'A case of the giggles' By Dane

Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss or any of the characters mentioned in this little blurb... Of course you probably already knew that ^_~

As the lights dimmed, the four figures watched as the woman in the skirt and bright red hair handed them a file.

"He is an unusual case, with a natrual excess of a particular harmone in his body, he is permanently in an aroused state.... This is particularly troublesome because he apparently goes berserk on those he sleeps with. He is uncontrollable. You must stop him...."

Manx had to stop her description of the case as laughter came from one side of the sofa. "Oh ... great... what is it now, Yohji?"

The other three assassins looked over at Yohji too...frowns on their faces...

"This is not funny!" Ken asked, his voice revaling disgust at Yohji's actions, "Why are you laughing?!"

"N...N...nothing...." Yohji struggled to say between fits of laughter... "j...j...just... the...target..."

He stopped talking as his laughter became uncontrollable...

Manx, Ken, Aya, and Omi stared at the eldest Weiss member as they waited for Yohji to contain his laughter... Aya mainly peeved for the delay of the meeting where as Ken was growing more curious to the cause of Yohji's laughter.

When it looked like Yohji calmed down, Ken could help but to ask, what exactly about the target that made Yohji laugh...

Yohji gave a slight smirk, "Our target is permanently aroused, and has bouts of insanity...."

"And HOW IS THAT FUNNY?!" KEN yelled.

"Well," Yohji said, with a sligh snicker, "Put that all together and our target is a 'Living Levitra Loca'!"