A/N: I really can't decide whether or not I love Evolution, or hate them.

This story takes places just after Survivor Series.



"Come on guys, she's hot, and she could hold the women's title for us, then Evolution would be able say we really have all the gold on RAW." Triple H told the other members of Evolution.

"I don't know Champ, she's a little... temperamental. Do you really think she could be a part of Evolution?" Ric asked him.

"I'm willing to give it a shot." Randy shrugged. "She's a good wrestler, and you're right, she's hot."

"Not to mention a team player." Batista reminded them.

"Votes are in then. What's it going to be, in or out?" Triple H asked the three men.

"In." Randy nodded.

"I say in." Batista added.

"I'm still a little on the fence for this one." Ric told them. "But I'm willing to say in, as long as I can reserve the right to say I told you so."

"Fine. It looks like we have a new member then." Triple H announced. "Let's go and give her an invitation."

"So what makes you think she'll be so keen to join us?" Randy asked.

"Steve got fired. She's got two choices, sleep with Eric, or get fired. We're going to offer her an out. It she joins us, he won't proposition her again. He's not dumb enough to cross Evolution."

As they rounded a corner, someone bumped into them, which knocked all of the things in her arms flying.

"Lita." Batista said, surprised, reaching down to help her to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Hunter asked as she brushed herself off and straightened up.

"I am having a really bad night, not that you would care." She snapped, bending down to pick up the papers she'd dropped.

"Don't." Hunter reached out and pulled her back into a standing position. "Randy, could you pick up Lita's things for her."

She eyed him curiously. "What do you want?"

"How come you're having a bad night?" Batista asked sounding interested.

"I've been hit on by about ten different guys since I got here, about an hour ago. If I didn't know better I'd say I was walking around topless or something." She answered.

Hunter smirked at her comment. "We were just talking about you."

"Really?" She asked sarcastically. "What about? The fact that I'll probably get fired tonight, the fact that people are taking bets on it, or the fact I was cheated out of the Women's Title?"

"One and three." Ric told her.

"Are people really taking bets?" Randy asked, while Lita shot him an icy glare.

"Step in here with us." Hunter gestured to an empty locker room.

"If it involves me taking my clothes off, or performing lap dances of any kind, then go to hell. I've got better things to do with my time." She answered frankly as Randy finished collecting her things from the floor.

"It's a business proposition." Hunter told her.

"Again, I am not taking my clothes off for you, or for anyone else."

"Just come in and listen." He told her patiently. "If you don't like what you hear, then you can leave and we'll never bring it up again."

Lita just stared at him for a moment.

"I promise that you won't be asked to take your clothes off." Hunter told her.

"I'll carry these for you." Randy told her, allowing her to move into the room first.

Not yet dressed in her wrestling clothes Lita wore a tiny mini skirt and a pair of knee high boots, her flat, muscled stomach emphasized by the figure hugging, midriff baring t-shirt she wore.

Both curious and a little worried about what the four men wanted with her, she decided to try and throw them off-guard.

Reaching over to the pile of her belongings in Randy's arms she picked up a small purse producing a nail file, and began to do her nails, sitting up on a high bench, knowing that if any of the men got on the right angle, they would be able to see almost right up her skirt, several extra inches of smooth, tanned skin visible where the material had pulled up.

"Where were you going with all of this stuff?" Randy asked, putting it down next to her. "It's kind of heavy."

"Sometimes you just need to move stuff around." She answered cryptically, crossing her legs, and bouncing the one on top slightly, feeling a note of satisfaction as the four men were transfixed by it for several moments.

"So what did you want?" Lita asked them, filing the index finger nail on her left hand.

"To make you an offer." Hunter began. "We know that things are about to get a whole lot more difficult for you on RAW, and we thought we'd offer you some assistance, as long as you're willing to offer us yours."

"Keep talking." She answered.

"It's no big secret that Eric is either going to sleep with you tonight, or fire you." Ric told her.

"You're telling this to the wrong person." Lita told them. "I know all of this, and tonight, I'll join Steve and Mark as former employees of the WWE, unless I decide I want to go back to SMACKDOWN, which seeing as though Matt is there and ready to make my life a living hell, it isn't really likely."

"You seem to be taking this well." Hunter observed.

"It's resignation, believe me. Any job that requires me to sleep with someone in order to keep it is not a job I want to keep. I have too much pride and too much self-respect for that. I still don't know where you're going with this though."

"What if I told you that you could keep your job, and not have to sleep with Eric?" He told her.

"I'd say you've interested me, so I'll bite." She told him. "Tell me more."

"Eric won't cross us, Evolution is too powerful now."

"I'm still waiting to hear the part that effects me." Lita told him, repositioning her legs, her bare skin a little chilled in the cooling air.

"We're going to extend to you an invitation." Hunter told her. "An invitation to join Evolution."

"Why me?"

"Because over the last few weeks, you've managed to impress us." Ric told her.

"What's in it for you?"

"Gold. We want you to hold the Women's Title as a member of Evolution." Hunter told her.

"What's the catch?" She asked skeptically.

"No catch. You join us and win the Women's Title, that's all." Randy told her.

"There's always a catch." She told him. "When you grow up a little more you'll realize that."

"There isn't one." Hunter promised her. "This is a mutually beneficial business arrangement."

"As long as it stays business." She arched her eyebrows at them.

"Does that mean you're in?" Ric asked.

"Suppose we don't get along, or it doesn't work out, what happens then?"

"Then we dissolve the arrangement. No harm, no foul."

"When do you need an answer?" Lita asked them.

"Can't you just give us one now?" Randy asked.

"I want to call someone and run the idea past them." She told them. "Can I give you an answer in a few minutes?"

"Do you want us to leave?" Hunter asked, trying to be polite.

"Only if you speak Spanish." Lita told them, picking up her cell phone and hitting speed dial 1.

"Who are you calling, if you don't mind me asking?" Ric asked.

"My mother." She turned away from them, speaking in rapid Spanish, getting up off the table to pace the room as she spoke, waving her right hand emphatically as she spoke. "Te amo tambien, mama." She finished the tone in her voice changing, becoming gentler, before she closed the phone, and walked back over to them.

"What was that last bit about?" Hunter asked, amused.

"My mother told me she loved me, and I told her I loved her too."

"I can't believe you talked to your mom before making a decision." Randy chuckled.

"Mama is a pretty wise lady." Lita told him, "If you're lucky maybe one day you'll meet her."

"So are you in or out?"

"I'm not going to have to turn against my friends am I?" She asked, answering his question with another question.

"Not unless you feel it's necessary." Batista told her.

"All right then, I'm in." She held her hand out to Hunter, which he shook, sealing the deal.

"Keep it quiet." Hunter advised her. "We'll announce it during your spot tonight."

"The Highlight Reel is not a spot." Lita told him. "It's a brawl."

The four men chuckled. "We'll be watching just off the top of the ramp." Batista told her. "If anything goes wrong, we'll be there."

"One more thing." She said to them. "I still want my own music. I don't mind if the video clip gets changed, but I've walked out under my song for a long time and I don't really want that to change."

"That could work." Randy said to the others. "We could play it off as she is more than Evolved."

"More than Evolved?" Lita asked, "Do I even want to know where this is going?"

"You are incredibly beautiful." Randy told her.

"And you are incredibly forward." Lita told him.

"Why don't we push her as being some kind of highly-Evolved goddess." Randy finished.

"You need to get out more Randy. I don't do gimmicks, not after what went down in Team Xtreme. I'll never be more or less than what I am. I can't compromise myself again."

"What exactly are you?" Ric asked.

"Just a girl making her way. Alejandra and Antoine's daughter, Trish's best friend, Jeff's adopted sister."

"Matt's ex-girlfriend?" Batista suggested.

"I try not to let my relationships with men define me as a person." She told him. "And don't ever mention Matt to me again or you may find yourself in a great deal of pain."

"Bad break up?" Hunter sympathized.

"The worst." She agreed. "I'm not in the market for any one new. I don't think I will be for a long time."

"A little defensive aren't we?" Randy asked.

"Just setting some boundaries. I'd better go and get changed." She shrugged and moved to walk out of the room.

"Lita?" She turned as Hunter called her name. "You forgot your stuff."

The tall brunette walked back to the bench, rifling through the papers "You know, some of this stuff might interest you. It's all stuff left over from when I was writing my book, you know, photos, anecdotes. I've been giving stuff to people for weeks, this is the last lot." Lita told him, producing a handful of photographs and handed them to Hunter. "Do you remember when we all went to the carnival on the harbor in Los Angeles?"

Hunter's face brightened as he began to flick through the photographs. "I'd forgotten about this day." He paused at a picture of him and Stephanie on some kind of roller coaster. "Do you remember how this one got taken?" He held one picture out to her.

"I took that from Matt's shoulders." She smiled. "He kept moving so I almost didn't get that photo. Just after I took it he dropped me. First time I was ever afraid when I was with him."

"Love's a funny thing." Hunter observed.

"Especially the kind we had with Steph and Matt." Lita told him. "Great love is wild and passionate and dangerous. But in the end it consumes everything, and leaves nothing to be salvaged."

The four men stared at her for a moment. "Not a bad analysis." Ric told her, "For someone who's barely an adult herself."

"You don't need to be an adult to fall in love Ric." She told him. "And for the record, I'm twenty-eight. I'd better actually get going this time." Lita picked up the pile of papers and other things and left.


Lita walked down to the ring, still in her mini skirt and top, having changed her shoes to her wrestling boots just in case she needed to fight.

She looked up at Jericho who waited for her in the ring, slightly surprised as he sat on the second rope, pulling the top rope up so that she could step through easily. He then gestured for her to take a seat on one of the stools.

"So, Lita it's been a pretty busy few weeks for you." He began, "Your wrestling come back, book signings, promotions for Survivor Series."

"I am well aware of all of that." She told him.

"Are you bitter about your Survivor Series match, not winning the Women's Title?"

"Am I bitter?" She repeated, standing up, and pacing a little, knowing that Chris's attention was focused on her legs. "No, I'm not bitter. Molly was just willing to go the extra mile to win. That's why she's been the Women's Champion for so long."

"Not bitter at all?" Jericho asked sounding surprised.

"Chris, you've known me for a long time. When was the last time I ever blamed an opponent for beating me?"

"I can't actually recall." He admitted.

"It's all about being a pro, Chris." Lita told him, "Some of the superstars out the back there need to learn where to look when they lose, and it's not to the administration, or to the General Manager, or to their opponents, it's here."

She rapped on her chest. "When shit happens you need to look inside and work out why you lost. Molly out wrestled me, and she out-smarted me."

"Congratulations Lita." Eric Bischoff appeared at the top of the ramp, walking casually down to ringside. "That was an inspiring little speech."

"Was there something you wanted?" Lita asked him, rolling her eyes.

"Yes actually." He slid into the ring, moving over to her, while she stood her ground, holding her head high. "You know Lita, I almost hate to do this, because I have to say you look very nice tonight."

"Eric, if you're hitting on me again, you still suck at it." She told him, waving her free hand to the audience who began to cheer at her words, a chorus of 'ERIC SUCKS' sounding out at ringside.

Looking down Lita smiled as she recognized some people just behind the barrier, waving to them as they cheered louder.

"I did have a business proposition for you." Eric told her. "But I'm sorry to say that I don't feel like offering it to you now, so without much further ado, Lita, you're fired." His last words were drowned out by the sound of Evolution's music throbbing through the sound system.

"Eric," Triple H began. "Eric, I have a business proposition for one of the superstars that I need to get off my chest." He walked down to the ring with Ric, Batista and Randy in tow, each man looking incredibly smug as they slid into the ring.

"I'm in the middle of something here." Eric told him, his tone angry. "I was about to fire Lita."

"Then it's a good thing we came out when we did." Triple H told him. "See, we want to make an announcement tonight. We invited another superstar an invitation to join Evolution earlier this evening, and they accepted."

"Now is not the time." Eric told him. "Unveil your new member later."

"She's standing in the ring now." Randy told the General Manager. Eric's face fell.

"No, sorry, no can do." He refused.

"I know that I can cause a lot of mess and destruction, but I can't be that much trouble." Lita told him, shifting a little as Triple H put his arm around her waist, Batista doing the same thing on the other side, while Triple H moved his fingers almost imperceptibly over her bare skin, making her want to pull away, but she stayed anyway. 'This is business', she reminded herself.

"We'd like to welcome Lita, as the newest member of Evolution!" Randy told the crowd, having taken a microphone from one of the sound techs.

"Therefore, we're suggesting you that you not fire her." Hunter told him.

"You're suggesting?" Eric asked.

"When it comes down to it, you're the boss." Batista told him. "Help us out and we'll help you out."

"Help me how?" He asked, leering at Lita.

"I prefer men to little boys." Lita told him, wrapping her arms around the two men's necks. "And all you are is a spoilt little boy."

"You really don't sound like you want to keep your job." Eric observed.

"I don't really mind either way. I can be a pain in your ass, or I can go to SMACKDOWN and take my fan base with me."

"Your fan base?" Eric no longer sounded so sure of himself.

"Lita has the biggest fan base of any diva in the WWE, bigger than some of the male superstars." Ric told her.

"Imagine how pissed the board will be if your ratings drop any more than they have with Stone Cold gone?" She teased him, still having a trump card up her sleeve.

"Even if I fire you, SMACKDOWN wouldn't take you." He bluffed.

"Paul Heyman is desperate to have me, and as one of my ex-managers he's still a good friend. I can sign and seal a contract in five minutes, and if I sign I get a very nice pay rise. The contract is somewhere safe, don't worry."

"You're going to try and screw Eric Bischoff?" He asked incredulously.

"I can't stand you. Why would I want to screw you?" She asked. "The only thing I really want to do to you is drop you off a cliff, preferably on fire, screaming for mercy." Lita clapped one hand over her mouth, "I shouldn't be giving Kane ideas."

Randy and Batista smirked, while even Ric amused by her words, and the audience cheered her name, mingling it with cried of 'Eric Sucks'.

"You know what, fine, have your way." Eric fumed. "But you're on thin ice, one screw up, and you're out of here."

"Define screw up?" She taunted him, a wicked smile on her face.

"Do not argue with me, do not cross me, do not..."

"Do not hit on me again, and we won't have any problems." Lita interrupted, "So you can save your breath. I don't know about you boys, but I'm out."

"Welcome to Evolution." Hunter moved to shake her hand, but instead she bumped fists with him, and then rolled her eyes as he kissed her hand.

Randy held the ropes apart so that she could pass through easily, while Batista lifted her down from the ring to the floor.

"Guys, I might be the only girl in Evolution," She began as they walked up the ramp together. "But I'm not a prissy little princess. Stop treating me like one, or someone's going to be in a lot of pain." Even as she addressed the four men, Lita managed to smile for the crowd, moving away from the men to touch people's hands, and say hello.


Later the four men walked into the Evolution dressing room, where Eric had declared that the five of them, Lita included had to get changed.

When they walked in Lita was drying her hair off with a towel, walking around in a clean mini skirt, and a tiny little top.

"Sorry." Ric instantly apologized, looking down at the floor.

"What for?" She asked, turning her head sideways to look at him as she unwrapped her hair from the towel, dropping it onto the bench.

"Your uh, your top." Hunter told her, the four men not knowing exactly where to look.

To their surprise Lita began to laugh. "You think... you think that..." She began, and then stopped laughing enough to finish what she was saying. "This is my shirt, not my bra, okay, you can all relax."

"It doesn't look like a shirt." Randy told her.

"And you think your wrestling tights look like tights?" She shot back, "They're practically Speedos."

"What are you doing now?" Batista asked her.

"I'm going to finish getting dressed." Lita told him, "Before you decide you have to leave, by that I mean that I have to put my dress shirt on over this one, and put my boots on."

"I don't think I'm going to get used to sharing a locker room with a girl, no offense." Randy told her.

"It's not a big deal, I used to room with Matt and Jeff all the time. The basic rule is anything I'm wearing when I come out of the bathroom is not my underwear, unless I get screwed into a bikini mud wrestling match, or I'm coming back from losing a bra and panties match." She answered, sitting down and putting her feet into a pair of black leather knee-high boots.

"What, no thigh highs?" Hunter teased.

"I left them at home." Lita shot back, pulling a white button down shirt out of her bag and sliding it on, adjusting the fit of the material over her as she did up several of buttons, leaving her belly slightly exposed, and the top of her black undershirt exposed.

Digging deeper into her bag she pulled out a small box, opening it to reveal a selection of silver jewelry, including several belly button rings, one of which she slid through the hole in her navel, sliding a handful of silver bangles onto one wrist, then twisting her other wrist to clip up a simple chain bracelet on the other.

"You've never watched a girl get ready to go anywhere, have you?" She asked, glancing at them as she slid a pair of silver earrings in, then used her fingernails to do the clasp on a fine silver chain.

"When did you get your belly pierced?" Hunter asked.

"Jeff took me to get it done last Christmas I cried for about twenty minutes before I got it done, then didn't even realize when it was put through. Most people here don't know about it because I don't wear my ring while I'm wrestling."

"How do you know what goes with what?" Randy asked, intrigued.

"Common sense. Lots of time spent shopping with Trish, Stacy, Torrie, Dawn and everyone else." Lita answered, turning to the mirror, dumping a bag of cosmetics on the counter. She watched the reflections of the four men, who looked away as soon as they realized she was watching them. "So what do you guys have planned for the week?" Lita asked them, trying to make idle chitchat.

"What?" Batista asked.

"I was trying to be nice." She answered. "What are you guys doing this week?"

"I think I'm going to go down to my grandfather's house." Randy told her vaguely.

"Do you guys ever just talk? You know, about what's going on in your lives, or who you're seeing?"

"Can't say that we do." Hunter answered, watching intently as she applied mascara to her eyelashes.

"So the highlight of your week is going to be watching me put mascara on?" Lita asked them.

"What are you doing this week?" Ric asked.

"Tomorrow Trish and I are going shopping, and then I'm flying back to Florida late tomorrow night, where my mom will pick me up at the airport. Then on Wednesday I will be hanging out with my little sister. I belong to a program that pairs up adults with kids who don't have a mother or a father figure, so you sign up to hang out with a kid, in my case, a little girl for a few hours a week. Then, I have to spend six hours in the hospital getting my neck x-rayed and MRI scanned in case something has moved, it's something they do every six weeks. After that I have a ballet class."

"You do ballet?" Batista asked her.

"I have since I was a little kid, and I lost a lot of tone and wrestling technique while I was out, so ballet helped me to keep in shape, as long as I wasn't bending too much. She answered. "Then on Thursday, Jeff is coming out because SMACKDOWN is being held in Orlando, so I'll have a house full of 'the guys'. But I think they can just order takeout for every night they're with me, which will be until probably Sunday because we'll all fly out at around the same time."

"Is that a busy week for you?" Randy asked.

"No. I have stacks of energy and I love to be busy."

"How do you keep it all straight in your head?" Ric asked.

"I have a really good memory, and you know, a digital organizer."

"So where are you heading off to tonight?" Hunter gestured to her clothes.

"Dancing. Trish, Stacy and a couple of other people are coming if you want to join us." She offered, stretching her arms up, and rolling her shoulders.

"You look good." Hunter told her, trying to hide the appraisal in his voice.

"Then come and dance with me." She looked up at him, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Going one step further she batted her eyelashes.

"Do you even know what you're doing?" Randy asked.

"Finding myself a dancing partner." She grinned.

"You need to play fair." Hunter told her.

"Where's the fun in playing fair?" Lita smiled at them, folding her arms across her chest.

"Come on then." He held his hand out to her. "One dance."

She laughed. "Do the four of you even know the meaning of the word 'celebrate'? Tonight I not only kept my job and screwed Eric without having to touch him, but I also managed to last another night on RAW. After all that, I'm going dancing."