AN: A host of thanks to all the people who read Greenleaf, my first Chloe/Legolas fic. It was supposed to be my only one since I just needed to experiment with the idea of Chlegolas. However, the wonderful feedback that the story received gave me great feelings about the ship. Thus, with this, the second one for the pairing, I believe Chlegolas will be established as a true ship, although a very very AU one.



The cheerleader will be the death of her.

Chloe Sullivan had never been a positive person. Some might even say she was cynical. She was trying though. She had exerted a lot of effort to at least be worthy of sunshine and Clark Kent's smile. However, there was no denying it anymore.

Lana Lang's presence in her life was her death sentence.

It was not that Lana was evil. Never. She might have suspected it once or twice in the forgettable past, but Chloe knew for certain now that Lana Lang was not evil. She was just a lucky lucky girl. Now being chased by a lot of freaks and criminals may not seem lucky to some. To Chloe though, who had had her fair share of accidents and near misses, Lana's fortune was enviable. She always got what she wanted, and she only had to blink innocently and furrow her brows for it.

Sometimes, even Chloe fell victim to it. But Lana meant well. She hoped.

Lana caught her packing some food inside her small bag earlier and asked where she was going. Caught redhanded, Chloe tried to fib. But those danged 'ignorant-innocent' pleading eyes whipped her into confession.

Now Chloe had to slow down, look behind her and see if Lana was keeping up. The forest was dark and cold and she was baby-sitting the girl who stole her first love away.

"Lana, keep up!" she finally burst.

"I know, I know!" cried Lana. "Not all of us have your sleuthing experience."

Chloe rolled her eyes and grabbed onto a thick root, then hauled herself up. "Then not all of us should have come along," she muttered. "And be careful over here. Don't trip of the gigantic rocks."

"What are we looking for again?" Lana called out to Chloe.

Chloe sighed. "You know, hiking is best done in silence. We can find peace and relaxation if we don't think of a lot of things."

Finally, there was silence. Blessed silence.

Chloe allowed a smile to smoothen her features and she gripped a protruding rock and climbed. This was investigating—silence, adventure, alertness. She could think of no other way she would spend her life. Nothing else would satisfy her as much as being part of the action, doing things for herself, being a woman that men could not compare to. Chloe Sullivan was a woman of tomorrow much more so than Clark was a man of tomorrow.

"Then how do I know what I should look out for?" yelled the girl of yesterday far below her.

Chloe narrowed her eyes and glared at Lana. "You're not supposed to join the sleuthing, remember? You just came along so my dad won't find out."

"Well I can help."

"Fine, Lana," Chloe gasped. She pulled herself up. She was almost on top. She would emerge on another flatland and observe. "We're looking for anything strange."

"Anything?" Lana asked. She took a deep breath. "Well then how am I going to know? That's kind of general, don't you think?"

Chloe dragged her feet back to the edge and extended her arm to Lana. Lana took her hand and let Chloe pull her up. "Don't be a dead weight!" Chloe snapped. "I'm helping you, not carrying you."

Lana bit her lip and with her other hand, pulled herself up. "Sorry."

The blonde nodded. Lana dusted herself off. "I can't tell you that we're looking for an animal or a plant or a lit spaceship," Chloe explained. "That's not what I do, Lana. We're here to keep our eyes and ears open. Look for anything strange. Anything at all. Anything that can clue us on the cause of the violent cows in the farms."

Lana paused to digest the new information before nodding her head. "Okay, Chloe. I'll just follow you."

"Why don't you go ahead of me so I don't leave you behind?" Chloe suggested.

Lana walked ahead until they came to a steep drop.

"Lana, let me see if it's safe!"

Lana was moving too quickly and slipped on a twig over a smooth rock. She screamed and slid. Chloe scampered over to her and caught her hand.

"Hold on!" Chloe screamed. She could see the stream below Lana. Her eyes widened. She had no heard of that ever being in this part of Smallville. Chloe looked down and saw the eerie green glow. "Oh my God," she gasped. Really, Lana could get on her nerves, but she could not imagine a Lana Lang acting like the berserker cows in the Kent farm.

Chloe held on to Lana's arms with both hands and frantically started to pull. Lana craned her neck to see what she was going to drop into.

"Don't look!" Chloe scolded.

However, Lana was also curious. Never let it be said that curiosity was only reserved for reporters. Chloe was gripping her so tightly. The moment the upper half of her body was safely over dry land, she tugged.

"I think those are caused by meteor rocks." Lana kicked on a shrub so that it would fall. If those were meteor rocks, then perhaps they would see a result on the plant. When the shrub did not budge, she beat on the soil and succeeded in tearing out the plant.

"Lana," Chloe gasped. The edge of the land crumbled under them. Chloe tried to crawl backwards to relative safely, but it was too late.

The two girls dropped several dozen feet into the meteor rock-infested waters.

Chloe was surrounded by the cold green water. She struggled and kicked so that she could float, but found herself being pulled in deeper. Frantically, she looked around under water for Lana's form, but did not find it. Because of her thrashing about, the water tinged a murky brown.

When you're drowning, stay still and the water will naturally make you float. She learned that in Basic Swimming. Chloe closed her eyes and forced her limbs to go slack.

For the first few minutes she felt herself sinking deeper. Finally, Chloe felt calmness overcome her. She floated up and felt the warmth of the sun on her face. She felt hard ground on her back and imagined lying on the grass beside the stream. She should feel the sun soon; and it will dry her.

There was shade overhead, she thought, when she did not feel the sun. Chloe opened her eyes.

Malicious uneven eyes, grotesque faces and putrid breaths met her. She screamed in terror at the monsters that were gathered around her.

"Uruk-hai!" she heard someone yell. Although she had no idea what it meant, she grew more terrified.

Chloe sat up and tried to crawl away from the creatures. One of them reached out with a clammy hand and grabbed her hair. She had wanted to search for mystery and abberations, but these were by far the worst she had seen. With as much strength as she could muster, Chloe ripped her head away, even if pain stung her scalp.

She forced her arms and knees to function as she crawled away. How had she ended up with ugly, demented, foul-smelling...

She stopped when her eyes met light-brown buckskin boots. Slowly, Chloe's gaze traveled up a green robe until she saw stretched slender arms that were primed with a bow. The robe was fastened around wide shoulders and gracing it, was the loveliest most perfect head she had even had the pleasure to see. The archer, with the straight long golden hair, looked like he stepped right out of a romance writer's imagination.

Chloe understood none of the words that were spoken between the host of monsters and this attractive archer. She decided to pick a side aethetically though, and staggered to her feet, taking her place behind the green-robed archer.

He released arrows in such rapid succession that the half-dozen monsters around her had fallen to the ground within moments. Chloe hugged the archer from behind, much like she had Clark whenever he saved her from the meteor freaks.

The archer whirled around and grabbed her arms, then pushed her away slightly so that he could glare at her. Then, he bit out sharp words that, even if she did not understand, Chloe knew did not put her in a positive light.

Why was this man speaking in a foreign language in the center of a Kansas forest? Then, slowly, Chloe had a sinking realization. The monsters around her were certainly not meteor freaks. And the man seemed like he was no man at all, the way he glowed under the late afternoon sun. There were also the... What the...


Something told her she wasn't in Kansas anymore.