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Bakura: Oh be quiet. You know you don't. Why fuss over it?

XNyc_fitax: Because I want it...

Bakura: *Smirks* Wouldn't you know it? A girl wants Yu Gi Oh...what a surprise.

X: Oh shut up you! Why don't you just quiet down?!

Bakura: What? *Gives an inicent look* You're mad at me?

X: Uh...*Can't resist the look* Oh all right. I'm not mad. Just quiet down so I can tell the story okay? You're in it....

Bakura: Fine.

X: Oh, and by the way, this story has been on my mind ALL DAY. So I'm really anxious to make it. Please review!

Bakura: *Rolls eyes*

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(When I talk to you...or Bakura talks to you)

Bakura: Like hell I'm gonna talk to the rea-!

X: Be quiet! What did I tell you?!

Bakura: *Grumbles*


********'s POV

The warm rooftop met my feet as I landed gracefully on it. I stood up, and wiped the few drops of sweat from my forehead. It was a humid night, and my silver cloak stuck to my pale flesh. My hood covered most of my head and face, except for my glowing gray eyes. I looked down at the walking passer-bys, and the speeding cars wizzing past my glance. Shrugging off my curiousity, I turned back to the glass roof in front of me. I swiftly walked to it, and leaned over it. I could see the inside of the museum; the beautifully crafted Egyption artifacts shimmering in the streaks of moonlight. I sighed, glancing over to the glass case in the middle of the room. Inside stood a glimmering golden staff. Twisting around the staff was a silver snake; with it's head at the top. It's gaping mouth held a deep purple jewel that was fit for a king. A small Egyption eye was neatly carved in the jewel. I smiled, and stood back from the roof. I held out one pale arm, and chanted, "Asered, Nefereth, Caleredth..." A dark circular cut was formed in the glass roof. The diameter was about three to four feet across. Suddenly, the circular piece of the roof slid out, and floated in my hands. I chanted my words again, and gestured the glass toward the ground. It flew to the floor, and layed there. I turned back to the opening, and leaned my head through it. The cool air of the museum blew gently in my face; comforting me. I grabbed the edge of the round opening, and flipped my body inside. (You know, like a summersault. Bakura: Shut up already! Me: Sorry.) I hung on the edge of it for a while, adjusting to what I just did.(?) Then I let go, flipped in the air, and landed half an inch above the ground. I floated across the cool marble floor towards the glass case I had my eye on. I was about to lift off the case, but as soon as I touched the tip of my fingers on the freezing glass, a loud alarm blared around me. I gasped and withdrew my hands. Two or three guards dashed in to the room, holding deadly weapons. They all pointed their guns straight at me without hesitation. It was probably my cloak that told them I was a theif. I hissed at them, and stood up straight. In an instant, my eyes turned white. They were empty and emotionless. I lifted my arms up; palms facing outward. I chanted again, "Asered, Nefereth, Caleredth..." The guard's guns suddenly had dark substances around them. They started to bend, creating a shreiking sound that peirced through the air. The guards dropped their guns, and cried out in protest; covering their ears roughly. Their eyes were slammed shut, and I could still hear their moaning while I lifted off the glass covering, and grabbed the staff in a quick motion. With a free hand, I raised my arm toward the guards, and lifted them up in the air. I threw them to the ceiling, and they stuck there like magnets. "Bye..." I said to the unconcious guards, sneering. I was about to leave, but a voice stopped my movement. "I don't think that belongs to you, now does it?" I turned around, facing a dark shadow standing in the middle of the entranceway.

Bakura's POV

I saw a dark-silver cloaked person standing in the middle of the museum. She seemed to be female, and had a hood covering her head. I could only see her glowing eyes deep in her hood. She turned towards me, and stared at me. "You shouldn't be taking that. I should." I told her. She glowered at me, and turned away. I could hear her chant some mysterious words, and a dark substance was created on the wall; swiveling around in a circle. She looked back at me, and smirked. Then she ran towards the wall. I growled, and jumped at her. Colliding in to each other, we fell to the ground, and the staff slid across the marble floor. I could hear her hiss at me, and tried to push me off her, but I resented. I grabbed the top of her hood, and pulled it off. Black hair with thin white streaks flew out of the covering. Her white eyes turned gray, and she glared at me. Her pale face suddenly turned red in rage. With a grunt, she rougly pushed me off, and jumped up. She rushed towards the Egyption staff, and grabbed it swiftly, and in seconds she jumped through the darkness. I could hear her last words spoken to me, "Don't EVER do that again!"

********'s POV

I reached the rooftop, and stood there for a moment. I held the staff in my hands, smiling at the snake's head. Then, my smile turned in to a grim line. 'How dare he do that to me?! Who was he?!' I thought furiously. 'He wasted my time, and I could have gotten caught! More guards would have come in!' I paced around the roof, rubbing the jewel in the snake's mouth. I sighed, and mumble, "He better not interfere again..." I placed the hood back on my head, and walked to the edge of the rooftop. I stood on the edge, and put the staff deep in my pocket. I then jumped off. Humid wind whistled past me as I reached out, and grabbed a flagpole sticking out of the museum. I twirled around it, and finally let go, zooming down the air. A gargoyle was in my way, so I decided to land on it. I moved in the air, and landed lightly on the warm gargoyle; my cloak not far behind. It landed around me, and I stood up.(Uhh..what I meant was that my-er- I mean HER cloak was trailing behind her, and when she landed, the cloak landed with her, and it surrounded her. You know, like Batman. ^^) I looked over the city, and thought, 'One down, two more to go..'


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