Author's Note: This is just something that popped in my head and wouldn't go away. A bad thing, especially when you have multiple exams to study for in the next week.

This is Robin contemplating her future on the run with Amon. Warning: Spoilers!




Do you regret it?


That we left them - that they think we're dead?



-It means they're safe.

That ignorance is bliss?

-Yes. And insurance.

It's strange though. I miss them.




Could you really do it?


Shoot me.

-(pause) Yes.

Would you regret it?

-I don't know.

Would I ever have to shoot you?



-I would turn myself in to Solomon.

I think I would then.


Because I couldn't see you in a place like that.

-(pause) Why?

My mother called me Hope'. What kind of hope would I be if I couldn't save a friend?



-Am I your friend?

Of course.

-Even though one day I may betray you?

It's not a betrayal if I already know. I'd rather you do it anyway, if it came to that moment.

-(pause) I think it would be best for you to do the same for me.

So who is who's watchdog?

-(pause) That was almost funny, Robin.

I heard once that we make our own nemesis.

- Yes.



Were you in a relationship with Touko?

-That's private information.


-She was Zaizen's daughter.

I guess we do make our own nemesis then.



-What, Robin.

What are we going to do?

-I don't know.

Will we ever see the others?

-I don't know. Most likely they'll hunt us in the future.

I hope so.


I used to talk with Michael a lot. I miss that.

-You're talking to me.

Yes, I suppose I am.


Well, that's it. Anyone interested in a continuation?
BTW, I don't really like the Robin and Amon pairing. She's 15 and he's most likely in his late twenties. Hello? Just a little odd there. I really like Michael though. Awesome computer-boy!