Ninja Wizard 60

By David

Author's Notes: It's done. This chapter marks the end of a long and incredible saga. When I first started this thing I never thought it would take this long to do. But it did and I'm okay with that. This fic was a lot of fun to do. I learned so much from writing this fic, and met a lot of great people along the way. Your notes and critics helped me to stretch a bit and grow as a writer. I in turn discovered a number of great fics along the way and really enjoyed the ones that captured my interest, and that isn't hard to do. If it has plenty of action and humor in it, and updates on a regular basis, I'll follow it. To those writers, I say thanks for writing something brilliant. Keep it going. I know I enjoyed writing this one. Thanks for reading this one.

Ninja Wizard 60

"Roll Call"

Harry Potter – Harry went on to enjoy a long and successful career in the Ministry. What made him a success was the fact that he was constantly on the go. He was never idle, and he could be found in the office every now and then. He spent most of his time out in the Wizarding World observing things and people. If any trouble ever flared up, Harry would be seen at the head of a troop of Aurors, leading them into battle against those who wanted to create chaos and do harm to those in the Wizarding World. His ninja skills always turned the tide of the battle in their favor, and many a battle was won by him. Harry was known to move behind a counter in any department he happened to visit and do what he could to help the person looking for help. Harry also fought hard to establish better relations between the Wizarding World, other races, and the Muggle World authorities. Harry supported the motion that the Wizarding World was better off remaining hidden from the Muggle World.

Harry's personal project, the Lily and James Potter Memorial organization, became very successful. The orphanage was very successful and a number of kids in there were adopted into loving families, the Weasleys taking in a few themselves. A number of them expressed an interest in learning Harry's martial arts skills and Harry asked Tino to be the head of the Marauder's Dojo, to which he agreed instantly. A number of them went on to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, members of the Ministry, and researchers. The organization did more than support the orphanage. It eventually supported other relief organizations and did much to ensure that all Wizarding kids regardless of their status were treated equally.

Harry did marry Hermione in the spring. Both of them had a big family of four kids, two boys, and two girls. James was the first born, with Lily following, then Sirius, and then Sabrina. All four kids were powerful wizards and witched even before starting Hogwarts. All four were natural born pranksters in their own right, often starting prank wars with their father and their Weasley friends. Harry trained the ones interested in the Way of Ninja and taught their kids and they passed on to the other Potter family that followed, ensuring that there would be warriors from the Potter family when they were needed. The Potter Family became well known for producing warriors as well as doctors, lawyers, and masters in various areas.

As Harry grew older, he was starting to slow down a bit. He eventually left the Ministry to make room for a younger minister at the age of 80. He settled into retirement and continued to assist the Ministry at times in the capacity of an elder statesman. His diplomatic 

skills solved many a crisis. He eventually retired from public life at the age of 100 with Hermione. They lived together in a big house on the edge of Hogsmeade where they watched many of their grandchildren play on the grounds. The day Harry Potter passed away at the ripe old age of 150, the Wizarding World mourned the loss of a great man. Never again would another person like Harry Potter would ever be seen.

Hermione Jane Granger – She stood by Harry's side in the years that he was Minister of Magic, and again as his wife. She was a valuable help to his career. Harry encouraged her to blaze her own trail through life and she did. She returned to Hogwarts and completed her education and graduated at the top of the class with marks that would stand for all time. She went to work in the Ministry as a researcher in the Department of Mysteries. She solved many mysteries in her lifetime and her research led to a better developed Wolfsbane Potion as well as other cures for other things. But her greatest joy was in becoming a mother to the four Potter kids. Her life with them was one constant adventure after another, especially when it became obvious early on that all four of her kids had inherited their Dad's love for pranking. One never knew what was going to happen next in the Potter house.

Hermione retired from the Department of Mysteries at the age of 80. She had served with distinction and loyalty for so long. She retired with Harry to their house between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. She continued to support Hogwarts and volunteered her time at the school, teaching kids in things they needed help in. Hermione was loved and respected by all who went there and all of the kids loved to hear her stories of the past. Hermione Jane Granger passed on at the age of 125.

Ronald Weasley – He continued in his role as general to the Wizarding World's army, established by him through the efforts of many at the Auror Service. He was well respected for his combat skills and leadership skills, preferring to lead his troops from the front. When he wasn't leading the Wizarding World military, he was busy with his first love, Quidditch. He started out his career with United and finished his career with his favorite team, the Chudley Cannons, helping them win many games and many seasons. He continued to support the Lily and James Potter Memorial, donating much of his time and money to help the kids in the orphanage. He helped to establish a Quidditch team early on in the first few months of the orphanage's life, which continues strong to this day, turning out many great players.

Ron remained a bachelor for life, never getting married. It was said of him that he was more interested in Quidditch and leading the Wizarding World's military rather than settle down. He is Godfather to Harry Potter's first born son, and beloved uncle to the rest of the Potter brood, as well as his brother's kid's and honorary uncle to Teddy Lupin. Ron passed on at the age of 80. He was buried with full honors.

Fred Weasley – Fred continued to create new and better gags, returning to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes after the war with the DE's was over. He did get serious at some point in his life and served a term as the head of a department in the Ministry, sharing the top spot of Sports and 

Games with his brother, George. That department was really never the same again after they retired from it. Fred worked hard to promote the spirit of Sports and Games, going as far as to promote the idea of a Wizarding Olympics. That idea caught on and today it is a big event held every four years in a different country.

Fred married his Hogwarts sweetheart Angelea Spinnet and together they had four boys. All four boys inherited Fred's love of pranking, much to Angelea's horror. She eventually gave up trying to keep all five kids as she referred to Fred and the boys in line and just made sure there were no serious injuries.

Fred continued to work with WWW, eventually moving it into other countries and creating bigger and more elaborate gags. Fred passed on at the age of 84.

George Weasley – Like his brother, George returned to his gags and prankster ways right after the war, pranking his brother Ron during the victory celebrations with a spiked bottle of Ogden's Best, turning Ron into a very large yellow parakeet. George did serve a term with his brother Fred in the Sports and Games department of the Ministry. He was well remembered for some of his outlandish gags, prompting a prank war in that department as the employees there strived to outdo their bosses at every turn.

George was never married. People who knew him said that George was far more interested in having a very good time with WWW and pranking. George passed on at the age of 83, pranking people right up to the last moment of his life.

Charlie Weasley – He returned to Romania as a decorated war hero and continued his work with the dragons. He made many discoveries during his long career with dragons and published a few books and papers on his discoveries. He became a leading expert on dragons.

Charlie Weasley did get married and had two kids. They, like their father, developed a great interest in Dragons over their mother's objections and were taught many things about dragons. Charlie passed on at the age of 82.

Ginny Weasley – She went on to have a great career as a healer. She was credited for discovering many cures for various ailments and for her work at St. Mungo's. She served for a time as Hogwart's healer, recommended by Madame Pomfrey when she retired at the age of 90. Ginny was so loved by the students of Hogwarts. She eventually specialized in adolescent care. She was called the Florence Nightingale of the Wizarding World.

She married Dean Thomas and they had three kids together. Ginny remained active in the healing arts up to the day she passed on at the age of 98. A wing at Hogwarts and at St. Mungo's was named after her in her honor.

Bill Weasley – Bill recovered from his wounds inflicted on him in the war. Other than a preference for rare steak, Bill never exhibited any werewolf characteristics of one much to everyone's relief. Bill returned to Gringotts Bank and picked up where he left off as a valued 

cursebreaker. Fleur served as Bill's assistant, going where he went. They did have children, three of them. It soon became obvious as soon as they were able to hold a wand that they had inherited their father's skill. Bill took great delight in teaching them the tricks of the trade and each one went on to have a great career.

Bill and Fleur retired at the ages of 80 and 83. They continued to live in Shell Cottage by the sea for the rest of their lives. Bill passed on at 102, and Fleur passed on at 99.

Neville Longbottom – Neville began a long career as a Herbology master, supplying plants to Hogwarts as well as teaching the subject once the war was over and Hogwarts was rebuilt. He eventually became Head of Gryffindor after McGonagall gave up the position to become headmistress of Hogwarts. Neville was credited for making many discoveries, of which led to new and improved potions.

Neville married Luna Lovegood and they had two kids. He passed on at the age of 100.

Luna Lovegood Longbottom – She married Neville a year after she left Hogwarts. She restarted the Quibbler and continued to report on events in the Wizarding World. She won several awards for articles written and interviews given by various people including Harry Potter. She volunteered her time at the orphanage and taught journalism part time at Hogwarts and at the school at the orphanage.

Luna retired at the age of 85, leaving the Quibbler to a daughter. She passed on at the age of 101 and was buried next to her husband.

Dame Augusta Longbottom – She continued to serve the Wizengamot well into her old age. Many of the freshmen senators would approach her for advice since she was the second oldest known person (Albus Dumbledore was the first at age 175) to sit on the Wizengamot. She retired at the age of 130 and Neville took her place.

Dame Augusta Longbottom passed on at the age of 135.

Arthur Weasley – He continued to serve England as an Ambassador to the Americas for many years. His love for anything Muggle sometimes got him into trouble, but nobody minded due to the fact that his cool head always prevailed in critical situations. He was one of Harry's biggest supporters and a trusted advisor. He also took in a number of orphans and adopted them, helping them to become great people. He continued to live in the Burrow that got rebuilt after the war with his wife, Molly. He retired at the age of 80 but still donated his time to the orphanage. The children there always looked forward to hear stories of the Wizarding World from their 'Gramps Weasley'.

Arthur Weasley passed on at the age of 98.

Molly Weasley – Molly continued to be the guiding force in the Weasley Clan. She became very active in the orphanage that Harry had established, even adopting some of the kids. She was appointed to the Wizarding Child's Advocate Office as the director and proved she was a formidable person when it came to the welfare of a child. Even both Wizarding and Muggle CPS respected her. She eventually retired with Arthur to the Burrow at age of 80 when arthritis became a problem. She was looked after by her kids.

Molly Weasley passed on at the age of 100.

Minerva McGonagall – She stepped into the role of headmistress of Hogwarts after the war. She was respected and honored for her work at Hogwarts. She had to cut back on her teaching, so she taught the seventh years only while leaving Transfigurations to a former student who got her master's in Transfigurations. Minerva McGonagall retired from Hogwarts at the age of 95. She continued to support Hogwarts while living there on the grounds.

Minerva McGonagall passed on at the age of 105.

Filius Flitwick – He took on the post of assistant headmaster of Hogwarts and continued to teach Charms as well as leading his house. Filius Flitwick was one of the best known teachers of Hogwarts. He retired at the age of 80.

Filius Flitwick passed on at the age of 96.

Sybil Trelawney – She left Hogwarts a year later after the final battle, stating that her Inner Eye had shown her that she was in need of a rest and that her future lay elsewhere. Soon after Hogwarts dropped Divination from its list of classes.

Sybil Trelawney was never seen again.

Draco Malfoy – Draco Malfoy was listed and declared missing in action. He was last seen by Ronald Weasley after the Room of Hidden Things incident. After many searches of the castle, the surrounding area, the remains of Malfoy Manor, he was declared to be missing. He has never been seen since.

Greg Goyle – Disappeared with Draco Malfoy after the Room of Hidden Things incident. It is uncertain what happened to him after Ronald Weasley left them in the hallway in front of the Room of Hidden Things. There were searches conducted for him as well and he was finally declared missing.

Pansy Parkinson – She continued to promote the DE agenda and caused many problems in the Wizarding World, going rogue soon after she graduated Hogwarts. Many feared that she would 

be the next dark lord. She made the mistake of taking on Hermione Potter five years later and lost the battle. She now resides in Azkaban, having received a life sentence.

Pansy Parkinson died of insanity at age 35.

Creevey Brothers – Dennis and Colin both were awarded the Order of Merlin Second class in the war for their efforts. They finished their Hogwarts education and went into business together as photographers. They produced a number of award winning coffee table books and their photography skills were in great demand. One of their greatest triumphs was the Potter Wedding. Both of them did marry in their mid twenties and had kids, Colin three and Dennis four. Out of the seven kids only one showed great interest in their father's photography studios. She took over the business when they retired at 87 and 90 respectively. Colin passed on at 101. Dennis passed on at 103.

Professor Severus Snape – Snape's body was found in the remains of Riddle Manor where Voldemort had his final base. The apparent cause of death was snake bites all over his body. Snape was cremated and his ashes scattered over the grounds of his former home, Spinner's End. His journals were discovered during a routine search of his house in an effort to locate any relatives. The journals shed much light on the man that he was, the things he did, and saw. It was discovered at the end of the journals that Snape had indeed been working for Voldemort all of this time. Other journals were discovered and these were an accurate record of his potions research and creations. The books were handed over to the Department of Mysteries researchers for investigation and many of them were found to be extremely effective in curing ailments. One of them was a cure to reverse the effects of the Crutacious Curse. Alice and Frank Longbottom were restored after undergoing the treatments.

Narcissa Malfoy – It was rumored that she left England for France and spent her last days in a Wizarding Nursing Home. In the time she was there she never one time said anything about Draco Malfoy.

Dobby and Winky – Both house elves served Harry and Hermione faithfully until their old age. They did get married and had a number of children who bonded to the Potters and joined their house when they were old enough. Dobby was awarded the Order of Merlin Second Class and became the first house elf ever to receive such honors for his role in the war. He was not the only house elf to receive honors. All of the Hogwarts elves received honors for their efforts in the final battle.