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Answering Torment:

The No-Name Piece of Dribble

By The Chronicler


It had been a fierce battle that had rolled across the Banzai Institute grounds with such violent force every structure was left creaking and crumbling from the stress. There was not a chair left unturned not a bed un-rutted. Every tree had been marked by the unmerciful invading force and more than a few unaware residents. No part of the vast grounds had been left untouched, leaving the terrorized noncombatants no where to hide.

Seeing this, many threw themselves at the enemy in hopes that their sacrifice would be enough to, if not end, at least deter the horror about them.

It was not.

The lucky few woke up to find themselves in the infirmary.

The unlucky were still on the field of battle.

The seemingly tireless foe had pushed on and on until there was nothing left but to discuss the terms of surrender.

The tall, proud, mountain of a man pushed through the double doors and into the dining hall. Rawhide couldn't help but hesitate when he saw the villain sitting there, waiting for him. He knew he had nothing and this beast had everything. But his success at the bargaining table would determine the future of the Banzai Institute.

His opponent's crystal clear, blue eyes shifted as they took in every detail of the big cowboy. Muscles were tense, ready to continue the attack, but holding back, waiting to see what was to be offered.

Rawhide stepped carefully, trying to seem as unthreatening as possible. One wrong move, too quick, glance the wrong way, and, he knew, the attack would begin anew.

The blue eyes shifted to the chair across the table from the villain.

Taking the hint, Rawhide pulled the chair out and sat.

The two opponents eyed one another for what seemed forever... a forever full of torment as they waited to see what the next move would be.

Finally, Rawhide set his offer on the table between them. Then he waited for it to be excepted... or rejected.

The enemy's nose wrinkled, sniffing at the air. The blue eyes narrowed slightly, contemplating. Then they grew large with excitement. Snatching up the item, he bounced out of the chair, ran to the corner, twisted about a few dozen times, before settling down to chew on the prize.

Rawhide released the air had been holding in a long, deep sigh of relief.


He glanced over his shoulder at the door where the Hong Kong Cavaliers were piled up, waiting to be told that it was, indeed, over.

Rawhide waved them in. "Yea, it's safe." he assured them, rising to his feet.

"I can't believe a dog as gentle as that could cause all that trouble." Peggy whistled.

"Next time knuckles needs a puppy sitter, count me out." Perfect Tommy told the others. "Do they make straight jackets Oddity shape and size?"

Buckaroo and Rawhide turned to glare at the youngest Cavalier. "And just WHO, exactly, filled his bowl with beer?!" Buckaroo demanded.

"Anyway..." Reno spoke up, "anyone know where he hid it?"

Tommy Boy groaned. "Oh, god, I hope he didn't bury it when he dug up the garden."

Rawhide clapped his hands. "Saddle up, boys and girls. We've got an overthruster to find."

"Any idea where to start?" Pecos wondered.

"Yea." Perfect Tommy grumbled. "Follow the dog drool."