You want emotions?
Is that what you want?

I don't want to give
you mine…

I was
supposed to be
in love with Kikyou
And promised myself
to her.

I don't care about Kagome.

Do you want to know why?

It would kill me.
Kikyou was a failed love
Kagome is a miracle.

I know I will die without her.
She gave me my heart back
along with hers.
My very life.

The life that
Kikyou took away
in her anger over her injury
Blaming me for something I never did.

Maybe I shouldn't be alive.
Just like Kikyou shouldn't be alive.

Kikyou is a revenant you know
and will never forgive me.
She can't:
Revenge is her only excuse for life.


Forgives me for everything,
Given time.

Every time she smiles at me
I have to look away.
She makes me hurt too much.
Want too much.

How do I feel?

Like shit.
For the first time in my life I have friends
and all they can do is question me.

Do I question them?

All I do is protect the group,
follow up on the quest
and protect Kagome.

All I get is shat on.
And Kagome's hurt questioning eyes.

I want Kagome.
I love Kagome.
But I cannot have

I cannot bear to watch another woman die
if she dies;
I die.

Maybe to join Kikyou in hell
if the fates demand it.
I cannot risk Kagome by taking from her
what I need so badly.

Still here?

Let me help you off of that branch.