Everybody has secrets. Some more serious than others. I keep my secrets from everyone. My pain. My life. I show the world what they want to see. No one ever knew the truth. I write this now to tell the truth. Tell that I couldn't stand the life I so pretended to love. Couldn't stand the father I pretended to idolize.
Life had never been kind to me. Not once. Not Ever. I spent my life trying to gain the acceptance of my parents. Though I seemed unable to do so. If I did something wrong my father punished me. I remember the nights I spent locked in the dungeons of the manor after father used the cruciatous on me. I remember the times that it was used on me merely to teach me not to show pain.
When I started at Hogwarts I thought that maybe I could escape him. Perhaps things would turn for the better. I can't believe how wrong I was. If anything things only got worse. I tried to befriend Potter at the beginning of my first year though that didn't seem to work out. My failures because of him earned me more beatings from my father.
I watched them tonight. Potter, the Weasel and the Mudblood. And I realize what I've been missing all along. While I was running. Hiding from my father. I missed out on a friendship that I could have had. One I will never have.
But I have finally found a way to ease the pain. I've found a place where my father can never force me to do anything ever again. Where the beatings and the pain cannot follow me. Where I can leave everything behind and be free.
If I cannot have acceptance and love I will settle for freedom.

A blond haired boy set down his quill as he sat on the floor in the prefect's bathroom. He laid his parchment on the ground and slowly reached for a gleaming dagger that lay by his leg. His hair fell into his silver eyes and he quickly brushed it away.
Candles flickered not far away and the light from the flames caused shadows to dance across the young man's face. If one looked into his eyes all that was seen was despair, regret and...pain. A look that had begun to constantly lay in his eyes since the beginning of his seventh year.
He gripped the dagger tightly in his fist and brought the blade across the smooth flesh of his other wrist and watched as blood spilled from the wound and dripped onto the parchment that lay at his side. Quickly moving the paper aside he brought the blade down toward the open gash once more and deepened it, allowing the crimson substance to soak the sleeves of his emerald robes.
Slowly he moved the dagger into his now bloodstained hand and, with a great amount of effort, brought the blade down on his other wrist a faint smile playing across his lips as he watched the crimson blood flow.
The blond stared absently into the flame of one of the flickering candles. Deftly he lifted the dagger once more and lifted it to his throat and, giving one last look into the mirror beside him, brought the blade across the smooth skin allowing blood to seep down his throat and drip onto the floor.
Nothing mattered to him anymore. He didn't care that in the morning a very shocked brunette would find him laying on the cold stone floor of the prefects bathroom. He didn't care that she was the friend of his arch rival and would never be the same afterward. He didn't care that right now his father was getting ready to come to the school the next day for one of his visits.
He could feeling himself slipping into darkness. The feeling was wonderful to him. A release. An escape. Draco Malfoy would leave everything behind. His troubles. His pain. He finally had the one thing he wanted.


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