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Chapter 8: Promise of Love

The day had arrived. After 3 long months of planning it was going to happen. Hiei and Botan's wedding. Now this wasn't any other wedding this was a spirit world wedding. It was different from other weddings especially since it involved a demon as the groom. (I'll give you the details later.)

Botan was extremely nervous. Even when she was alive she never married. Not to mention she was relatively new to a Spirit World Wedding. Although she was nervous she was also happy. Who wouldn't be, marrying their true love. She left early in the morning to get her hair and make-up done. Along with Yukina, who was the maid of honor, and Keiko and Shizuru, who were the bridesmaids.

Hiei was as nervous as Botan although he'd never show it. Him being that stubborn fire demon he is. He had never even heard of a wedding until Kurama had told him about it.


"Kitsune. I need to talk to you." Hiei said. "Hello to you to Hiei." Kurama replied. "Hn. I didn't come here to have a little chat. I need to ask you something." "What is it Hiei." "I want to know how to prove my love to Botan." "Oh. Well in the human world we have what are called weddings." "Weddings?" "Yes it's a ceremony where you promise love to one another." "Hn. I'm not doing some stupid ningen activity." "You don't have too." "What do you mean fox?" "Well, weddings originated from spirit world. Although some of the customs are different but the concept is the same. People who live in Spirit World have those types of weddings. Demons included." Kurama said. "Hn. Fine" and with that he left.

~End Flashback

That was 3 months ago. 'Who would have thought that I Hiei, the forbidden child would get married.' He thought. He couldn't help but smirk. After much protest Botan finally convinced Hiei to wear a tux (Scary isn't it.)

All of the guys came to Hiei and Botan's house (they kept the house). Kurama was the best man since he was Hiei's first friend. Yusuke and Kuwabara were groomsmen. Of course Botan was at Keiko's house getting ready because even in Spirit World seeing the bride before the wedding was bad luck.

Botan's dress was beautiful. It was a strapless white flowing dress that went with every curve of her body. Her hair for once was not in a ponytail like it normally is, but flowing down on her shoulders. The bridesmaid's dresses were a purplish blue (not going to get into detail about them.) After they were ready they left for the Spirit World church. It was 10:00 P.M. The wedding was to take place at midnight under the full moon. It was the tradition of all spirit world weddings. Botan couldn't wait for the wedding.

~The Wedding Ceremony~

It was 11:58 P.M. The wedding ceremony was about to begin. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man came out first. Followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Up front Hiei was extremely nervous. ' What if she doesn't show up.' He thought. Kurama sensing Hiei's distress, put a hand on Hiei's shoulder and whispered to him, "Don't worry she'll be here." That seemed to calm him down.

All of a sudden the music started to play. (The music you here when the bride comes out.) Botan came out with her father. For a Spirit World wedding it is allowed of the parents of the bride and groom to come back for that one night. So Hiei's mom was there too. He was very happy to see her, knowing that if it had been up to her, he would have never been cast off of Koorime. So he had no hard feelings towards her.

Once Hiei saw Botan, his breath got caught in his throat. He knew she was beautiful but never had she looked so breath-taking. She had just came up to next to Hiei and her father took his seat. The moon was right above them and the clock stuck at exactly 12:00. The wedding ceremony began. The priest said the same stuff that you would hear at a normal wedding. Then the priest said "As tradition in Spirit World when a demon marries he must mark his mate. Thus doing this the couple will be together for all eternity." Hiei bent over to the spot where he would mark her but not before whispering "Together forever." Botan couldn't help but smile as she repeated "Together forever." With that said he made his mark claiming Botan as his mate for all eternity.

"I love you Botan." Hiei said. "And I love you Hiei." Botan replied. All of a sudden the church erupted with applause while he got pats on the back by all of his friends. Then Hiei picked up Botan (Bridal style obviously) and took off with her using his super speed to their house. When he got there he went to their bedroom shut the door and locked it.

The End

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