Title: My Life Now and Then

Author: electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl_0582@yahoo.ca

Rating: I am going to say an R just to be safe...It's not for the kiddies...

Parings: My first story that doesn't have any parings(pairings) whats so ever...:-(

Timeline: Third season????

Spoliers: Probably the entire first season and the second season But I'm not sure yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Andromeda if I did every girl would have their own tiny Harper play thing ;-) I also don't have anything to do with any of the song lyrics in this I just thought they made it look pretty...:-)

Summary: Someone comes onboard and Harper flips out(...) is there more then what meets the eye behind this person?

A/N 1: I really don't know where this story came from and I have to warn you that it is very dark. It was going to be short and sweet but I changed my mind half way through it... This story deals with many adult situations Death; rape; abuse...It's not a really pretty picture. But anyway I don't want the author note to be longer then the actual story so here it is...And please remember that feedback is always a good thing :)

A/N 2: When I write Andromeda, I mean the hologram version or the computer version. And Rommie is the avatar form...Just so that hopefully cleans some things up.

Chapter 1: Past History

         "We are approaching a ship." Andromeda reported as Dylan ran onto the bridge. "Their weapons are charging."

         "Hail them!" He called out. She nodded.

         "They are replying." She stated. She was a little surprised. Harper poked his head up from the near by console he had been working on.

         "It's your wonderful charm."

         She looked over at him. "I'm a warship I do not have 'Charm,' Harper."

         "That's what you think." he said then disappeared again. She let out a small growl and turned back to Dylan.

         "On, screen." He calls.

         "Hello, Captain." A strong voice echoes into the room. The screen fills with a strong-boned male Neitchain. Harper jumps up and is staring at the screen barely breathing. The man on the screen looks over at him and smiles. "Oh, you have a human on board? Captain..." He makes a tisking sound with his tongue. Dylan is getting angry.

         "How can I help you..."

         "Oh, of course. My apologizes." He turns his attention back to Captain Hunt. "I am Pyfer..." He smiles. "My long family history would dull you so I will leave that for another time. I am sorry for charging my weapons but my ship has been attacked and I have lost most of my systems. I was wondering if I could dock long enough to be able to get some repairs done....I will pay for the work and parts of course." Dylan thinks about it for a few minuets. Then nods.

         "We will help you...No need for payment."

         "Thank-you Captain. I hope to see you and your crew in person very soon." The screen flickers out and is replaced by stars. Harper still hasn't moved.

         "BOSS!" He yells. Dylan is shocked and spins around. "What are you THINKING?" Dylan is confused.

         "I am helping a -"

         "UBER!!!" Harper screamed at him. "You are helping something that should be killed. Do you know what clan he's from?!?!?" Dylan frowns and shakes his head.

         "No, and it shouldn't matter."

         "Even if he's from Drago-Kazov ?" Harper pushed.

         "You have no evidence of that statement." Harper snorts.

         "You may think so but I know..." Harper suddenly blushes and looks down at the ground. "Sorry, ummm...I have to go." With that Harper dashes out the door as Tyr walks in.

         "Watch where you are going!" Tyr orders. Harper just continues to run. Tyr looks at Dylan and the confused ship. "What is going on?" He asks.

         "I'm not sure." Dylan says.


         Harper raced down the hall, trying to get away from his past. No matter where you go I'll find you. Came the haunting voice. He shivered and almost lost his balance. His foot caught on a bundle of loose wires and he tumbled to the floor. He growled and gave the object a hard kick. It hit the wall and stayed there. Harper quickly got back up and ran to his room. He looked around. There was nothing to fix nothing to keep this mind busy. He unbuckled his tool belt and threw it across the room. It bounced off the wall and hit the floor with a small bang. All the tools scattered all over the near floor. He closed his eyes and slid down the wall he was leaning against.  Pulling his legs up he placed his forehead on his knees. He tried to calm his breathing but he can't...I'm going to pass out. He thinks. He's hyper-ventiling now and he lifted his head and rubbed his forehead with his hands. He scrubbed his face and his hands pull back wet. He was crying. His breathing began to slow as he stared at his hands. He sighed and stood up and walked over to his bed. He climbed in and closed his eyes. A yawn over took him and he slowly drifted to sleep.

A younger Seamus Harper raced down a nearby alleyway. He looked over his shoulder and wished that he hadn't. He was closer. Breathing hurt along with the ribs on his left side were he had been kicked. He was so close to home. So close. It was just a block away.


"Here I come little one. I can hear your heart-beating. I can smell your fear." The man yelled. Seamus's heart skipped a beat and  jumped into his throat. He looked back again. The man smiled at him and Seamus lost his footing and fell. Seamus flipped over and landed on his back. He tried to catch his breath. A shadow crept up his body. "Hello, little one." Came the muscular voice. Seamus took a deep breath. Fear filled his eyes.


         "What do you want?" Seamus asked.

          The man smiled. "You." Seamus let out a small scream, and tried to move backwards. The man grabbed him by the legs. "Where do you think you are going Little one?" He asked. Seamus didn't say anything. The man licked his lips. "This is going to be fun." He un-did his own pants and flipped Seamus over onto his stomach. Seamus was crying now. The man straddled Seamus' back.


"Please...Don't." Seamus called out.


"Don't what little one? I own you...there is nothing you can do." Seamus tensed as the man invaded him. Tears silently rolled down his cheeks. He stared at the ground in front of him as the man entered him with such force he cried out. "Shut-up!" Came the command. His head was forced down by a blow to the back of the head. In and Out. Seamus felt himself ripping with each thrust.


"Please..." The man didn't reply and continued until he had cum. He drew himself out and leaned in close to Seamus' ear.


"Thank you little one." He kissed his cheek and Seamus turned his head away. The man growled and grabbed him. Pulling him up to his feet. "I think I should teach you some lessons." Seamus grabbed his pants and held them up. Wiping the tears away, he spat on the man.


"Your kind is disgusting!" He snarled. The man grabbed the back of his neck and tipped his head up to face his own.


"Come along BOY I am going to teach you something."


         Harper jolted away in his bed. He was sweating. The sheets lay on the floor at the end of the bed. He jumped off the bed and found the nearest wall. Making sure his back was against it he looked around...Andromeda...I'm on the Andromeda. He thought to himself. He knew what came next. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down. He looked down and stripped out of his top. It was drenched with sweat. He dropped it to the floor and walked over to grab another one. As Andromeda appears in his room.

         "Harper-" He spun around but the damage had already been seen. "What happened to your back?" She asked. This was the first time that she had ever seen his back. After all these years and she only just saw them. She frowned.

         "Nothing, to worry your pretty head about." He said walking backwards to his dresser drawer. He picked the nearest top and pulled it over his head.

         "Harper, please tell me."

         "Nope you don't need to know." She sat her lips in a frown. Closing her eyes she sighed. Then she lightly smiled. "My avatar is on here way."

         "HEY! No fair." Harper called as she disappear. He tried to open the door but couldn't. "ANDROMEDA!" He shouted getting made for the first time at the ship. "I want to get OUT let ME OUT!" He yelled. The doors slid open. "That's better." He turned to face the door and ran into Rommie.