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Lost in the Darkness

Chapter 1

Carly Corinthos walked down the sidewalk with her seven year old son Michael. She was pushing her five-month-old son Morgan in the stroller. They were on their way to Kelly's diner. This was going to be their first breakfast out since Carly regained custody of the boys. Lorenzo was still in the hospital and Carly was battling her feelings of guilt for his blindness. She hated seeing him in the hospital with that gauze over his eyes. But she knew that she didn't love him. The only reason she hadn't broken it off with him yet was because she felt guilty.

Carly was lost in thought as she passed through the park. Michael was quiet, missing his father terribly. Carly knew that Michael wanted to go visit Sonny, and she was planning on taking him to Sonny's to visit later. That was, if Sam wasn't there. Thinking about that stupid twit made Carly's blood boil hotter than oil. She heard Morgan's coos and she looked down into the stroller. Morgan was staring up at her with a big grin on his face.

"Hi baby," Carly whispered. "How's my little man?" Michael stared down into his brother's stroller. He wondered why the baby was so happy when he wasn't. Michael missed Sonny and he wanted his parents back together. But he didn't see how that was going to happen if his parents never saw each other.

"Mommy? Can we go see daddy today?" Michael asked. Carly looked down at him.

"You ruined my surprise, Mr. Man. I was going to take you to see him today."

"Really?" Michael asked.

"Yeah. I'll drop you off with your dad and I'll take Morgan to grandma's house for awhile."

"Can Morgan stay with me and daddy? Please? Grandma sees us every day."

"Oh, alright," Carly replied. "But let me call your daddy first and make sure he's home. Go play on the swings for a few minutes." Michael ran off and Carly picked up her cell phone from the bottom of her purse. She slowly pushed the stroller along the sidewalk and pushed each button of Sonny's phone number with a bitter intensity. When the phone began to ring, Carly had an image of Sonny stumbling off of Sam to reach over to get the phone. That made her laugh a little. Maybe she could call at all hours just to keep Sonny from screwing his little whore. But when Sonny picked up, Carly knew Sonny hadn't been doing anything. He wasn't out of breath.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah, Sonny. It's me. The boys want to see you. Are you busy?"

"You mean, am I with Sam? If that's what you're asking, no. I'm not with her right now. She's upstairs resting."

"Poor baby is still recovering from that stab wound?" Carly asked.

"Carly . . ."

"What? She's part of the reason our . . ." Carly stopped herself. She didn't want to talk about the failed marriage between herself and Sonny. She didn't want to make things worse. "Um . . . I'll bring the boys over some other time."

"Maybe that's better," Sonny replied. Carly could hear the pain in Sonny's voice. He was just as miserable as she was. But each of them had a reason to be jealous and neither wanted to dare admit they still had feelings for the other. Carly was angry now, though, because Sonny didn't even attempt to reschedule.

"So now the boys are second to you?" she asked.

"Carly, the boys are always first, but Sam needs me right now. You don't want the kids around her, and she's here right now."

"Can't you kick her out of the penthouse for a few hours?"

"I can't do that," Sonny replied. "Carly, be rational."

"Fine. Whatever. I guess I'll be the one to break Michael's heart then." Carly hung up the phone and shook her head.

"Sounds like trouble," came a sweet voice from nearby. Carly turned around to see a young woman with long dark hair sitting on the park bench with a baby in her arms.

"I'm in the middle of a divorce," Carly replied with a sigh, sitting down next to the woman to give her son a few more minutes to play.

"I'm sorry," the girl replied.

"Yeah. I'm just readjusting to everything. It's not easy."

"Believe me, I know how hard it is to adjust," she replied. "I just had a new baby . . . and I just left home. I'm not even from around here."

"Oh? Where are you from?" Carly asked. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be nosy."

"It's okay. I'm from Pine Valley. My name is Bianca. Bianca Montgomery," she said with a smile. She extended her hand and Carly took it.

"Carly Corinthos," Carly said with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you. Um . . . do you think you could tell me where the nearest hotel is?" Bianca asked.

"Well, the nearest hotel burned down a month ago," Carly replied. For some reason she felt like this girl needed her help, so she smiled and took a deep breath. "You know, I have a pretty big home. It's got an extra bedroom and everything."

"I couldn't . . ." Bianca started.

"Well, don't tell me that you don't want to intrude. You and your baby need a place to stay. If you don't want to do that for free, just pay rent at the beginning of the month and we'll call it even. You know, just until you find a place of your own," Carly offered. Bianca smiled.

"Are you sure you wouldn't mind?"

"Mind? Morgan will have a playmate now," Carly said with a grin. "Morgan's too young to play Michael's games."

"Okay," Bianca replied. "Thank you for being so kind to me. I just need to start over."

"I understand," Carly replied. When she looked into Bianca's eyes, she saw heartbreak. She knew better than to ask about it right away, so she stood and Bianca stood. Carly took Morgan out of the stroller. "Morgan, this is Bianca. Bianca, this is Morgan."

"Hi Morgan," Bianca said with a smile. She held up her baby. "This is Miranda. You guys are going to be great friends." Morgan grinned at the baby girl and the women laughed.

"I have a nanny and everything so if you need to take a night out, Leticia will watch Miranda too."

"Okay. Thanks," Bianca replied.

"Come on, Michael!" Carly called. Michael ran over. He looked at Bianca.

"Who's she?"

"This is Bianca. She and her baby are going to be staying with us for awhile."

"Is she your friend?" Michael asked.

"We just met," Carly replied. "But I'm sure we'll be good friends."

"Are we going to see daddy?"

"Um . . ." Carly began. "Daddy's busy right now. Maybe another day." Michael looked devastated and walked ahead.

"Poor kid," Bianca said softly.

"He's been through a lot," Carly replied softly as they headed toward Kelly's diner to get a bite to eat.


Sonny paced the hall of the penthouse as he waited for Carly to call back. He wasn't expecting to her too, but he longed to hear her voice again. But every time they spoke, they argued, and it wasn't helping matters any. He wanted to kill Lorenzo Alcazar for making Carly care for him. He wanted to change the last few months and just have Carly and his boys back.

"Sonny?" came Sam's voice from his bedroom. His bedroom. How could he have ever let Sam into his bedroom? The only reason he was still with her right now was because he felt bad for her. The only reason he ever went to Sam in the first place was because he was angry with Carly for kissing Lorenzo. Sonny sighed and walked into his bedroom.

"You okay?" he asked slowly. Sam slowly sat up, the wound in her back hurting horribly.

"I just need a glass of water," Sam replied with a cough. Sonny walked over to the mini bar and poured Sam a glass of water. He took it over to her. She accepted it graciously and drank the cool liquid down. Sonny watched her as she did everything so weakly. He knew she wasn't that weak. He knew she was starving for his attention. But he still couldn't kick her out. She was wounded and needed his care. "Who called earlier?"

"Carly. She wanted to bring the boys over. I told her that you need me."

"Oh Sonny, that's so sweet," Sam said, falling harder for Sonny. Sonny sighed. He needed to learn how to tell her that he didn't love her. "You see your boys all the time. I'm sure Carly can understand that you want to spend time with me. If not, she needs to get a clue."

"Carly is a good mother," Sonny defended.

"I didn't say she wasn't," Sam replied. "I'm just saying that she needs to go to her own boyfriend. She's got Lorenzo now. Maybe he can take the boys to the park." Sonny stood quickly, his blood boiling at the thought of Lorenzo spending time with Michael and Morgan.

"Lorenzo is not going to be a father to those boys," Sonny replied. "Besides . . . he's in the hospital right now."

"What? Did Carly try to kill him?" Sam asked with a laugh.

"Sam, don't talk about Carly like that," Sonny warned.

"What? She's your ex-wife. I'm your girlfriend. Don't I have a right to . . .?"

"You don't have the right to say anything bad about the mother of my children," Sonny replied angrily. She left the room before he actually got the nerve to hit a woman. He headed downstairs and stared at the picture of himself and the boys. He missed them terribly. Sonny shook his head, walked over to his desk, and grabbed his keys. He had to go see the boys. But just at that moment, a knock came to the door and Jason stepped in.

"Sonny, we've got trouble," Jason began. Sonny sighed heavily.

"What is it this time?"

"I just found out that it wasn't Faith who put the bomb in your limo. It was Lorenzo."

"I knew it," Sonny muttered.

"You need to tell Carly."

"Carly won't believe me. She's got her head stuck so far up his ass that she only believe what her monkey boy has to say. She'll make me out to be a liar and she probably won't let me see the boys again."

"Sonny! Your family is in danger and you need to go save them from that asshole," Jason replied. Sonny realized that this was his moment to win Carly back.

"Do you think she will come back to me?"

"I don't give a shit if she comes back to you or not," Jason replied. "I hope she doesn't if you're going to keep treating her like a door prize. Jesus, Sonny, stop acting like a selfish son-of-a-bitch." Sonny realized that Jason was right.

"I have been a prick, haven't I?" he asked, more as a statement.

"Sonny, just go!" Jason exclaimed. Sonny hurried out with his keys and ran down to the parking garage. He hopped into his Jag and sped off toward Carly's, hoping that he could win her back.


Carly opened the door to her home and Michael ran in ahead. Bianca and Carly walked in with the babies and Carly put Morgan's stroller in the closet.

"There are extra bottles in the kitchen. Do you bottle feed her?"

"No," Bianca answered. "I'm breastfeeding her."

"Alright," Carly replied with a smile. "Would you excuse me so I can check my messages?"

"Sure," Bianca replied. Carly walked into the other room and saw that there was a message on her answering machine. She held Morgan on her hip and played the message.

"Carly, this is Jason. Um . . . you need to get to the hospital as soon as you get this message. Sonny was in a car accident. He's not doing so well. He's asking for you."