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Summery:  This story basically picks up where the fifth book left off, when Harry is leaving the station.  The Order of the Phoenix gains some new members, and an interesting object is revealed at number twelve, Grimmauld Place.


As Harry left King's Cross Station with the Dursleys he couldn't help but feel slightly happier after seeing all of the people that loved him waiting for him when he got off the train.  Harry cringed. 

All but one.    Harry thought to himself.  He missed Sirius, and had a tough time cheering himself up.  His last week at Hogwarts had been miserable.  He had  a hard time thinking about what happened, and it came as a shock to him that Ron and Hermione at least weren't feeling as depressed as he had been.  But then Harry reasoned with himself, they didn't know Sirius as well as you did.  Nobody did.  Harry was becoming sadder then ever thinking about it, so as he got into Uncle Vernon's car, he cast his mind around for something to cheer him up.    He heard his aunt and uncle talking.

"Honestly Vernon.  In a public station!  Did you see the way people were staring!"

Uncle Vernon was growling under his breath. Harry caught phrases such as, " …the nerve…those weirdoes…threatening my family…stupid boy…"

"And did you see the…the woman…with the purple hair?" Aunt Petunia said, obviously disgusted. 

This suddenly brought a slight smile to Harry's lips as he remembered the scene his friends had made at King's Cross.  He also felt slightly happier when he recalled the look of horror on his uncle's face when he had caught sight of Moody's eye.

"I think," Harry said trying to hide his grin. "You should not refer to my friends as weirdoes."

"And why not boy?" growled Uncle Vernon loudly.

"Well" stated Harry even more loudly, "As that would make me unhappy you see.  And as I'm sure you heard very well, they will find out if I'm unhappy."

"What's that supposed to mean boy?"  asked Uncle Vernon. Harry could tell that he was trying to mask his fear, however Harry could see his uncle's face starting to redden, and his aunt pale next to him.

"I am just saying that if they find out that I am being mistreated it might make them a bit angry."  said Harry beginning to enjoy his advantage. "And you might not want to see some of the most powerful witches and wizards in the world angry."

Uncle Vernon's face went from purple to red, Aunt Petunia gave a little sniff, and Dudley shivered beside him.  Harry allowed himself to become a tiny bit happy for the first time in a week. 


Two days later Harry awoke to an owl twittering madly above his head.  He woke up grudgingly, and felt around for his glasses so he could see what was going on.  As soon as he had them on, a familiar owl came into focus.  Harry recognized him in an instant as the owl that Sirius had given to Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley at the end of their third year.  He shook the thoughts of Sirius out of his head, and relieved the owl of the burden on its leg.  Pig soared happily around the room, collided with the window, and finally made his way out of it.  Harry unrolled a letter, and began to read.


Sorry I can't say too much in this letter mate in case it

gets intercepted, but we are going to Snuffles' house

in London in a week.  Hermione's meeting us there. 

Dumbledore said that you might be able to join us

 soon.  Mum is trying her best to get him to agree. 

Hope the muggles are treating you well, mate.  We

think you might find an article in this paper quite


You will never guess what happened yesterday mate.

Percy came running back to our family with a load of

dung about how sorry he said those things to dad, and

that he was just trying to do his job, and he never meant

and of what he said.  MUM AND DAD FORGAVE HIM!

I most certainly won't.  Ginny, Fred and George haven't

either.  I can't believe what a git he is!  Anyway mate, i hope

I see you in a week or two, as being stuck with Percy is quite




P.S. Dumbledore says that you might like to have tea with your

old babysitter soon, as it could prove interesting.  I dunno what

that's about, but it can't be too horrible right?

Harry looked at this letter quickly wondering if Ron had meant Mrs. Figg.  He then turned attention to the article on the front page of the Daily Prophet.  He scanned it quickly until a headline grabbed attention.  His eyes widened.


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