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A/N: This chapter is an entry in Don Simon's Journal. Yes, I am quite aware that vampires should not keep journals, for fear of being discovered. Please, no flames about this.

I see her every night, I even talk to her. But she doesn't talk to me. She doesn't notice me. She looks right through me. But how can she notice me? Almost no one even knows of my existence. I hide in the shadows.

I talk to her while she's asleep. I sing her songs I once heard. Some are from her time, some from mine.

Sometimes she wakes up while I am singing to her, and I must hide. She must not know of me yet. They all do, the Asher's, eventually. I swore to protect them, and how can I protect them properly if they know nothing of me. I swore to protect the Asher's. Professor James Asher asked it of me. A promise no one knew of in return for a bit of help for myself and the others like me that abide in London.

But I never dreamed it would lead to this. This is a human feeling, and I am not human. I was once, but have not been for a long time. Nor will I ever again be human.

I wish that she could know of me. But not yet. I have just over four months left. Then she shall know me.

I suppose I can wait that long. After all, I have waited nearly seventeen years. It is always hard to wait for an Asher to reach eighteen, however these past two years have been the hardest. These past two years I've fallen in love with the seƱorita. However, they are almost over with. At least she'll know about me. I do hope she will talk with me as well. I must go now. Dawn is approaching.

Don Simon Ysidro