Title:Nighttime Nile

Author: Sami

Email: Zgirlaz11@aol.com

Summary: Ardeth knows he and Evie aren't meant to be.

Notes: Set before Ardeth meets up with Evie and Rick in The Mummy Returns.

Ardeth Bey thought that he would never leave the desert. Even in the plane he could feel the moist air of Europe. His skin relished the moisture but his mind rebelled against its strangeness. It wasn't the moisture or leaving the desert he dreaded. It was Evie.

Evelyn; the wife of his friend, Rick; A man who any woman would want and any man would respect. Ardeth felt like a traitor to Rick and to his own heart. As his plane flew forth to London, Ardeth vowed that Evelyn would never learn of his feelings.

He had a picture of her, Rick, and their son. She looked so beautiful in that picture. The photograph didn't quite capture her beauty, the excited bloom of her cheeks when she found a new artifact, her eyes as black as the nighttime Nile, her gentle smile, and that ivory skin. It wasn't just her beauty that drew him like nomads to water. She knew the history of his people, she had a quick wit and sense of humor. Evelyn was more than any man could ask for.

Ardeth was used to sacrifice, no Med Jai wasn't. He would cut her out of his heart. It would hurt but he loved her enough for that. The plane touched down on London. Ardeth picked up his suitcase and willed his heart away.