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"With him?" Lita whined. "Can't someone else come with me, please?"

"Spending time together might just be good for you." Hunter told her. "I'd come if I could, but I've got to finish up all the travel plans for the next month…unless you don't want a nice hotel suite to sleep in."

"I'll sleep on the floor." She volunteered.

"Baby at this rate we won't even have a floor to sleep on." Hunter told her. "Now Randy is perfectly capable of walking you down to meet up with the girls for a cup of the sludge you call coffee." He looked down at the piles of handwritten notes in front of him. Lita didn't move, simply stood there pouting, waiting for him to change his mind. Hunter spoke again, not even looking at her. "Don't pout, I'm not changing my mind. You and Randy are both adults. You can walk down a couple of hallways together."

She pouted more. "I'm not pouting."

"I can hear you pouting." He responded, still not looking at her. Across the room Ric, Randy and Batista tried to hide their grins.

"You know what, fine. I am an adult, and I can walk down a couple of hallways with Randy. Fine." She glared at Hunter, still wrapped up in his preparations, then pouted again and walked towards the door. "Are you coming?" She looked pointedly at Randy.

"Of course." He responded, knowing that his over-the-top politeness would irritate her. Lita glared at him in response.

"You know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to me." He told her, as they wandered back to the Evolution locker room, fresh coffees in hand.

"Same to you." She shot back. "It's not my fault you're so immature."

"I'm the immature one?"

"Yeah, you are." Lita answered. "Just because you're the youngest of all of us doesn't mean you can act like a spoilt little kid."

He shook his head. "I don't act like a spoilt little kid."

"You so do."

Randy gave her a sidelong look. "I'm not the one who was pouting to get out of walking to the cafeteria and back with me."

"I wasn't pouting." She told him. "I was simply…"

"Trying to use your feminine wiles to make Hunter and the guys do what you wanted? Now who's childish?" He grinned, knowing he was right.

"That's not childish, it's very grown up." Lita responded. "It takes years of practice."

"Well, I think you need some more practice then."

She pouted, and then wiped the look off her face as he shot her an arrogant look.

"I knew I could make you do it." With a silly grin on his face, coffee in hand, Randy began a victory dance.

"You suck, you know that." She responded, shaking her head. "Every extra minute I spend with you makes me want to strangle you."

"Now that's one I hadn't thought of." Seth's creepy voice came from the shadows. He emerged holding a steel chair in one hand. "But then, you are my inspiration."

As soon as Seth had started speaking Randy stopped dancing and used his free hand to guide Lita behind him, placing himself between her and Seth. Almost casually Seth walked out of the shadows, swinging the chair from one hand to the other. "Oh God." Lita whispered, fear robbing her of her voice.

"Just stay behind me." Randy told her, and then looked at Seth, "What do you want?"

"Want?" He responded, still swinging the chair, then stopped, taking a threatening stance. "I want to hurt you." His words were directed at Randy, and as soon as they left his mouth, Seth rushed forward and made to hit Randy with the chair, aiming for his head. With no other way to block it Randy reached out, trying to grab Seth's arms, at the same time yelling for Lita to run, even though Seth was between them and the exits. Randy looked around for a weapon, another exit, anything that could help them, but Seth had far too much control over the situation. Unexpectedly Seth brought the chair the chair down again, catching Randy with the blow across his shoulder. He grinned maniacally as Randy staggered, and followed that shot up with several more.

"Oh my God! RANDY!" Lita screamed, horrified as Seth hit him again with the steel chair, which had become little more than a twisted hunk of metal during the assault. "SOMEBODY HELP!"

As Seth left Randy, and began to move towards her, Lita began to back away, refusing to let him see her cry, even though she desperately wanted too.

"Go away. Just go away." She said softly, almost under her breath, and as he reached for her, Lita felt the wall, hard up again her back, and closed her eyes.

When he didn't touch her, Lita opened her eyes, and then stared in shock at the image before her, Kane holding Seth by the throat, about to choke slam him to hell.

"Are you okay?" He asked, in that strange, almost eerie voice of his.

She nodded wordlessly, unable to move otherwise.

Lita screamed when Kane choke slammed Seth onto the hard concrete floor, but felt a sense of relief as Seth lay there, sprawled out and unmoving.

Slowly Kane walked over to her, reaching one hand out. "It's okay now." He told her gently, leading her towards him so that he could give her a hug. "Did he hurt you?"

She shook her head again, and then pulled away suddenly. "Randy, he kept hitting Randy, and I couldn't stop him." She dropped to her knees beside the still young superstar, and ran her hand down the side of his face. Blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth, though he was still breathing. Lita looked up towards Kane, to ask him to find some help, but the Big Red Machine had already gone. She looked around the empty walkway, equipment was stored against walls, several shipping containers had been dismantled to make extra space, and others provided dark alcoves full of costumes, props, and electrical leads. The space was dim, lit only by a handful of overhead lights on pull-switches. She shook her head, trying to calm herself, trying to decide what to do. Moving Randy out of there on her own was not an option. Going for help herself wasn't a great idea, either. Seth might wake up, and who knew what he'd do given a second chance. Randy was unconscious, but still breathing. Blood seeped from a handful of cuts to his face, and from his mouth and nose. Though she was no expert his shoulder looked in bad shape too. Dislocated maybe. Bruises were already beginning to form on his arms and hands, from where he'd tried to grab the chair and missed. She shook her head again, seeing him like this, so badly injured, all because Seth was a psycho who had some weird fixation with her made her want to cry. With a grimace she blinked back the tears that threatened to fall, threw her head back, and began to yell. "HELP, somebody! Help me!"

Finally, after what seemed like an age, someone responded. "Who's there?"

"It's Lita," She shouted back, "Please help me."

"Hey kiddo, what's… going on?" Chris Jericho finished as he entered the hallway and saw both Randy and Seth laid out cold on the floor, Lita sitting by Randy's side, holding his 'good hand.'

"Chris, did you figure out who was yelling?" Another voice called from outside.

"Yeah Christian," He called back, "Go get some help… and get Evolution. And Christian, hurry." They listened to Christian's running feet for a moment, then Chris walked over to Seth to see how badly he was injured. Seeing no major injuries he moved towards to Lita and Randy, shrugging his coat off as he walked. At her side he wrapped it around her shoulders, and put one arm around her, trying to still her shaking. As he applied pressure, and moved to hug her with both arms, something broke in her. "He won't wake up Chris, he won't wake up. I've been trying to wake him, but I can't."

"Christian's gone to get some help." He soothed her, smoothing one hand over her hair. "He'll be back soon. You just hang in there. I'm not going anywhere."

"Lita?" A voice called from down the hall, sounding frantic. "Lita, are you okay?"

She looked up, towards the speaker, her voice shaky. "I'm okay, but Randy needs help. I think we need an ambulance."

"There's one on the way." Christian told her, following Hunter into the walkway. "The ambulance is coming."

"Thank God!" Hunter reached out to her and drew her into his strong embrace. She buried her face in his neck, Chris's jacket still wrapped around her shoulders.

"What happened?" Hunter asked.

"He got some of what is coming to him." Kane's voice rasped from the shadows near the doorway.

"Kane?" Lita asked, turning in Hunter's arms to face him.

"You're okay now." Kane told her, then turned and walked away. "Eric will be here soon." She nodded and pulled out of Hunter's arms to kneel next to Randy's still form.

"What happened?" Hunter asked again, dropping down next to Lita while Ric and Batista checked Randy.

"Seth jumped us." She said softly. "He started hitting Randy with a chair, and Randy was telling me to run, and I couldn't because he made sure to keep us both in a corner. Then Randy just stopped moving. God is he going to be okay?"

"We've called an ambulance." Batista reassured her, "But it's probably just a really bad concussion."

"What about Kane? Why was he here?" Hunter asked.

"He saved me. Seth went to grab me and then he didn't. When I opened my eyes Kane was holding him by the throat and I watched him choke slam Seth."

"Are you okay?" Hunter asked, concern on his face.

She nodded. "I don't think I've ever been so scared. I thought Seth was going to kill him."

"He's still just messing with you." Batista told her. "If he'd really wanted to hurt Randy badly, Randy would be in worse shape than he is now."

"I'll never forgive myself if he's not okay." Lita said softly.

Hunter placed his large hands on her shoulders. "This is not your fault. Seth is a psycho. He did this because he's a psycho. It is not your fault." She leaned forwards into his arms, knowing that she should believe him, but somewhere deep down still feeling that it was her fault. "If he's okay I'll never fight with him again."

Ric snorted. "You mean it?"

"Every word."