Eliza's life (part 1)(D.O.V)

I guess this is going to be in chapters I tried not to because it can be a pain but

I guess its ok because I know most of you like my stories anyway here is chapter 1 enjoy!!! This chapter is basically on Debbie because Eliza is a baby and this is kinda how Debbie handles it not to well.

Mainly because she well. feels left out a bit so I guess so she has a huge problem the first 2 months of Eliza's life when she gets all of the attention.

or so Debbie thinks. Interesting huh? Read and find out how it goes. have fun!!!

I'm in the waiting room with my grandparents, waiting for my sister to be born. It is around 5:00 P.M. and it is getting really late and I'm tired. Grandma has been trying to keep me busy the last 5 hrs. We have been in and out of mommy and daddy's room but that even got boring.

I asked why she wasn't born yet and but grandma and grandpa went on about it can take a really long time so I just tuned them out and put on my favorite song. In 3 hrs. I wanted to go home so bad but they said a few more minutes. Well they were right 10 more minutes and I heard a baby I knew it was my sister.

I started jumping up and down yelling "My sisters here!" "My sisters here!" I couldn't believe it I finally had a little sister.

My grandparents and me walked into their room, I was so excited yet nervous because I didn't know what to expect. When I walked in I saw mommy holding her and daddy next to them, I got up on mommy's bed to see the baby.

I had to be very careful and I was told by daddy that "I wouldn't be able to play with her for awhile but I can be a big help". I loved the sound of that, I can baby-sit, help feed her, and change her dippy, I thought it was the best thing in the world. Even though I couldn't name her but Daddy says

"we named her after my great-grandma Elizabeth".

I've heard of her but who is she?

Oh well. Well my sister has been home for 2 months now and she is getting really annoying.

She wakes me up in the middle of the night because she is so hungry or at least that's her excuse because she want's all of the attention she is hogging all of the attention its no fair. Mommy and Daddy don't care about me all they care about is her.

(Starts crying) Uh-oh mommy's coming I think she heard me. (Sniffs) "Debbie are you ok?"

"Yes I'm fine I must've just had a bad dream and it scared me that much." She started telling me about it. "Its ok Debbie it was just a bad dream." I still felt like telling her what was wrong so I tried. "Mommy?" "What is it honey?" but I stumbled half way through. " Well I uh. um.

Never mind it was just a bad dream." I just wish this all was a bad dream. she started telling me that dreams aren't real and they can't hurt me. I believe every word she has to say to me but I still felt that she didn't love me anymore because of Eliza.

Later that morning she had that look in her eyes that something else was wrong besides a bad dream. Well Eliza could be cute when she wanted to be but normally she would be pestering me or something else.

She was cute when she was sleeping which she does that a lot.

I feel like mommy and daddy don't want me to play with her either everytime I try to pick her up mommy or daddy will try to show me the proper way to do it because she could get hurt.

Daddy does let me help feed her I get to hold her bottle and she does slurp it faster then I can slurp spagetti that is amazing.

Eliza will not stop crying and it is getting very annoying, after awhile mommy put her down

She was really cute when she was sleeping which she does that a lot. I feel like mommy and daddy doesn't want me to play with her either. Every time I try to pick her up mommy or daddy will try and show me the proper way to do it because she could get hurt.

Daddy does let me help feed her I get to hold the bottle and sometimes even her.

He puts her the way she needs to be and shows me how to do the bottle and she slurps it faster then I could ever slurp spaghetti that is amazing.

Eliza will not stop crying and that is getting very annoying, after awhile mommy put her down and that made Eliza quiet for awhile.

I had to ask the question if they still love me. It doesn't seem like it they are way to busy for me trying to keep Eliza quiet. She gets every bit of attention and I have to go Pre-school in the mornings.

At school that morning I just started crying and I was in the corner. My friends came up to me and asked me what was wrong, I couldn't tell them what was wrong it would scare them. They must've went and gotten the teacher because she came up to me and wondered what was wrong?

"Debbie whats wrong?" and i just let it all go,

"Mommy doesn't love me anymore! She's to busy!, she hates me!by that time I was kicking and screaming on the floor. My teacher was trying to calm me down but it wasn't helping .

I was so mad yet scared at the same time because I knew what was to come when I get home.

"Debbie, Debbie, stop it right now. whats the matter?

I started crying all over again on the floor."What do you mean your parents hate you?" she said. they do they just do and I can't talk about it.

Everyone at this time was crowded around me. My teacher did get them to not to bother me and she did leave after ahwile and did let me sit herre by myself. Mommy came to pick me up hrs.

later and didn't yell or punish me like I thought she would but she did put me in the corner for an hr.

then did talk to me for why I acted that way.

"Debbie why are you acting like this? she asked me.

Your teacher said that you were yelling and screaming. What was that all about? Its just not like you to act that way." At that time I knew there was no turning around because it wasn't helping at all to ignore it.

I tried and it finally came and I started to talk through sobs, I think she was listening. "Mommy" I started "you guys don't love me anymore,

all you care about and even think about is Eliza. She has to have all of the attention" by now I was getting mad but she still listened "I want to play with her and hold her but you won't let me hold her, you hate me!

I started crying all the more "and when I go to bed she starts crying and gets the attention while I lay there sad you don't even look at me.

I was afraid that I was really going to get into trouble after that but she seemed to understand how I felt.

She's really good at that you know?Anyways she started talking "Debbie" she began"you know we would never forget about you we love both of you equally.

I understand howyou would feel but we have Eliza now and she is going to need alot of attention.

We talked about that before she was born.

I know its hard but you have to understand that, and that we will never stop loving either of you. Do you understand?"

Then I replied "yes I do" then she said "that was good and said I could come out of the room if I wanted to"I just decided I was bored enough and left the room besides I was hungry

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