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Chapter 1: What is this feeling

Hiei sat in his tree wondering what was going on. Every time he saw her he got this tingling feeling inside of him. He didn't know what this felling was. "Damn ferry onna. This is all her fault" he said aloud. "What's her fault" came a reply Hiei knew all to well. Hiei switched back to the cold emotionless face that always occupied his face "Hn, what do you want Kitsune". "Koenma sent me to gather everyone up. He say's something important has come up" Kurama replied. "Hn, who cares what the toddler has to say". Hiei replied. "He says we have another mission. " "Hn. Fine. But this better be important because I got better things to do" "Like what" "Mind your own business fox" Hiei growled.

*Meanwhile at Yusuke's house*

"Where are they" Yusuke complained, "They were supposed to be here a half hour ago." "Now now Yusuke, you know how hard it is to find Hiei." "Yeah yeah whatever." Yusuke grumbled. Boton sweat dropped, then she went back to her thinking of a certain fire demon. 'Why can't I stop thinking about you. All you are is an arrogant, rude, selfish, hott fire demon' 'WHOA! Did I just use hott and Hiei in the same sentence? I must be going crazy. I wish Hiei and Kurama would hurry up.' Then a knock came at the door. Yusuke went to go answer it and everyone heard him yell "FINALLY. Now we can start the meeting". Yusuke's mom was out of town visiting realities so he had the house to himself. Everyone went into the living room. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Koenma sat on the coach leaving, much to their dismay Hiei and Botan on the loveseat. "So what's the BIG mission Koenma" Hiei said sarcastically making it known he did not want to be there. "Well...Erm... You all know how like Spirit world, Makai has kingdoms right" Everyone nodded their heads. "Well A knew kingdom has arose-" He was cut off by Yusuke " That's what you called us for a stupid kingdom in Makai has started" Yusuke practically screamed "Well if you'd let me finish I'd tell you the rest of the story." Yusuke let out a grunt. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, a new kingdom has arisen. The new king needs a queen and he has taken a liking to Boton. "WHAT!!!" everyone screamed. "yes and he's sending out demons of the new empire to capture and bring back Boton. So I'll need someone to watch her 24/7." Boton was to shocked to scream. She was trying to process what was going on. Then all of a sudden Koenma said, "I think Hiei would be best suited to watch Boton." This was too much for her. She fainted and fell to the ground.

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