of LCL. She seemed to be made of the purest light. 'Beautiful.'

"How the mighty have fallen." Shinji called as he stepped into the room and watched in amusement as Commander Ikari turned to face him. Shinji reached under the bloodstained black BDU blouse had had taken from one dead soldier and slipped his trusty semi out of his waistband.

"This is all you fault!" Shinji chuckled at the human's impotent rage.

"I just helped everything move along," he explained. He kept the pistol behind his back and jacked the action once. He thought for a moment and his thoughts turned from the gun to the knife in his boot and from there to his claws. He shoved the weapon back in his waistband. Shinji turned and watched as Rei/Lilith burst from the lake and soared strait up through the roof. He gaze fell back to the Commander and he noticed the tiny pistol in the man's hand.

"Die," the older man growled. He squeezed the trigger and Shinji was forced back a step when the tiny bullet hit him in the chest.

"Nice try," he began. Then the pain hit him. It was a burning pain right in his heart. The pain drove him to his knees.

"Silver," the old man said with a smirk. Shinji fell onto his back and clutched his chest in pain. 'Over confident,' Shinji thought in disgust. "I made sure that the bullets were forty-nine-percent pure."

"Fuck you," Shinji hissed. Forty-nine percent was deadly, but not deadly enough. It would keep a lycan around for minutes. It was often used for knives and torture devices.

"You're going to be dead in a few minutes," Commander Ikari said as he moved to stand over Shinji. Shinji grinned up at him.

"I'm not dead yet," he whispered.

"What was that?" Commander Ikari asked, leaning down to catch his words.

"Not dead yet," Shinji repeated. "But you are." Shinji's next move was a blur even to himself. He claws caught the Commander's stomach and saw deep. The old man stumbled back and fell. Shinji watched with a grin as the man tried to gather his fallen entrails. Then everything finally went black.


"You bastard!" Asuka swung her good hand and split the closest MP Eva's chest. The demonic creature stumbled back, squawking in pain as blue liquids sprayed from its chest. Something sharp dug into Asuka's shoulder and she screamed in pain. She whipped around and saw another of the black and white monsters behind her. She snatched up a twisted I-beam from one of the building and shoved it through the monster's single eye.

"There are still seven units operating," Misato said.

"Unit Zero-Two has sustain heavy damage," someone reported.

"No shit!" Asuka bellowed.

"Behind you!" Misato screeched. Asuka jumped and pivoted in the air. She saw the white Eva rush under her and plunged her hand down through the top of its head and into its chest cavity. She tore it out and grinned as she crushed the S2 organ in her hand. Suddenly she felt a sinking sensation in her stomach.

"Shinji." Her sire was dead. She could feel it. Suddenly the ground began to shake. Asuka stumbled and one of the MP Evas lurched forward. She was off balance and falling, so she could only watched the Eva's spear sped towards her face. "Shit." It sank into the Eva's eye and she screamed in pain.

"Asuka!" Suddenly the whole area was filled with a glorious light. Asuka watched with her good eye as a massive woman made of pure light rose from the ground.

"Rei?" The remaining Evas spread their wings and took to the air like moths drawn to a flame. There was a flash of light and Asuka watched as the Evas fell to the ground. "Well that's a tad anti-climactic." Suddenly the white angel began to descend. Its massive wings folded and it lowered back into the hole. Asuka stumbled after it without thinking.


Touji watched quietly as Yuki sobbed and held Shinji's body to her. 'Shit man, you tell your girl friend that you're going to die, but not your best friend.' He turned away and looked at the corpse of Commander Ikari. "I hope it was worth the price you paid to kill your own son," he said quietly.

"I just can't believe he's dead," Yuki said as she finally stood up. "He told me he was going to die, but I really hoped that he was wrong."

"I know Yuki," Touji said. A bright light filled the room and Touji looked up to see Lilith descending into the room. Shinji stooped and picked up the Commander's fallen pistol. He had no idea how Rei would actually deal with merging with Lilith. If she tried to initiate the Third Impact then he would put her down. Then a shadow fell in front of Lilith's light and Unit Zero-Two hit the ground hard. The plug ejected, LCL spilled out, and a red-suited figure stumbled out.


"Asuka," Touji began. "Shinji's dead. Commander Ikari put a silver bullet in his heart." Asuka ran to Yuki's side and Touji winced as she burst into tears. 'God I hate seeing a woman cry.'

"What happened?" Touji looked up at the oddly echoing voice.

"Fenrir is dead." The shrunken down Lilith turned her wide crimson eyes to look at the fallen lycan. "Ikari killed him."

"I should have killed that bastard before I left," the being of light stated.

"Yeah," Touji said. "You should have." Lilith obviously caught the accusing tone in his voice. Her crimson eyes lowered to the ground in a good imitation of shame. She moved to stand over Yuki and Asuka. Touji followed quietly. He noticed absently that Shinji looked extremely peaceful. "May you have the peace in death that was denied to you in life."

"What the hell was that?" Asuka asked. Touji shrugged.

"Just something that came to mind. I thought it sounded appropriate."

"Please stand back," Lilith said. Yuki and Asuka were too surprised by the order to not follow it. Touji's eyes widened as her body began to glow even brighter.


"What the hell are you doing?" Asuka demanded as she covered her eyes with one arm. She received no answer from the woman that had been Rei. Suddenly the glow became less intense and she could finally look. Shinji's body was glowing with the same heavenly light as Rei's.

"Shinji?" Yuki whispered. Suddenly the young man's eyes burst open in shock. He scrambled to his feet and doubled over. His eyes were glowing with the same pure white light that Rei had just shown.

"Rei!" Asuka turned and saw Touji kneeling beside Rei. She had collapsed on the ground, but was watching Shinji intently. Asuka spun back around and watched as muscles rippled across Shinji's exposed arms. His facial features became more animalistic and dark hair grew form his body. In seconds his torn clothes fell to the ground and the full-transformed lycan whimpered in pain.

"What did you do to him?" Yuki demanded. Asuka could only watch in amazement as several wings of pure light burst from the beast's hairy back.

"Shinji?" In a split second the winged beast stood there and then everything disappeared and Shinji stood in its place.

"Ouch." His knees buckled and he landed heavily on the ground.

"Shinji!" Yuki rushed to his side and shook him fiercely.

"I'm awake," Shinji groaned. Asuka rushed to his side and watched as the whole in his chest fused shut, leaving a small scar. "Why am I alive?"

"I don't know," Yuki said as she turned to look at Rei. "What did you do?"

"I gave him enough of my own power to heal him," Rei said, her voice sounding slightly tired.

"It nearly killed her," Touji growled. "Even now she can never be as strong as she was."

"Are you alright Rei?" Shinji asked as he sat up.

"I am fine Shinji." Asuka watched as Shinji slowly opened his eyes and she bit down a giggle.

"What's wrong with you?" Shinji asked, turning his mismatched eyes on her.

"Oh my," Yuki said as she clamped a hand over her mouth.

"What?" Shinji asked.

"You're eyes," Asuka managed before she broke down into helpless giggles.

"What's wrong with my eyes?" Shinji demanded.

"You're half angel now," Touji said. He looked like he was trying not to laugh. "Your eyes show it."

"You can't mean. . ." Shinji began as he rubbed his temples. He turned and looked at Asuka with his one crimson and one golden eye.

"Yeah," Asuka said as she grinned at him. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. "I thought you were dead."

"I was," Shinji said as he hugged her slightly and then stood up.

"You were," Touji said. "You died and you're being hugged by her instead of your mate?"

"I have a little more then hugging planned for later," Yuki said. "But that couldn't hurt." Asuka looked away as Yuki pounced on Shinji and kissed him.

"I'd really hate to bring this up," Touji said. "But you're all naked."

"So?" Shinji asked as he stood up.

"Does not being completely human mean that you have no modesty?" Touji asked.

"They have modesty," Asuka said, jerking her finger at her sire and his mate. "That's why they aren't rutting on the floor."

"I guess you have a point there." Touji grinned suddenly and moved to stand next to Shinji. "So you're part angel now."

"Don't you dare start," Shinji growled. "I can cancel your AT field and rip you apart now."

"Oh shit," Touji groaned. "I forgot that." Something moved off to the left and Asuka turned. She stared at the Commander's body. He was certainly dead. His organs were spilled out in front of him. His leg twitched and Asuka watched as his eyelids fluttered open.

"Uh." She was too damned shocked to speak. "Shi. . ." The corpse of the Commander sat up and turned its light-filled eyes on Asuka. "Shinji!"

"Huh? Oh shit!" Two handguns opened fire and the Commander's body jerked wildly and slumped to the ground. "Touji?"

"Yeah?" the hybrid asked as he dropped the Commander's empty pistol.

"Humans can't just come back to life, right?"

"Not without help."

"It was not the Commander," Rei said. "That was Adam's last attempt to avenge himself.

"Oh," Shinji said as he pushed his semi-auto into Asuka's hands. "Give me a hand Touji." Asuka watched as the two young men lifted the corpse by its arms and started dragging it towards the door.

"Where are we going?" Touji asked.

"To find the base's furnace," Shinji answered. "I'm going to make sure this bastard stays down."


"How can you read that crap?" Yuki smiled as she saw Touji set down the tabloid he had been reading.

"I think it's informative."

"Informative my ass," Shinji said as he sat down next to the young man. "What's in there this time?"

"Just some pictures of us and our love interests," Touji said as he opened the cheap newspaper. "They're making a big deal out of the Evangelion pilots dating."

"I wouldn't expect anything less," Shinji grumbled. Touji chuckled and set down the newspaper.

"So what are you guys doing?"

"Us three?" Shinji asked. "We're getting the fuck out of this miserable city."

"That sounds pretty good," Touji admitted. "Any idea where you're going?"

"We're hooking up with Bob and Angel in Barcelona and from there it's anyone's guess," Yuki said as she sat down. "Want to come?"

"I have a family and a girlfriend," Touji answered. "I can't just leave. Did you ask Rei?"

"Yeah," Shinji said. "She wants to stick around here for some reason."

"This place isn't too bad,' Touji argued.

"Its not the kind of place our kind prefers," Asuka said.

"And what does you kind prefer?" Touji asked.

"Bigger," Shinji said. "A lot bigger."

"And a lot more vampires for us to kill," Yuki added.

"Does Misato know you're leaving?" Touji asked.

"Yeah," Shinji said. "She wished us luck."

"You guys ever coming back?" Touji asked.

"In a century or two," Shinji said. "See you then?"

"The world is a pretty small place for those as long-lived as us," Touji said. "When are you leaving?"

"In three hours," Shinji said.

"And you're just now telling me about this?" Touji asked as he climbed to his feet.

"We just booked our flight a few minutes ago," Shinji said as he held out his hand. Touji gripped it firmly and shook it. "You have my E-mail right?"

"Yeah," Touji said. "I'll write you if anything happens."

"You do that," Shinji said as he let go of Touji's hand. Yuki leaned across the table and gave him a quick hug.

"See you in a couple hundred years Bardiel."

"If you two don't screw each other to death first," Touji said dryly. Yuki and Shinji both laughed.

"Even a millennia wouldn't make me miss you," Asuka said as she shook Touji's hand, her one pale yellow and one deep golden eye narrowing.

"Same here Red Devil," he shot back. "You guys better get going. Hikari is going to be here pretty soon and I'd like to avoid all the water works."

"Same here." Shinji said. "We have to pick up our luggage pretty soon. Security at airports is outrageous."

"How are you going to get your guns through?"

"We're NERV," Shinji said. "They can't touch us."

"Then why are you bitching about security?" Touji asked.

"He hates when things are too easy," Asuka said. "He always needs something to bitch about."

"Shut up," Shinji grumbled. "Let's get going."

"See you later," Touji called.

"Count on it," Shinji called back.



-Author's notes. And thus ends what is probably my most popular story. This was actually pretty fun to right. The only reason SC Evangelion was more fun was because I would sit in my room and play Splinter Cell to get ideas. Some people have asked me if I knew any websites and I'll give you the name of the one I studied, yes studied, before I wrote this. The website I used was werewolves.html. Its got great info on cyptozoology. Now I'm getting my lazy ass to work on An Assassin's Memories, Infantry, and the While You Were Sleeping rewrite. P.S. Be honest. Who was thinking; "What the hell does he mean by Barcelona?" when the read the title?