Ninja Wizard 01

A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

By David

Disclaimer: All characters in this fiction with the exception of "Master Koshou" are the property of the great J. K. Rowling. The marks [] indicate Japanese spoken. This will be an Alternate Universe fiction, even though there will be elements from all five books in here. So relax and enjoy!

Ninja Wizard 01

The black haired boy stood calmly as he stared down the man in front of him. The man looked at the boy and nodded. A second later he attacked, his right fist leading the attack. By the time he got to where the boy had been, he discovered the boy had moved lightening fast. The boy had forward flipped over the charging man and as the man turned, the boy initiated an attack of his own bringing his right foot up in a forward snap kick that could have dislocated if not, broken the man's jaw had he not jumped backwards. The boy pressed the attack, using a lethal combination of fists and feet to attack. The man was hard pressed to defend himself, trying to use his hands and feet to block all of the boy's attacks. The men who were watching nodded in approval. The boy had learned well the ways of Ninjitsu ever since he had been brought here to the tiny village off the coast of Japan when he was just a year old. The village headmaster and a tiny select knew of his true identity. All the boy knew was that his name was Harry.

"Well done, Harry. You have passed the Trials successfully. You have mastered everything very well," the village headmaster said.

Harry smiled. "All of you were great teachers."

The men smiled and bowed. Harry turned and took his place with the students, six of them, two young boys and the rest of them young men. Master Koshou stepped forward and looked at all of them.

"Tonight shall be the induction ceremony. All of you have done extremely well and shall be marked, and shall receive your uniforms. Now go and prepare yourselves for tonight," the swarthy man commanded.

All seven bowed as one and then walked off to their rooms. Master Koshou sighed as he stroked his chin. Harry was about to turn eleven and soon he would have to know the truth behind the mysterious occurrences that only happened around Harry. He knew before long they would be coming for him. He had seen visions during his meditations of Harry fighting a cloaked dark sinister figure. He knew this thing was evil, pure evil, and could only be stopped by Harry himself. It was one of the reasons why he chose to train Harry himself and why he trained Harry harder than he'd ever trained anyone. Tomorrow, when Harry had finished his morning exercise, he'd sit the boy down and tell him the tale of the events of ten years prior, the tale he had hidden deep inside of him self. He turned and walked into his house and sat down in front of a small desk and pulled a drawer out. He picked up a small wood frame that contained a picture inside it. He looked at the smiling couple holding a baby. It was a picture of his old friend James Potter, his wife Lily, and the barely year old baby Harry Potter.

"I've done what you asked, old friend. I have taken him in and taught him all I know. The time has come for him to discover his destiny. I pray he accepts it," he sighed, as he replaced the picture in the desk.

He sat there in the growing darkness as the memory of the night pressed in on him.


Halloween Night. The air was charged with a powerful magic that Koshou could feel deep into his bones as he hurried towards Godric's Hollow where the Potter House was. He had felt a disturbance in the ward he had set about the house. He had not known that Peter Pettigrew had become the Potter's Secret Keeper at the last moment instead of Sirius Black. He decided to put up a ward around the house using ninja magic, a much different form of magic than what the Wizarding World knew of. Now it had gone off and he was running through the darkened streets towards the house. Something deep inside him told him he would be too late. As it turned out, he was too late. He had cried over James's body first and then searched the house for Lily and baby Harry. He heard Harry crying upstairs and rushed up to see Lily lying on the floor holding Harry protectively. After checking Lily and discovering she was dead, he removed Harry from her arms and laid him out on the change table. His eyes widened when he saw the scar on his forehead, just above his right eye.

[There be powerful magic at work here] he said aloud.

He changed Harry quickly and wrapped him up against the cold and then left the house with him. He had promised the Potters that he would care for Harry should anything happen to them. It had and now he was fulfilling his Word of Honor to them. Harry would be in safety and he would learn about his heritage when the time came. He glanced back once more as he left, seeing torches in the distance. He wanted to be gone before the people arrived here. His own master had his misgivings at first, and Koshou told his master that he would be responsible for the boy. During the ten years Harry had lived with them he taught the boy everything he needed to know about Ninjitsu and other forms of the martial arts, thinking they would give him an edge over the evil that would rise again in an attempt to kill Harry Potter. The boy had exceeded everyone's expectations.


A soft knock at the door brought him back to reality. He turned to see one of the ninja bowing.

[Master, it is time. They are ready and waiting,] the man said.

Koshou nodded. [Harry will be marked last. The time has come for him to learn of his beginnings and why the strange things happen around him. Soon people will come for him. He must be prepared for that.]

The ninja bowed and retreated. Koshou turned and bowed once more towards the East. He rose and reached into the chest before him and withdrew four swords. One was Dai-katana, the long battle sword. The second was the normal sized Katana, the third Wakizaki, a short sword. The fourth was the Ninja's sword, the ninja-to. He turned and walked out into the courtyard and into the night. All seven initiates sat in a straight line before the raised dais where Koshou sat. He nodded at the seven before him.

"All of you have done well. It is with pride that I award you your swords and your uniforms. Each man shall come before me and receive them. Then you shall go into a room to be marked with the Clan's symbol. Then you shall join your brothers in the ranks," he said.

Each man bowed as Koshou called them forward to receive their swords and their uniform. Harry was the last to be called.

"Thank you for this Honor you bestow on me, Master. I pray I will be worthy of it," Harry bowed as he accepted them.

"Well said, Harry. I will accompany you as you receive your mark. Then we shall talk," Koshou said.

Harry bowed. "Yes Master."

He followed Koshou to the room where three men were waiting. Harry sat on his heels and looked at them.

[I receive this Mark of my own free will,] he said and bowed.

The four men nodded as Harry slowly sank into Getsumi no Michi (called Moonlit Path, a Ninja discipline), as one man took hold of Harry's left shoulder and began to tattoo a multicolored dragon there. The finished tattoo would be of a Dragon holding a Katana in one claw and holding the Neko Ninja Clan insignia in the other. Any ninja or Asian person would recognize it instantly. When it was done, Harry bowed to the four men. He was now ninja, and would be for life.

[Go dress and join your brothers for the ending, and then come find me at my house. There are... things we must discuss,] Koshou said.

Harry bowed once more. [Yes Master.]

Harry left the room and left Koshou alone. The silence in the room was deafening. He wondered if Harry would be angry with him for concealing the truth. If Harry was the man his visions told him he would be, he would take it well.

Harry knocked at the door later in the evening. He wondered just what his Master Koshou wanted.

[Come,] the voice he knew so well commanded.

Harry slid the door aside, bowed, entered the room on his knees, closed the door, and bowed once more. Koshou smiled.

[I am happy that you have become Ninja. You have done very well in all of your lessons,] Koshou praised Harry.

[Thank you Master,] Harry replied.

Koshou got serious. [Now I must tell you of your beginnings, and where you came from. I have held this secret inside of my soul these ten years. It is time you know.]

Koshou then related everything to Harry, including showing him the picture of his parents. He held nothing back. He watched Harry carefully the entire time he told him. Harry's face gave away his emotions as he showed grief as the loss of his parents, anger at their murder, and astonishment at being told he was a wizard.

[Master, I thank you for telling me these things. Now I know why I was able to do those strange things,] Harry said.

[I have sent a letter to a man that I know. He will help us decide what to do next,] Koshou said. [In the meantime, carry on as usual and speak of this to nobody.]

Harry bowed. [Yes Master.]

Harry left the room and Koshou sighed. That had gone well. Now Harry knew the truth. All that was left was to wait and see what result his letter would bring.

Albus Dumbledore set the letter down and steepled his fingers in front of him. The Wizarding World's Great Mystery had now been solved. Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, had been found alive and well in Japan. Albus wondered how and why Harry was there. He came to a decision and wrote a note to Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic and sent it off with an owl. He knew before long the Wizarding World would be in an uproar. Now he had to decide who to send in his place. He looked up at the tall man sitting in front of him.

"Bill Weasley, I thank you for showing me this. It is now vital we locate Harry and bring him here. I would appreciate it if you would go in my place and escort young Harry here before the school year begins. The only clues you will have are his bright emerald green eyes and the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Once you have located him, you must bring him straight here. Then we can teach him of his heritage," the old man said as he sipped his tea.

"Yes sir. Am I allowed to answer any questions?" Bill Weasley asked.

"Yes, of course. Do so. Good luck," Dumbledore said as Bill left the headmaster's office.

Bill paused before a mirror and sighed. He stood about six foot, long black hair tied into a ponytail, a shark's tooth earring in his left ear, and dressed in black. He sighed once more and then headed for the Great Fireplace. He was glad Hogwarts was closed for the summer, it would make bringing Harry Potter back that much easier. He entertained the idea of taking him home to the Weasley Burrow. It might make his transition into the Wizarding World that much easier. He turned to see Dumbledore behind him.

"An excellent idea. Make it so," Dumbledore nodded.

It never ceased to amaze people just how Dumbledore knew what people were thinking. The headmaster of Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry had developed a reputation for being eccentric, but everyone knew that if they ever asked this man for help, he wouldn't hesitate to give it. He ran Hogwarts on the idea that anyone showing any kind of magical skill would be welcome there.

"Yes sir. Thank you sir," Bill nodded just as he stepped into the fireplace and called out the name of the village in Japan and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. A lady glided up to Albus.

"Albus, what has happened?" she asked.

"Lady McGonagall. I have just sent off Bill Weasley to bring Harry Potter home," he told the tall lady.

Minerva McGonagall gasped. "He's alive?"

"Yes he is," Dumbledore said.

That simple pronouncement set the pictures on the walls to talking. Within moments the foyer in front of the main doors quickly filled up with staff and teachers who had not yet left for summer break. Everyone was talking at once until another man raised his wand and set off an explosion of sparks. The hall fell silent at once.

"Perhaps this discussion would be best moved to the dining hall," the black haired man said to all of them.

"Good idea, Severus. I shall try to answer all questions there," Dumbledore told the man in black.

Severus Snape, Hogwarts potions master turned quickly, making his black cloak billow. People followed the man and Dumbledore to the dining hall where he sat in his usual place. He sipped a cup of mead and then spoke up.

"Bill Weasley has been here to see me. He had received a letter from a friend of his telling him that Harry Potter is alive and well in Japan. Why he is there is not known. Mr. Weasley has gone there to escort Harry Potter home to Hogwarts. Once we see him we then will know if he is well. Mr. Potter will have a great deal many questions about his Wizarding heritage left to him by his parents. We will answer them the best we can. We must also train him in his magical skills. It has been said that he is the Wizarding World's best hope to defend it and stop Voldemort," he said as people shivered in fear of the evil name.

"We know he somehow survived the killing curse and it somehow managed to stop Voldemort. For how long is anybody's guess. There is the possibility that he may yet live. If that is so then we must be ready for anything," Dumbledore said.

People began talking as he sat back and sipped his mead. He knew for sure that by the end of the day word about Harry Potter would be everywhere. The question now was would Harry accept his Wizard's heritage? Only Harry Potter would answer that.

Bill Weasley followed the directions in the letter and arrived in a small clearing. He had the feeling he was being watched. As he moved to the center of the clearing a man stepped out from under the trees.

"Bill Weasley?" the man asked.

Bill turned to face him. "That's me," he said, bowing to the Japanese man.

The man bowed in return. "Thank you for coming. I do apologize for the run around, but it is necessary. There are those who would find us and cause us harm. I regret this last thing but I ask you bear with me."

A couple men dressed all in black approached Bill and tied his hands behind his back as one blindfolded him while another searched him and handed over to Koshou the letter and Bill's wand.

"I understand sir," Bill said.

He felt him self being led forward. After an hour of walking he was put into a van and driven for another two hours. When it finally stopped he was helped out and then the blindfold was removed. Bill blinked at the sight of the tiny village.

"This is nice. Simple, but nice. I like places like this," Bill said.

Koshou smiled. "Thank you. It suits our needs perfectly. It is now approaching early evening. I will escort you to you accommodations. A servant will see to your needs. Tomorrow morning you shall meet Harry. All shall be explained then."

Bill bowed to the man. "I am honored to be your guest. Thank you for inviting me."

A ninja guided Bill to a small house and inside once his hands were freed. A woman inside bowed to Bill as he sat and removed his boots.

"Bath, dinner, and bed?" the lady asked.

"Yes please. Thank you," Bill smiled.

What followed was an experience that Bill would never forget. The lady guided him to a large room and asked him to undress. Bill felt a little uncomfortable at first and then decided to go for it. He sat on the bench naked and the lady bathed him clean. He soaked in the hot tub for fifteen minute and then the lady bid him to climb out. Once he was dried off, he was led to a table and made to lie face down. That was the first time he'd experienced a massage. It left him feeling recharged. Dinner was a simple affair. They brought him salad, fish, rice, and pickled vegetables. The bed was very comfortable and he slept well. The next morning he was dressed in a plain brown kimono and led out to the exercise yard. He saw a single ninja there practicing. He watched in amazement as the person went through the katas at top speed. Bill couldn't see just what he was doing, the person's hands and feet a blur. Then the person was attacked by other people in black. For the next fifteen minutes Bill watched the person fight off the ninja that attacked. He was truly impressed by the skill of this ninja. Then all of them stopped and bowed to Koshou. He said something in Japanese and all of them bowed once more. One stayed behind and then followed Bill and Koshou into the house. Koshou sat on a cushion while the ninja served tea to both men.

"Thank you for your hospitality," Bill bowed.

Koshou returned the bow. "You are most welcome. Now I shall tell you everything."

Bill sat and listened in amazement as Koshou related the events of ten years prior. Then Koshou told him of Harry learning Ninjitsu and other Martial Arts.

"Those skills with his Magical skills would make him damn near invincible," Bill commented.

"Yes. That is why he was brought here. He has exceeded all expectations in his learning. He even has an edge, having learned potion making at the hands of our potions master. Now he needs to discover his Wizard's heritage. He knows this and has accepted it. I know he will succeed in the Wizarding World. How do I know of the Wizarding World? Simple. I know a few wizards here in Japan. They informed me that Harry is great with Magic. They informed me that this Dumbledore is best suited to teach him. So now he needs to go to this Dumbledore and learn. You know this man?" Koshou asked Bill.

Bill smiled. "Yes. He was once my teacher. He is a great man and is well noted for his kindness and willingness to help all who asks."

"That is indeed a mark of a great man," Koshou nodded.

He turned to the ninja next to him and nodded. The ninja unwrapped his face and bowed to an astonished Bill Weasley.

"This is Harry Potter," Koshou said.

Harry Potter smiled. "So nice to meet you."

Bill Weasley bowed back. "Good to meet you, Harry."

He wondered if the Wizarding World would ever be the same again.

Harry and Bill sat on the porch for most of the morning and they talked. Harry told Bill about his life here. Bill listened with rapt attention. The more he listened the more he was convinced that Harry would take to life in the Wizarding world very easy. Then Bill told Harry all about the Wizarding World. Harry seemed to be fascinated by it.

"The only way I'll really learn about it all is to go there," Harry said finally. "We can leave in the morning."

"Good. Now I'd like to teach you something. I want to teach you how to Apparate and Disapparate. That's something that would augment your ninja skills," Bill quickly decided.

Harry grinned. "Okay."

Bill explained the mechanics of it and then demonstrated by doping short hops around the village. The ninjas watching quickly agreed that If Harry learned that he could use it very well. Harry tried it, doing a short hop across the street. It worked much to his joy. He worked at it for the rest of the day, and by nightfall had mastered it very well. Koshou was pleased.

"Well done, Harry. Use it only when you need to," Koshou said.

Bill agreed with that. "Do it discretely, and when you have to."

Harry agreed.

At dinner that night it was announced Harry was leaving. A number of the ninjas shook Harry's hand and wished him well. A much older man stepped forward. He had been the one to teach Harry meditation and was quite pleased when Harry told him about

finding Moonlit Path.

"A word of advice, Harry. Never let your anger dictate your actions. Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the darkness. Once you set foot on the dark path, you will become black ninja. There is no coming back from black ninja. Remember this," he said as he rested his hand on Harry's shoulder.

Bill had to admit the old man's words made sense. He wondered what would have happened if Tom Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, had discovered that before changing into the evil that was Voldemort.

"I will remember that. Thank you Master Sho," Harry bowed.

The old man smiled. "Good."

The next morning Bill and Harry set out for the Wizard house Bill had flooed into from England. Harry looked like a normal kid dressed in jeans and a shirt. Bill knew that appearances can be deceiving. They talked as they traveled, Bill telling Harry about his job as a curse breaker for Gringott's Bank. Harry seemed to be impressed.

"I had good teachers at Hogwarts, Harry. I know you will like it there. You'll learn so much," Bill said.

"Are we going there first?" Harry wanted to know.

"Yes. Albus Dumbledore wants to meet you. He taught your parents many things," Bill said. "He's a great man."

"Cool," Harry said.

They approached the house on the edge of a small town a little after noon. Harry went quiet and Bill wondered if he was having second thoughts.

"Are you okay Harry?" he asked.

Harry looked up. "Yes. Just checking for hostiles. You never know."

Bill slapped him self for not doing the same. What came natural to Harry he often had to work at. He couldn't afford to slip up. Especially now. Bill knocked on the door and a lady answered it.

"Come in. Fire's ready," she said.

Harry wondered why at first and then realized it was the floo transport that Bill had told him about. He followed Bill in and stood in the living room. The house seemed nice enough. Harry couldn't see anything to indicate it was connected to the Wizarding World and he said so. Bill smiled.

"The less clues the better. Don't want the wrong kind of people stumbling through the floo network," he said.

Harry nodded. Bill then explained once more what the floo network was and how to use it. Then Harry stepped up and took a handful of the powder. He poured a bit of it into the fire and clearly spoke the destination.

"Hogwarts, England!" he declared and then disappeared.

Harry watched in amazement as countless fireplaces sped past him. They lit up the darkness around him until he saw one closing in on him. He watched the light get closer and brighter until he could see the sign.

"Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry," he read out loud.

Suddenly it was on him and he was through. He slid through the opening easily and once he was clear of it he did a forward roll and drew his Katana and assumed a defensive position just as he had practiced many times. A voice greeted him.

"Welcome to Hogwarts Harry Potter," it said.

Harry turned to his left and saw an old man standing there with a lady behind him to his right. Another man stood at the old man's left shoulder. Something about him made him nervous. The man was dressed all in black with a cloak wrapped around him. His face was thin and his hair was black and appeared to be greasy.

"Harry, would you step out of the way?" the old man asked him.

Harry did and a moment later Bill Weasley came shooting out. He stepped out shaking soot off him and he smiled.

"Harry, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you one of the greatest Wizards of our time. This is Albus Dumbledore, Master of Hogwarts. The lady behind him is Minerva McGonagall, assistant to Professor Dumbledore. The man to the left is Severus Snape, Hogwart's Potions master. There are many more masters here and you will meet them all in time," Bill smiled.

Snape walked towards Harry and then circled him, studying him.

"So this is the great Harry Potter," he sneered.

Harry immediately took a disliking to the man.

"Severus, that will do," Dumbledore's voice carried a hint of power.

Harry immediately decided that Dumbledore was not a man to be crossed.

Dumbledore turned to Harry. "I imagine that you have many questions about things. Hold onto them for a bit. I imagine that you and Mr. Weasley must be famished after a long journey. Shall we step into the dining hall for lunch?"

That seemed like a good idea to Harry. He sheathed his Katana and followed the old man into the dining hall. He was amazed at the number of floating candles in the hall. He sat down at one of the tables and closed his eyes for a moment, sinking down into Getsumi no Michi. He could feel the magical power flowing through the hall.

"Do you feel it?" Dumbledore asked. "Do you feel the magic flowing in through this place?"

"Older than life, younger than me," Harry whispered.

He opened his eyes to see Dumbledore looking at him with a serious look on his face.

"Yes, Harry. You are right about that. I am pleased to know that you are very perceptible to it. You have much to learn yet. In time you will understand," he said. "For now, let's eat. Look at your plate and say what it is you want."

Harry did, trusting the old man and in seconds, food filled his plate. As Harry ate, he looked around the table and observed the people there. They all seemed to look like ordinary people, but Harry could feel magic radiating out from them. Harry wondered what would happen if he were to tap into the power that he felt flowing through here. He decided to try an experiment first chance he got.

Once lunch was over, every one push their chairs back from the table and turned to face Harry and Dumbledore. The old man sipped at his wine, collecting his thoughts.

"So many questions to ask," he said at last. "I do not know where to begin."

"My Master Koshou once told me a journey begins with a question," Harry said.

Dumbledore nodded. "And he is right. I am curious as to how you came to be in Japan."

Harry sighed as he collected his thoughts. Then he began to tell his story. People listened to him as he related his life up to now. Dumbledore nodded and he listened. Harry decided not to mention the Apparating lesson he got from Bill. That would be his secret for now. When he finished his tale he sat down.

"A ninja. Really," Snape snorted. "You expect us to believe that?"

Bill turned to face Snape. "I do, you ugly greasy git."

Snape immediately jumped up and started to charge Bill when he discovered a sharp something resting on the bridge of his nose. Nobody had seen Harry move, and yet there he was, standing there with his Katana at Snape's nose.

"Leave my friend alone," Harry's voice echoed from everywhere.

Snape turned pale as he slowly sat down.

"Perhaps a demonstration would be in order," Harry suggested.

"That would not be necessary, Harry. All of us believe you. Some people will need convincing in time. For now I would ask that all of you keep that bit of information to yourselves. Harry is right. His... unusual skills combined with the Magic inside of him would make in a most formidable opponent in a fight. I will set aside a special room for you to practice your skills in. Like magic, if not worked on and practiced on a daily basis, those skills would crumble to dust. That would be a tragedy," Dumbledore said.

Everyone quickly agreed. Dumbledore turned to Harry.

"Would you allow me to give you a tour of Hogwarts?" he asked.

Harry grinned. "I would. I would like to learn a little something about my true home."

There was a chorus of agreements from everybody except from Snape. Dumbledore smiled and motioned for Harry to follow. During the next three hours Harry got the grand tour and both of them bonded. Dumbledore found Harry to be very inquisitive and he no longer had any doubts about Harry accepting his Wizard's Heritage. Harry for his part was glad he had decided to come here.

"I am glad you are here Harry," Dumbledore said solemnly. "I trust your time here will be well spent."

Harry looked up at the old man. "I hope so."

The tour continued and Dumbledore eventually led Harry into the dungeons where Snape had his classroom. Unknown to both of them, Snape had been tracking their progress and set up a surprise for Harry. He had charmed a metal suit of armor to attack the moment he walked into the room. Dumbledore was first in the door, and then Harry walked in. As soon as he had walked in, the suit of armor acted, charging Harry while swinging a double bladed axe. Neither man saw Harry react. One second he was next to Dumbledore and the next he was standing on the other side of the armor, holding Katana in his hands, standing stock still. Dumbledore reacted first.

"Did you see Harry move, Severus?" he asked in shock.

"No, headmaster. I didn't. Yet there he is," Snape said, equally shocked.

"Severus, was this your doing?" Dumbledore asked as the suit of armor slowly went to pieces on the floor.

Snape counted eight pieces. "Yes sir. I apologize. My actions were uncalled for."

"I trust you now know the answer," Dumbledore said.

"No doubts," Snape said as Harry slowly moved.

They watched him sheathe the sword and close his eyes. A moment passed and then Harry opened his eyes.

"Are you all right, sir?" he asked.

"Yes Harry. I am fine," he said as he took a cup of tea from Snape.

He sat down as Harry looked around the room and then back to Snape.

"This is your classroom?" he asked.

"Yes, Potter, it is," Snape said.

"Suits your personality," Harry said.

Snape grumbled as a slight smile played across Dumbledore's face.

"Tell me about potions," Snape snapped.

Harry grinned. "Long version or the short one?"

Dumbledore had to laugh on that one. Apparently Harry possessed a quick wit. Snape fired off a bunch of questions about potions and Harry answered them all. Dumbledore set down his cup.

"Who taught you potions, Harry?" he asked.

"Master Sho," Harry replied.

Snape flew to a nearby bookcase and grabbed a book and flipped through it. "This man?" he asked, showing Harry the picture.

"Yes sir. That one," he replied.

Snape looked at the entry and then showed it to Dumbledore. "This man was the absolute genius at potions. He has no magic in him, but he was regarded as an expert at potions. If he taught you Potter, then you are a step well above the subject. I still expect you to work hard in my class."

"Yes sir," Harry nodded.

Snape nodded, apparently satisfied with Harry's answer.

"Now then, I apologize for setting the armor on you. I needed to know if you were telling the truth during lunch. A lesson for you to consider. Never tell a person you can do something that you know you can't. You might be called out on it," Snape said.

Dumbledore nodded. "Very true, Severus. Definitely a lesson to consider."

The door opened at that moment and Bill walked in along with McGonagall.

"What happened in here?" McGonagall asked when she saw the armor scattered on the floor.

"Snape tested my abilities," Harry replied. "I convinced him."

Snape drew his want and waved it over the armor. "Repairo!"

Harry watched in amazement as the armor went back together and moved back to its spot. Snape turned to Harry.

"There's your first spell. Repairo. It fixes thing back to its original condition," Snape informed Harry.

Harry nodded. "I'll remember that one."

"Good. It may come in handy for you," Snape said.

Dumbledore glanced at the large clock in the corner. "It's getting a bit late in the day. Perhaps now is the time for Mr. Weasley to escort Harry to the Burrow and meet his future classmates."

Bill beamed. "Good idea, sir."

"Potter, a word of advice. Be very careful around the Weasley Twins. They have a reputation for being pranksters," Snape said.

Harry looked at Bill. "Something I neglected to tell you."

Harry turned to Dumbledore. "Thank you for showing me around, sir. I enjoyed talking to you and learning about this place."

Dumbledore smiled. "It was my pleasure, Harry. Off with you now."

Harry smiled and followed Bill upstairs to the Great Fireplace. He followed Bill's instructions and slid out of the fireplace into what seemed like a wild looking house. He wondered if he had taken a wrong turn when Bill appeared behind him.

"Oh good, you made it," Bill said. "Welcome to the Weasley house, better known as the Burrow."

Harry looked around at everything. He was amazed at what he saw. He couldn't come up with the right word to describe it all.

"It's all so cool," he said.

Bill laughed, and then raising his voice he yelled out, "Ma, I'm home. Brought him with me for the summer."

At that, a red headed lady came out of the kitchen and grabbed Bill, squeezing him hard. She stepped back and looked him over, grumbling over his appearance. Then she looked at Harry standing next to Bill.

"Mum, Harry Potter. Harry, my Mum, Molly Weasley, the real power in the Weasley Clan," Bill said, making the introductions.

"And don't you forget that," she growled at Bill

"Who, me?" Bill asked, producing a bouquet of roses from behind his back.

Her face softened at the sight of the flowers. "Oh you sweetie."

She turned to Harry and hugged him. "Our home is yours, dear. Bill, show him up to Ron's room. He'll sleep in there for the rest of the summer."

She took the flowers from Bill and went back into the kitchen. Bill grinned and led Harry up the stairs and into an orange colored room. Harry blinked at the sight of the posters on the wall. There were people moving in them, flying on brooms.

Bill laughed at Harry's expression. "Wizarding posters. They're playing Quidditch."

Harry sighed. "Now I know I'm not in Kansas anymore."

Bill looked at the floor. "Funny, I didn't see a little black dog come in with you."

Harry sighed once more as Bill laughed. He dropped his pack on the bed and followed Bill back down to the kitchen. Molly turned when Harry and Bill walked in.

"Would you like a spot of tea, Harry?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you," he said.

A moment later a big cup of tea was on the table. Harry picked it up by the handle and sipped it. It tasted quite good going down.

"Everyone will be back soon. Went shopping at Diagon Alley," Molly explained.

Before Harry could ask what Diagon Alley was, the clock on the wall made a funny sound. Harry looked at it and blinked. That had to be the strangest clock he'd ever seen. It had at least several hands on it, each with a name on it. Harry couldn't see the names because they were covered up by the top one. One by one, the hands moved from Diagon Alley to traveling. Harry read each name as the hands moved.

"George, Arthur, Ron, Fred, Percy, and Ginny," he read out loud.

"They are my brothers and sisters. Charlie will be home in a few days. He's in Romania, working with dragons," Bill said.

Harry reacted to that, his hand moving up to his left shoulder and rubbing it. Bill noticed the motion, but kept his questions to himself as the fireplace pinged. A moment later a red headed girl skipped into the kitchen.

"Mum! I'm home!" she announced.

Spotting Harry seated at the table, she stopped and looked at him. "Hullo, who are you?"

Harry smiled. "I'm Harry Potter."

She let out a squeal and ran back into the living room. A moment later she reappeared with the others behind her. "See?" she practically shouted.

"Bloody hell, it is Harry Potter!" exclaimed a shorter boy.

Molly turned and cracked her wooden spoon against the counter. "Attention!"

They all snapped to and Harry realized Bill was right. She was the power in the Weasley Clan. She turned to Harry.

"Harry, my family. Arthur, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Charlie is the missing one and Bill you all ready met. This is Harry Potter, everybody. He'll be staying with us for the rest of the summer," she said. "Now all of you go outside and find something to do."

Harry realized that was an excellent idea. "I'll dash up and change into shorts. I could use a little exercise."

He pulled off his jeans and reached into his pack for a pair of shorts. He checked his mawashi and then pulled his shorts on. "Better," he sighed. He adjusted his Ninja-to and then headed down to the kitchen. As soon as he walked in he had the feeling he missed something. He simply shrugged it off. Ron grinned.

"Come on, mate. Let's check out the back," Ron said.

Harry followed Ron out and smiled. This he was definitely used to. It was obvious they were out in the countryside from all of the trees he could see. He took in a good lungful of fresh air and let it out.

"It's nice here," Harry commented.

Ron grinned. "Thanks mate. We've been here for ages. Dad used to live here when he was a kid."

Harry smiled. "That's cool, Ron. Makes those family ties stronger."

They ambled towards the trees and into them. Harry took the chance to look them over. Ginny seemed to be a bit shy and she was cute. Ron looked like an average guy. The twins took some figuring out. Harry had the feeling they were up to something.

"So who's in Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

Fred smiled. "George and I are. Percy's a prefect there. You'll love it, Harry. Great place to be."

"I know. Albus Dumbledore gave me the grand tour earlier today," Harry said. "I know I'm going to love being there."

Both twins grinned and Harry knew they were plotting something.

"What are you guys plotting? Professor Snape warned me about you two," Harry said, stopping and looking at them.

"Us?" George threw his arm around Fred's shoulders. "We're very nice guys."

Percy snorted at that. "Oh, let's see. Coffee that made Charlie chirp last time he was here, rubber wands, fake chickens, candy that makes you do strange things, and God know what else you two have cooked up over the years. Those two, Harry, are certified rule breakers at Hogwarts. Word is that they have an entire filing cabinet full of their various misdeeds in Fitch's office."

"Not to mention a record of the most detentions awarded to any student in a year. Gonna try and break last year's?" Ron asked the twins.

They reacted by grinning wide. Percy just sighed as Ginny laughed along with Harry. They walked underneath some trees and then suddenly a snake dropped out from one of the low branches right onto Ginny. Harry reacted even before anyone had a chance to. He drew his ninja-to and sliced the head off and had it back in the scabbard lightening fast. Then he knocked the snake's body off Ginny before it could hurt her. All of the Weasleys stood there in shock. Ron found his voice first.

"Bloody hell," he said. "How did you do that?"

"I'll explain later at dinner. For now, let's steer clear of the trees," Harry suggested as he took Ginny's hand into his and gently guided her from the tree.

They took a different route down to the river that was a quarter mile from the house. Harry grinned when he saw it. It reminded him of the days when he went skinny-dipping in the one that ran through the village. Now he could practice his underwater breathing techniques.

"This looks like a good place to swim," he said.

"It is. All of us learned to swim down here," Ron said. "How about we come back here tomorrow?"

"Count me in," Fred said.

"Same here," George said.

It was agreed to and they all headed back to the house. As they got closer to the house, Harry could see the long dirt driveway.

"How far is it from the front door of your house to the road?" Harry asked.

"Three miles one way, six miles round trip," Percy replied. "Why?"

Harry nodded. "I run six miles every morning."

Percy whistled. "Wow. You must be in great shape then."

"I try to be," Harry said. "It's important to be in good shape."

A voice was heard in the distance. Ron grinned.

"Dinner's on. Let's go!" he said and set off at a trot for the house. "You'll love Mum's cooking, it's the best!"

Harry sighed as he pushed him self away from the table. Ron had been right. Molly was an excellent cook.

"Mrs. Weasley, Ron said that you were a great cook. He was right," Harry said.

Molly kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you dear. Please call me Molly."

Harry grinned. "I will."

He watched as the dishes floated to the sink and start washing them selves. He shook his head in amazement.

"Amazing stuff, eh Harry?" Arthur asked with a smile on his face.

"Yes sir," Harry replied.

The Weasleys laughed and then started to move into the living room with cups of tea or soda cans in their hands. Once in the living room Percy turned to Harry.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to know how you moved so fast when you killed the snake that dropped onto Ginny from the tree," he asked.

Molly turned pale when she heard that. "When did that happen?"

"Earlier, when we took a walk to the river. One second it was sitting on Ginny's shoulders, the next it was on the ground," Ron explained.

Bill sighed and nodded to Harry.

"What I am about to tell you must be kept secret. None of you can tell anyone, especially you two guys," Harry pointed to the twins.

Fred nodded. "We may be pranksters, but we will keep your secrets, Harry. Wizard's Honor. We take that very seriously."

"I take matters of Honor seriously my self. Have any of you ever heard of ninjas?" Harry asked.

Nobody said anything for a moment, and then Percy spoke up. "Aren't they a group of secret silent assassins from Japan?"

"That's partially right," Harry replied, choosing his words carefully. "There are Ninja Clans who do kill people for the right price. I don't think there is any Honor in that. There are other ninja clans who are trained in that, but choose to use their skills to protect people and their country."

"So what does that have to do with you?" George asked.

Harry took a breath and let it out. "I was taken to a village in Japan and was trained to be a ninja ever since I was one year old by a ninja clan."

The clock on the mantle ticked loudly for a few minutes until Ron broke the silence.

"So that's how you were able to move that fast," he said.

A thought slowly occurred to Percy. "A Ninja Wizard. Once you've been fully trained in your magic skills, you'd be truly invincible and very powerful, not to mention deadly."

Harry nodded. "But I swore before Dumbledore and the teachers at Hogwarts I'd use my skills to help and protect people."

Arthur nodded slowly. "I cannot speak for my family, but I can and will help you learn what you need to know about your Wizard's Heritage. I believe a trip to Diagon Alley is needed to get a wand and some books for you. We go after breakfast tomorrow."

One by one, each Weasley announced their support for Harry. Arthur immediately wrote a letter and sent it off to Dumbledore with Errol, the Family owl.

"I've asked for a list of the first year books you will need. We can get them for Ron as well. Might make a full day of it. Bill, any way to find out if the Potters left money for Harry?" Arthur asked.

Bill rose and went upstairs. A moment later he returned. "I just sent an owl to the head goblin at Gringott's Bank. We should know the answer before long."

Ron got a funny look on his face and then yawned. "I'm beat. Heading upstairs to bed."

"I'm tired, too. Right behind you Ron," Harry said and followed Ron to his room.

"Oh good, a second bed's been set up for you. Unpack yet?" Ron asked.

Ron helped Harry unpack and then both boys settled into bed. Harry closed his eyes and went right to sleep. It had been a long day.

As was his habit, Harry woke a bit before first light. Ron was still sound asleep, so he quietly tied mawashi on himself and slipped out the window with Ninja-to on his back and a bag in his hands with some of his weapons. He set the bag down on the table in the back yard and then jogged around to the front of the house. He slipped into Getsumi no Michi while he stretched out and scanned the area around him. No hostile though patters anywhere near here. Harry stood up and then began to run. Not a light jog type run, but a full out fast as you can kind of run. By the time he reached the road, his heart was pumping hard and he was breathing hard. He turned around and headed back.

Ron was the next to get up. He wandered into the kitchen and started a pot of tea and a pot of coffee. He sat by the kitchen window, staring out into the yard. He noticed the bag on the table and wondered what it was. He turned when the rest of the Weasleys walked into the kitchen.

"Where's Harry?" Ginny asked.

Ron realized he hadn't seen Harry in bed.

"He's probably gone running," Percy said while sipping his tea. "He did ask how far it was to the road and said he ran six miles a day."

Ron turned back to the window just in time to see Harry sit on the ground and start his meditation. He blinked when he saw the dragon tattoo.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed.

The Weasleys looked out to see what Ron had exclaimed about and then stared in shock at Harry. In addition to the dragon tattoo, Harry was quite muscular, having lifted weights since he was eight under the careful supervision of a master. They watched as Harry began his katas, going through each exercise. Then it became obvious to Ron what was in the bag. It was the rest of Harry's weapons. Harry spent the next hour working with each weapon and the Weasleys had an idea of what it could do by the time Harry was done with it. They also had an idea of what Harry could do with his skills. Percy's thought rang through their minds once more. Arthur turned to Percy.

"Your thought about Harry's skills once he masters magic was a very correct observation," he said.

They heard a noise and turned to see Harry in the kitchen.

"Now you have an idea of what I am capable of. As for the tattoo, it is the insignia of Clan Neko Ninja, the Clan I belong to. I am Neko Ninja for life. I am also a Wizard for life. I am also your friend for life. Do not hesitate to ask me for help. I will not hesitate to answer a call for help from any Weasley, no matter who they are. My word of Honor in this matter," Harry stated.

Molly stepped forward. "Then you shall become my son for life."

Harry nodded. "I accept."

A noise at the window caused everyone to turn. An old owl sat at the window and blinked once, and then rolled over onto its back and conked out. Arthur walked over and calmly retrieved the letter it held in it's talons. He opened the letter and read it.

"Albus thinks my suggestion of starting Harry's education is a wise one. He sent a list of first year books as well," Arthur said.

They turned once more when another owl flew into the kitchen and stopped in front of Bill. He read the letter and nodded.

"Harry, you and I have an appointment to see the head goblin at Gringott's at ten," he announced. "It's eight thirty now, so let's get moving here."

That spurred everyone into action. What questions Harry had would have to wait.

Harry stood in front of the fireplace as everyone assembled. Bill turned to Harry.

"You remember how to work the floo?" he asked.

Harry nodded. "Say the name of where you want to go while pouring the powder on the fire," he said.

"Good. This time it's the Leaky Cauldron," Bill said.

Harry nodded as Arthur stepped up and tossed his powder and disappeared. Harry followed and once more he saw the fireplaces rushing past. He slid out of the fireplace and looked up into Arthur's face.

"You made it," he said

"Fun ride," Harry remarked, which drew a laugh from the patrons at the bar.

As he stood up, people recognized him. The excited chatter started almost immediately until someone held up a paper to him. On the front page of what was called the Daily Prophet, was a picture of him as a little baby with the scar on his forehead. Harry wondered how they got that picture. He decided he needed to ask Dumbledore about it next time he saw him. Harry nodded to the people at the bar.

"Nice to meet you all," Harry said as the rest of the Weasleys came through.

Arthur led Harry to the brick wall in the back. "Hang onto your hat, Harry. Here goes nothing."

He turned and tapped certain bricks in a sequence, which Harry committed to memory. To his astonishment, the bricks came to life and quickly moved out of the way, revealing to him a street full of people.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, Harry Potter. This, my friend, is the Wizarding World's shopping mall. Anything related to the Wizarding World can be found here," Arthur said as he led the way inside.

"Wow," Harry said as he followed Ron inside.

He turned to watch the brick wall move back into place. He touched the wall and it felt solid to him. Bill tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around.

"Amazing, huh?" Bill asked.

"That it is," Harry admitted. "So where do we go first?"

Bill checked his watch. "Gringott's Bank first."

Bill led the way to the bank. It was a tall imposing building sitting on the corner of the main street. Harry leaned back to see the top of the four story building and saw the stone gargoyles perched on each corner.

"Security sentries. They have moved only twice in Wizarding History that I know of," Bill commented.

Harry nodded and then approached the front doors. Standing at the front doors was a goblin, and he looked mean enough. Harry smiled at the goblin as it opened the door for him and let him in.

"Thank you," he said.

The goblin merely nodded, already looking at the next person. Harry turned to see a second set of doors. The silver doors had something etched on them.

"Enter stranger, but take heed, of what awaits the sin of greed, for those who take, but do not earn, must pay dearly in their turn, so if you seek beneath our floors, a treasure that was never yours, thief, you have been warned beware, of finding more than treasure there," Harry read out loud. *

Bill leaned over Harry. "That's why nobody ever dares try to rob this bank. The stories that are told of the terrible retribution the goblins deal out are not exaggerated."

"There is no Honor is stealing a person's hard earned money," Harry declared as they walked further into the bank.

Bill guided him up to a tall desk. The goblin sitting there looked over his spectacles at Bill and then Harry.

"Bill Weasley," he said in a raspy voice. "What brings you here?"

"This is Harry Potter," Bill said, moving Harry in front of him. "He's come to claim the Potter Family Vault."

"So he does now, does he?" the goblin said. "Very well. We must see the Master about this."

He slid off his tall stool and guided them to a hall and down it to a large ornate door. The goblin rapped on it twice and then entered. A moment later he stepped out and motioned for both to follow him in. The goblin behind the desk rose and looked Harry over. Harry felt a shiver run up and down his spine for a moment and then the goblin nodded.

"I am satisfied that you are who you claim to be. Weasley, take him to the vault. Here is the key," he said, handing it to Bill. "Make sure the key bonds with the boy before he uses it."

"Yes sir," Bill said, and then escorted Harry out.

Another goblin nodded and motioned for them to follow him. They stepped into a roller coaster kind of cart and then went on a wild ride before stopping at another ornate door. Bill handed Harry the key.

"Say to the key, I am Harold James Potter, son of James and Lily. Then it will scan you and then it will be bonded to you forever. You can call it up anytime you need it," Bill said.

Harry did it and he felt the key come alive in his hand. Then it flew straight for the lock and into it. The moment it did, the door suddenly became bright and clear once more, the dullness and grime disappearing. The Potter name was distinctly displayed across the ornate door. Harry touched the key and it turned. The door opened and Harry gasped at what he saw. The vault was full to overflowing.

"Your parents were the absolute best Aurors ever. What you see here is the reward money they collected from grateful Wizarding countries and the money they earned as England's Aurors. They chose to live a simple life, in a simple house. The other half is money handed down to generations of Potter and Evans. You are the last of the Houses. Spend it wisely," Bill cautioned.

Harry filled up the moneybag he had at his waist and then closed the bulging bag. He closed the door and the key simply vanished after leaving the keyhole.

"The next time you come here it will reappear in your pocket when you step through the doors. I don't know how or why it works that way, but it does. Come, we need to leave and find the others," Bill said.

Back out in the sunshine, Harry looked back at Gringott's. It was an experience he'd never forget, one he knew he would tell over and over again, right up to his dying day. He turned and followed Bill down the street. He kept looking everywhere. There was so much to see, hear, and experience. Harry knew he'd need at least a week here to properly see it all. As they made their way around Diagon Alley buying the things Harry would need for his first year at Hogwarts ("Might as well get everything now, Harry. Save you a trip later," Bill stated), Harry became more and more intrigued at the Wizarding World. Even the Owl Emporium fascinated him. He fell in love with a very beautiful snowy owl that he saw in a cage outside the shop. The owl turned and stared deep into Harry's eyes and he felt in that moment that she was meant to be his familiar. Bill noticed and smiled. Now he knew what would be perfect for Harry's first birthday in the Wizarding World. He even wondered if Harry even had a birthday. Fred caught his eye and he nodded towards the bird and Harry. Fred nodded back, the message having been sent. Fred stepped up to Harry.

"Have you seen the Quidditch shop yet?" he asked casually.

"Quidditch?" Harry asked in surprise. "What's that?"

Fred smiled as he led Harry in that direction. Once they were out of sight, Bill immediately got the cage from the stand and went inside with it. He bought the owl, the cage, and everything the bird would need and then spelled it to the house. Before he did, he leaned forward and whispered to the bird. "Don't worry. You'll see him again. He will be your master." Bill swore the owl smiled as it vanished.

"Okay, I think I got this down," Harry said to Fred as Bill walked up to them.

Fred sighed, and then brightened up. "We could play a game when we get back home. Maybe you'll understand it better then."

"He's a first year, Fred. Not allowed a broom just yet," Bill reminded Fred.

"That's right," Fred swore. "I totally forgot. But isn't it allowed at home?"

"I'll ask Dad," Bill said as he led the way to Madam Malkin's Robes. "He would know the answer better that I do."

"Or Percy would. He's a walking, living, breathing rule book. He'd be perfect for a job as a stuffed shirt at the Ministry," Fred huffed.

Bill turned to Fred and George. "Come on, he's not that bad."

"Sez you," George griped.

Bill folded his arms across his chest and stared at them. "He is our brother, regardless of who he is and what he believes."

Mrs. Weasley's arrival ended the argument. "Have you been inside yet, Harry?"

He turned to face her. "No I haven't. What is this store?"

"Robes. They make robes here. You'll need a few for Hogwarts Harry," Bill stated.

Harry had a picture in his mind of people running around Hogwarts in bathrobes.

"They are not bathrobes. Did you see what it was that Dumbledore was wearing?" Bill asked.

Then it clicked. "Oh. That kind of robe," Harry said. "How functional are they?"

Bill realized Harry was asking that question from his viewpoint. "Depends on what it is you'll be doing."

Harry just smiled and Bill suddenly knew what Harry was referring to. When they left an hour later, Harry had ordered at least a dozen robes, all in basic black. They would be sent to the Weasley House with the Hogwarts logo sewn onto them. Harry already had planned some very special modifications to them.

That had been the last stop of the day. The Weasley family and Harry headed back to the Leaky Cauldron to head home through the floo network. As they passed through the bar, people nodded to them and a few shook Harry's hand. Once back at the house Harry went out into the backyard and sat on a tree stump and let his thoughts wander over what he had see that day. It all was so impressive and overwhelming. He felt something pass over him and he looked up. Standing in front of him was the faint outline of his parents. They smiled and nodded to him and suddenly Harry knew things would work out okay. He turned to see the Weasley kids coming out of the house with their brooms. Bill held another one for Harry.

"Time to learn how to ride," he said.

Harry paid attention and quickly got the hang of it. Bill grinned as the others looked on in surprise.

"A natural. He's a natural, I told you all," Bill said.

Percy nodded. "I have to agree with you."

Bill mounted his and rose up to where Harry was. Harry had a huge grin on his face.

"I love this!" he yelled.

Bill had to laugh. "You're not the only one."

They landed together and the Weasleys congratulated him on his first flight. Then they taught him Quidditch while playing it. Harry picked up on it right away and it became obvious that the Seeker's position was perfect for him. Harry laughed in joy as he came down to the ground with the Snitch in his hand.

"Harry, you're a natural!" Fred exclaimed.

Bill nodded as he took the snitch from Harry. "That he is. That he is."

Molly called them into dinner and after dinner Harry took a long walk down to the river to think about what he had seen and heard that day. He was more convinced now than ever that he truly belonged here. Coming here had done something for him and now he knew he would never be the same. Life would now take on a whole new meaning as it led him in this direction into this bright new world. He hoped he was up to the task that his destiny had set in front of him. With good friends and his parents behind him, he knew he would make it.

End Chapter One.


Well, there it is. The first chapter to a Harry Potter fan fiction. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy this one. Please review and leave comments, that way I'll know how I'm doing. There is more coming, and I will be basing this loosely on the books that are currently out. Yes, the Dursleys will be appearing in this fan fiction, but not until much later. How will they handle Harry's abilities and lifestyle? That will be answered much later on. As for a love life, that won't happen until much later, so I have no idea which girl he will be paired up with. Any suggestions will be taken seriously. See you in the next chapter.