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Chapter 15 Return of the Army

The next morning at breakfast Harry, Neville, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all walked down to the Great hall and sat together. Harry could feel eyes on him as he crossed the hall. Hermione passed their schedules down to them all. Harry took his, and set it down without looking at it. He had no need to at the moment, for Ron had gotten his a split second before Harry, and let out a loud groan.

"Potions," he said scowling. "We have potions first."

As Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way down to the dungeons, they bade goodbye to Ginny who had Care of Magical Creatures, and Neville who had Muggle Studies. He wasn't taking potions, as he didn't score high enough on his OWLs. They walked along, feeling depressed at starting the term with Potions. Ron and Hermione were had been acting odd around him since the night before. This thought just made him feel worse.

"I can't believe we have Potions. The thought of seeing Snape makes me want to kill something," said Ron moaning. Harry was about to reply that he thought so to, but Hermione elbowed Ron in the ribs.

"You're being insensitive," she whispered. Ron instantly looked guilty.

They walked into Snape's class, and took their usual seats in the back of the room, and waited. A few moments later Snape glided in with his black robes billowing behind him as he slammed the door and strode up to the desk. He took role, and then when he had finished he looked around at the class, which was a combination of all four houses. It was everyone that had gotten the proper score.

"Well class," Snape began, glaring at everyone but Draco Malfoy and a few other Slytherins whom Harry was sure couldn't have gotten an O on their OWLs. "I don't know how so many of you wormed your way into this class, but I assure you it will be difficult, and I will wont have any sympathy should you fail, as it will most likely be your fault." He sneered around at the class again. "Just to test your undoubtedly terrible potions skills, we will be brewing a potion that should be fairly easy for you dunderheads to comprehend. We are making a pepperup potion. Those select few whose potion is actually up to O standards will have your batch go to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey has been low on supplies. The instructions are on the board. Begin."

With a wave of his wand, the instructions were indeed on the board.

"I can't stand him," grumbled Ron, getting out his ingredients.

"This is not a simple potion," stated Hermione matter-of-factly, before switching to a more worried tone. "What does he think he's playing at, letting Madam Pomfrey use our potions? It's only our first time making them. We could cause somebody to get very sick, or worse."

Ron gave her a significant look, and Hermione looked apologetically at Harry, before lowering her head to chop her Scarab beetle. Harry was getting irritated that they were treating him like a child. He had dealt with the news of the prophecy all summer, and everyone still acted normal around him. Harry continued to make his potion silently, not wanting to talk to either Ron or Hermione at the moment. Suddenly Harry saw a shadow appear over his cauldron, and he looked up, and met the cold black eyes of Professor Snape.

"Potter, your scarab beetles are supposed to be cubed not sliced. I understand that you believe yourself to be above mortal rules Potter, given your gene pool, however I shall not tolerate your inability to follow directions in this class. Understand me Potter?" Snape sneered at him as Harry fumed. Snape knew he had hit a soft spot by slipping in the remark about Harry's father. This caused his lip to curl, and turn into an even bigger sneer.

"Yes," replied Harry scowling, and clenching and unclenching his fists.

"Potter, I believe we have discussed this before, but do to your poor mental capacity, I shall review this one more time," said Snape. "While attending Hogwarts I expect you to address me as Sir or Professor at all times. Have you managed to grasp that yet Potter?"

"Yes," replied Harry defiantly, throwing Snape a look of utmost loathing that was being sent right back at him.

"20 points from Gryffindor Potter, for showing deliberate disrespect to a teacher. Is that clear?" asked Snape menacingly.

"Crystal," replied Harry with gritted teeth. He then remembered that he didn't want to loose anymore points from Gryffindor so he added quickly at the end, "sir."

The rest of Potions went by in the same manner. Snape was being his usual bitter self to everyone not in his own house, and would throw looks of loathing to Harry whenever he could. He walked around the room, making many sixth years nervous, and never failed to stop by Harry, Ron, and Hermione's table and tell them everything that they had done wrong. Hermione and Ron on the other hand, treated him like he was a piece of glass the rest of the period.

When the bell sounded Harry hurriedly packed up his things and left with Ron and Hermione trailing behind him. "Harry slow down!" cried Hermione, as she and Ron frantically tried to keep up with him.

"Harry, what's up mate?" asked Ron, as Harry walked straight to Charms, not looking back.

"I just wanted to make it to Charms on time," replied Harry coolness evident in his voice. Harry entered the Charms room, and found three open seats in the middle. He sat down and began pulling his wand and some parchment out of his bag. He didn't speak to Ron and Hermione until the rest of the class had filed into the room. He opened his mouth, about to say something, but closed it again as Professor Flitwick entered the room and asked them all to 'quiet down please.' Flitwick stood on his pile of books, and began the class after throwing a sympathetic look at Harry. This act made Harry's temper flare again. He knew that Professor Flitwick had just been sympathetic after what had happened last term, as Flitwick didn't know about the prophecy, but Harry was so sick of people treating him like glass that this didn't matter to him at the moment.

Harry tried to tune back into Flitwick's lecture on how important this class was now that they were taking it for N.E.W.T.s. Harry looked sideways, and saw Hermione drinking in every word, and frantically scribbling notes, while Ron merely watched her with a strange look in his eyes that Harry didn't have the energy to decipher. After Flitwick had finished the lecture, he told them that they would spend the next few days on the shield charm, as they would need it for the next charm they would learn.

Harry looked around the room at the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws. He noticed that members of the DA scattered throughout the room were smirking, as Harry had taught them all how to do it last year. They spent the lesson practicing, and Harry couldn't help notice with a twinge of pride, that everyone who had been in the DA last year left without homework, while other students were having a bit more of a difficult time.

After Charms, Harry and the others made their way down to the Great Hall for lunch. Harry's spirits couldn't help but be lifted as Ginny sat down right next to him. Neville, sitting across from him smirked at Harry who in return shot him a glare. The rest of the lunch hour went in peace as they were all very happy. The sixth years, since they weren't taking as many classes, had a free period after lunch every other day, and today was their first one. The days in which they didn't have a free period were filled with three double periods, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. The third one was split in two. They would go to a class for the first half of the period, then they would be dismissed when the lunch bell rang. After lunch they would return to said class for the second half of their period.

When lunch ended, they bid goodbye to Ginny as she hurried off with Luna and a few other friends to her next class. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were debating over what to do on their free period, when Snape walked by. When he saw them he stopped and sneered.

"Loitering when we should be getting work done Potter?" asked Snape. "That will be 10 points from Gryffindor."

"We have a free period," growled Harry before adding, "professor."

"Dear dear, I'm afraid that will be another 10 points for talking back to a teacher Potter," sneered Snape. "I am well aware that you think yourself to be above everyone else Potter, as we've already discussed this morning, however I will not tolerate you being rude to your elders."

He wasn't being rude sir!" said Neville a bit too aggressively.

Snape spun around. "I didn't ask for your pathetic opinion Longbottom," said Snape in a dangerous voice. "15 points from Gryffindor."

Snape strode off, leaving Harry and the others fuming, as Harry led the way to the Gryffindor common room. When they entered the portrait hole, Hermione lost her temper.

"That was awful of him to treat you like that, Harry!" she shouted. "And you Neville! I can't believe after everything that as happened he can still be that foul."

Ron was nodding in agreement, and opened his mouth to agree with her, however, snapped it shut when Harry glared at them. This was the last straw for him. Neville was looking a bit edgy as well, but not nearly as bad as Harry.

"THAT'S IT!" bellowed Harry, startling everyone. "I'M SICK OF EVERYONE I MEET TODAY TREATING ME LIKE GLASS; LIKE I'M GOING TO BREAK! ALL BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN PROPHECY. THIS IS WHY I DIDN'T WANT TO TELL ANYONE! BECAUSE I KNEW YOU'D ALL REACT LIKE THIS!" Harry was in a towering temper now, so much that he didn't even care that he was venting it all out on his friends. Although, he reminded himself, they had been treating him differently as well. He paused to take a breath before continuing on, at a slightly lower volume, but shouting none the less.

"At least Snape was treating me normally! Unfortunately for me, Snape treating me normally means being as foul as possible, but still…he hasn't treated me any different since last night. You two are acting like I'm going to crumble every time someone says the word death! Flitwick was the same way! I knew about the prophecy a half an hour after I got back from the ministry in June, and I've been fine all summer! What in the bloody hell makes you think that changes now that other people know about it?! Because let me tell you now…IT DOESN'T! Everything was normal before I said anything last night and I'd prefer it to stay normal!"

With that, Harry stormed up to the boy's dormitories, leaving a speechless Ron and Hermione with an understanding Neville. Harry needed that bit of shouting to let out all the frustration that had been mounting since yesterday afternoon. He threw himself down onto his four poster and began to clear his mind of everything like Dumbledore taught him to.

Back in the common room Hermione burst into tears, and Ron flopped back into a chair.

"I don't get it," said Ron. "What did we do wrong?"

Neville bit his lip. "Harry's right you know. He didn't have a problem over the summer and he knew about the prophecy, and he won't now."

"We just don't want to remind him of it all the time. We're trying to help," sniffed Hermione.

"But by dodging the subject, it serves as a constant reminder of what lays ahead. That's not something either of us want to think about now. As much as I regret to say it, Snape understands that, which is why he is being as bitter as usual. Harry wants to return to normal," said Neville sighing.

We didn't mean it," said Ron.

"I know, and he knows too, but it still hurts all the same. How about you try and make this year as normal as last year. What was something he liked doing last year?" asked Neville.

"Well," said Ron after a while. "He was happy with Cho…"

"Yea but you know that won't work, since he-" began Neville, but was cut off when Ron began coughing very loudly, and nodded his head toward Hermione. Neville stopped talking immediately. He was sure Harry would kill them if Hermione found out he liked Ginny.

"Since he what?" asked Hermione raising her eyebrows.

"Nothing," said Ron and Neville at the same time.

"Think of something else," said Ron. All three teens at and thought for a moment, before Hermione leapt out of her seat.

"I know," she said excitedly. She sprinted up the stairs to the girls' dormitories, while Ron shouted after her.

"That was a great idea Hermione! I'm so glad you told us!"

Five minutes later, she reappeared with several sheets of parchment and a quill. She set them down on a table, and muttered, "This is perfect."

"What is perfect?" asked Ron impatiently, as he and Neville made their way over to her. She ruffled through the blank parchment until she found one with writing on it. She handed it to Neville and Ron. As they saw what it was, their eyes widened in understanding.

"Brilliant," whispered Neville in awe. "I thought this sheet was destroyed."

"It was, but I made a copy, just in case," said Hermione. "We've got some letters to write though."

At the end of the free period, Harry descended the stairs. Hermione hastily shoved a few things in her bag, and Ron and Neville did the same. Harry wondered what they were keeping from him, and began to get angry again. Hermione, sensing this, started talking.

"Harry listen, we're sorry about before, and I understand why you got mad. I promise we'll try to treat you normally from now on," she apologized.

"Yeah, me too mate," said Ron. "If you have a problem with something though, you can always just tell us. Okay?"

"Thanks guys," replied Harry. "I'm sorry I shouted. I didn't mean to take everything out on you."

With that Harry left the break feeling much happier than he had when it began.

Care of Magical Creatures wasn't a class that Harry needed to be an Auror; however, he didn't feel like it would be a boost to Hagrid's confidence if he dropped the class. Hermione and Ron felt the same way, so they had all signed up for it. Today Hagrid surprised them all with a serious lecture on how important this year was. When he was done, he led them all around back of his house to a pen, and Harry's jaw dropped when he saw what was inside.

The very same sphinx that had been in the maze at the end of his fourth year was sitting in this pen! After the shock of everyone else had worn off, and the girls had stopped squealing about how pretty it was, Hagrid gave them a surprisingly good lesson on sphinxes. The only drawback was that he also gave them a foot long essay on why sphinxes were used by the Egyptians to guard tombs.

Harry was thinking about how interesting their day had been as he went to bed that night.

Harry and Ron were walking back from Quidditch practice. It was slightly dark out now, and both boys had a load of homework to be getting back to. Harry reached into his pocket to light his wand, as the darkness was increasing. When his hand went into his pocket, however, all he could feel was lint.

"Damn it," said Harry. "Ron, I can't find my wand."

"Maybe you left it in the changing room," suggested Ron, although he looked worried. Both boys doubled back to the changing rooms. When they entered, everything was dark. Harry looked around, and started to make his way over to the benches where he had been earlier that evening. When he got there, he was just wishing he could see when he heard a voice say 'lumos'

"Thanks mate," Harry said to Ron at the same time that Ron said;

"You've found your wand then?"

"That wasn't me," replied both Harry and Ron at the same time. Harry turned to Ron.

"Then who was it?" he asked, beginning to feel slightly edgy. There was someone else in the changing room besides them.

"It was me," said a feminine voice from behind them. Harry and Ron spun around, as looked up into a woman's face.

"It's good to see you again Harry," she said.

Harry woke up with a start. He wondered who had been in the changing rooms. The wand light in his dream wasn't bright enough to see clearly who the person was. He was aching to go back to sleep to see if he could find out their identity. After five minutes of trying to fall asleep, Harry heard the rest of his roommates began to stir, and gave up.
By midday, Harry had forgotten about his dream. This was however, partially due to the fact that he had just left Defense Against the Dark Arts, where he had received the shock of his life.

They had all lined up outside of the Defense room, when the door sprung open, and Tonks' face appeared, beckoning them all inside. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all gaped. The rest of the class had all merely filed in, thinking anyone was better than Umbridge, and not really caring who her replacement was. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all took seats in the first three seats, right in front of her desk. She was in her natural state today, with blonde hair and fair skinned face and a few scattered freckles. When the class had settled down, Tonks began to speak.

"Hello class!" she said brightly. My name is Professor Tonks, and I'll be teaching you Defense this year. Now before I take roll, I want to tell you all a bit about myself. I'm 25 years old (AN just a guess.) and I am an Auror for the Ministry of Magic and-"

Tonks broke off at the grumbling from the class. Harry felt a bit nervous, because the class did not seem to be warming up to Tonks, but she didn't look concerned. Instead she just grinned and continued.

"And a friend of Fred and George Weasley." She stopped to enjoy the effects of her words. The class had immediately ceased grumbling, and was looking at her with interest. Any friend of Fred and George couldn't be all bad after all.

"You're friends with the Weasleys?" asked Dean loudly.

"Of course," replied Tonks. "Just ask Ron here."

"Hey!" exclaimed Harry, Neville, and Hermione at once.

"Oh yes," smiled Tonks. "And Harry, Hermione and Neville. How could I forget?"

Harry snorted. This seemed to settle the classes' nerves at any rate.

"Now, I've spoken with a few of your old professors, and I have the notes in front of me on everything you have learned after from since your first year." She picked up a piece of parchment and ruffled through it. "I see, in your first year, you covered a few of the basics,"

The class said nothing.

"In your second year you learned a lot about the adventures of Gilderoy Lockhart,"

There were scattered snickers heard throughout the classroom.

"In your third year you were brought up to date on Dark creatures, by my good friend professor Lupin,"

There was scattered applause at this, as Lupin had easily been everyone's favorite teacher.

"In your fourth year, you learned about many curses and hexes from an imposter Moody,"

There were murmurs at this.

"And in your fifth year, you learned how to best skive off this class, with help from the Weasley twins." Tonks grinned.

The class laughed, and clapped.

"And this year, you will be learning Concealment and Disguise, and a bit of Defense."

"Concealment and disguise? How's that going to help us any?" asked Lavender. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville exchanged smirks.

"Well," began Tonks, walking over to Lavender. She closed her eyes for a moment, and before Harry could blink, she was the exact replica of Parvati Patil. "It can be very useful to disguise yourself so others, namely Dark Wizards, won't recognize you for who you are. Also excellent for gossiping purposes." Lavender and Parvati jumped back, and the rest of the class gasped in awe.

"I am a metamorphagus, meaning I can change my appearance at will. Every class period I may look different, depending on my mood. For example," she closed her eyes again, and her hair turned bright and shiny red. "I could look like this. Or on Halloween I may look like this." She screwed up her face again, and turned into a comical form of Umbridge with an exceptionally toad-like face, a huge hairy wart on her neck, and a pig like nose. The class howled with laughter at this.

Harry felt the class had gone particularly well, and the students seemed to warm up to Tonks. After that he had gone to Transfiguration where they began with a speech, and review of the previous year.

The week went by all too slowly for Harry, and he was extremely happy when Friday finally came. As they were sitting in the great hall for dinner, Hermione casually mentioned that she had stumbled across something interesting on the way to her Arithmacy class, and wanted to show everyone. Ginny and Neville excused themselves, saying they had to visit the library.

"Oh well, it'll just be us then, Harry," said Ron brightly. Harry wondered why they were all acting so strange, however said nothing, as Malfoy had just entered the hall and shot Harry a nasty smirk, and Harry had dislodged himself from the conversation as he glared back at him.

Half an hour later Harry found himself following Ron with Hermione in the lead, walking down towards the kitchens. Harry had only a moment to realized that they were no were near the Arithmacy section of the school. Harry had just begun to realize where they were headed. The Room of Requirement.

"Herms, why are we-" Harry was cut off when Hermione cut him off.

"Harry, Ron and I have a surprise for you. I'm pretty sure you'll like it, but if you don't than I'm really really sorry. We were just trying to help." Hermione broke off looking somewhat apprehensive. She closed her eyes, opened them and walked right up to the Room of Requirement. It was then that Harry realized that there must already be people in there because the door was clearly visible and none of them had made three laps in front of it yet.

"I think that there are other people using this room Hermione."

"Well, lets find out whom then, shall we?" voiced Ron reaching out and opening the door. As soon as he opened it, Harry heard a murmur of voices that died down in an instant. "Let's go." Harry was about to ask what they were up too, since everything was looking rather suspicious at the moment. As soon as he entered the room however, he knew exactly what was going on and he couldn't believe his eyes.

Harry entered the Room of Requirements, and saw the faces of every D.A. member left at Hogwarts looking back at him.

Harry absolutely couldn't believe his eyes. They were all back. Ron and Hermione had walked over to Neville and Ginny. Harry noted that everyone in the room was looking at him tentatively, rather than expectantly as they all had the previous year in the Hogs Head. Harry chose to ignore the eyes following him as he made his way through the silent room to where Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny were all standing.

"Guys, what-" Harry began as soon as he reached them. Hermione however, cut him off.

"Look Harry, we wanted to do something for you, and we remembered how much you loved teaching the D.A. last year, and there seemed to be quite a few people who were still interested in learning."

"Please Harry," pleaded Ernie Macmillian. "We would love to be able to learn spells from someone who has actual experience, rather than someone like Fudge." A few others nodded and murmured their agreement. Cho, whom Harry was quite startled to see in the crowd, yet impressed with her bravery to actually show up, looked directly at him and spoke.

"After seeing what you did on the train ride here, I think that I speak for everyone when I say we want to have you teach us how to fight like you did. Not just the spells, but the skill you have in the face of danger."

Harry looked around as everyone in the room waited for an answer, before turning around to Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Ginny. At the sight of Ginny's hopeful face, his heart melted and he turned around and looked at the rest of the D.A.

"I'll do it," Harry announced. Everyone began to clap and Harry had to wait until they were done before he resumed speaking. "I'll do it on one condition."

Everyone became quiet as they listened to what Harry's condition might be. "What?" someone asked.

"That Neville helps me," replied Harry.

"Me?" asked Neville nervously at the same time as Zacharias Smith chose to react.

"Him?" cried Zacharias Smith, who looked as though he couldn't believe his ears.

Harry resisted the urge to glare at Smith, and instead turned to Neville, who was standing next to a mildly surprised looking Ron and Hermione. "Yes, you. You know for a fact that you are just as good as me, and you proved it on the train last week. I'm not going to do this unless you help me."

Neville looked around the room for a moment, eyes resting on Luna Lovegood for a while longer than was necessary, Harry noted with a slight smirk, before turning around and looking at Harry.

"I'll help you," Neville stated finally.

"Well I suppose then, we should begin. My first question is 'do all of you have your D.A. galleons?'"

There was a murmur of general assent. "Good. I think also that it would probably be a good idea to continue to keep this a secret, because if too many people try to join we won't be able to teach them. Also, it wouldn't be as fun." Harry grinned.

"Do you have any questions then?" asked Harry.

"Are we going to learn unforgivables?" asked Susan Bones quietly. Every head in the room turned toward him, and looked surprised to hear the question, but looked even more eager to hear Harry's answer.

Harry looked at her for a moment. He wondered if this question would come up. He knew how to do it of course, however he wasn't sure if he would keep Dumbledore's trust if he taught a group of his students to kill and torture. Harry and Neville knew how of course, as they had been taught by Moody because it would be a skill that was inevitable for them in battle.

"I dunno if that's a great idea," whispered Neville coming up besides him.

"I know," replied Harry in a whisper. "I was thinking it may be good if we could teach them to resist imperious though. It's always good to know."

"Not till the end of the year though," replied Neville.

"Alright," Harry spoke to the group, all of whom, including Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, were all watching them with interest. "I'll answer that as best I can. Neville and I aren't going to teach you how to kill and torture others-"

"Oh please," said Zacharias Smith. "Neither of them know how. Otherwise, why would they not teach us how to take out Dark Wizards?"

Hermione looked visibly relieved for a moment, and the rest of the D.A. didn't know what to think. Harry's expression hardened, as did Neville's.

"Unfortunatly Smith, I do know how to do the unforgivables, as does Neville, having both been trained by some fairly decent Aurors. Therefore that is not the reason I'm not showing them to you. There are many reasons, one of them being that the three unforgivables are Dark Arts. I don't approve of the Dark Arts, incase you haven't figured that out already."

"Nor do I," added Neville, regaining some confidence as he glared at Smith. "The Dark Arts are the reason why neither Harry nor I have any parents. Do you think we're going to teach those skills to even more people? There is one thing we may teach you however, as it may come in useful. That is how to throw the Imperious Curse."

"If any of you remember back to Moody's class two years ago, you'll remember that he attempted to teach us all how, but no one really grasped it. With Death Eaters about, it will be an excellent skill to have." Harry paused for a moment before resuming speaking. "Neville and I are pretty good at it, and are perfectly able to teach you. That is however, as far into the Dark Arts we will go."

"Is it true what you said in the Quibbler last year? That You-Know-Who put the Imperious Curse on you?" asked Terry Boot.

"Yes," replied Harry. "Everything you read in the Quibbler last year in my interview was true."

"You threw off his curse then?" asked Anthony Goldstein in awe.

"Yes," replied Harry again. "The first thing you must learn though, is that by calling Lord Voldemort You-Know-Who, you're letting him win. You'll never be able to fight him or his Death Eaters if you can't say his name."

No one said anything at this.

"I suppose then, we should start with the patronus charm, as that's what we ended with last year I think," said Harry. There was a murmur of excitement that ran around the room at this announcement. "Divide into partners please. You remember the incantation is Expecto Patronum. You have to think up a happy thought that will repel the dementors. Have this thought in mind when you say the charm. Neville and I will walk around and help you."

Neville and Harry walked around and attempted to help people conjure up a charm. Some were having more difficulty than others. Harry was helping Colin Creevy who seemed to only be able to get a wisp of smoke, when Neville came up to him and told him it was nearly nine o'clock. Harry called the meeting to an end and told everyone they were free to go. Harry, Hermione, Neville, Ron, Luna, and Ginny were the last five to go. Harry was feeling good about the restarting of the D.A. until Hermione brought up a topic he would rather have avoided.

"Harry, do you really know how to do the unforgivables?" asked Hermione.

"Unfortunatly yes, but I don't intend on ever using them again," replied Harry.

"Again?" asked Luna, who was following them. All of the others looked at him, except Neville, who explained.

"We had to use them this summer, but we never used them on humans, or any other living things, but…" He trailed off, looking at Harry. He was the only one Harry had told about using the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix.

"But what?" asked Ginny, looking from Harry to Neville.

Harry couldn't look at her. He kept his gaze at the stone floor of the Entrance Hall they had just entered.

"Oh my God Harry, what happened?" asked Hermione with a sudden realization.

"I-" Harry began.. He took a deep breath and continued. "I used 'Cruciatus' on a human before."

"Who?" asked Luna, seeming less dreamy than normal.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, replied Harry. "In the Department of Mysteries after she killed Sirius. I wasn't thinking."

They were all silent for a few moments. They said a glum goodbye to Luna as she made her way down to the Ravenclaw common room.

"I wish we could write to Umbridge and tell her about the return of Dumbledore's Army," said Ron, clearly trying to lighten the mood. Everyone managed to laugh at this, and they spent the rest of the walk back to the common room talking about the return if the Army. Dumbledore's Army was back.

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