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-A Sasuke and Sakura coupling fiction-

Chapter One: Those days…

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Contentment: everything in my life sets on that word, for I know that's what I am. Contented. When it comes to love either… and that says so, when I just cheered up myself oftentimes though I know he will never like me.

Angst and bitterness: that goes on for him. He has rarely smiled, and those chances are jackpot for me. I really understand why he acts selfishly sometimes… but he has this good to keep him living-- away from past's horror. Let's get out of his miserable life.

Happiness: strikes me when I see this certain Uchiha boy pleased with something. He is a known snob, and me and my x-best friend wants to be with him. It is a common fight for girls of our age… pre teens. But as time passes by, even we grow… it has never been exempted in our lives: the liking goes stronger. I just realized I loved him… so much, so much.

Now after 5 few and quick years, I faced him again… when our master Kakashi called us up. I noticed some of this few changes in him… his outlook and personality. I know still girls give him presents, because that old charisma was still with him. In short, he has just grown mature-- and nothing else changed…


"Sakura-san!" Naruto shouted boisterously. "Are you paying attention?"

"A--!" Sakura simply reacted. She noticed herself staring at him for a long time already. She just flushed in pink, when his sight didn't avert hers. He smirked and continued his meditation while sitting comfortably on a rock.

"… So basically, I know that I'll be the best joushin ever!" Naruto continued. "Then I have certain plans for Hinata… and…"

"So Naruto courted her already," Sakura thought. She just continually nods at his words. She feels a trembling headache, and she slapped her temples.

"Youch," she said to herself bitterly. Sasuke turned to her, and noticed the slight pain she's overcoming.

Anyway, the Uchiha didn't reacted that much, and erased his pondering…


She didn't change that much. And this baka still remained baka… for years. He still speaks boisterously and never thinks he talks much. Sakura turned mature. She didn't even bother to call me the usual vigorous Sasuke-kun she always does every morning… that is one quite missing to her.

I usually dislike her fond and chasing after me, for it is really unusual to see girls running after boys, for in case I loved her, people might just think that I was caught by her claws… not by love. And that quite degrades the both of us.


"Sasuke-kun!" Naruto shouted boisterously. "Are you paying attention?"

He blinked. He also did stare at Sakura. Now he was thinking to avert it. No matter what. But it still bugs him those times he missed her. As if he wants Sakura-chan to ran after him-- once more.

"Why will I?" this soft, cold voice of him said again.

The accent was still the same-- way back 5 years ago. And that husky attitude.

"You---! You never changed!" Naruto barked back.

"And you, did your BIG MOUTH changed?" his mocking quote began…


"Oi! Oi! Stop it, quit it for heaven's sake!" Master Kakashi finally arrived.

"As usual…" the three chorused.

Kakashi laughed.

"Any lame excuse?" Sakura said "Is it a call of the other ninjas or your self interest with sexy girls?"

"Very well said in a Sakura-chan manner." Kakashi said. "Wow, you grew sexy too!"

"Perverted Master," Sasuke replied, catching everyone's eye.

"He talked!" Naruto and Kakashi exclaimed.

"Of course, he knew the difference of normal to pervert." Sakura defended him. "Both of you haven't changed yet. And so do I. I still shout at both of you! And you know what, I'll never leave that character of mine--- till you learn your lesson!"

Naruto smiled.

"And that old character-- does it include running after Sasuke-kun?"

Sakura cringed and Sasuke was flushed. Sakura noticed it.

"Wow, he flushed. He's cute when-- ah! Naruto! COME BACK HERE!!!"

She ran after Naruto-- only a difference between the ways she does to Sasuke. It is full of anger, not of love.

"Sasuke… I called up this reunion… to see what has happened to my students. And to count it… 5 years passed and I'm still a lonely BACHELOR!" Kakashi cried. "I came to ask you if you know any girl…"

Sasuke looked at him intently.

"And Sasuke… one question-- if you hate girls, then how would you continue the next generation of Uchihas?"

Then Sasuke gazed at Sakura's seemingly cute angry face.

Marriage… what does that got to do with me? I met dozens of girls wanting to be with me. I don't find anyone perfect-- but… except of course of someone I knew… like…

"Ah!!!! Sakura-saaan! Saskue-kuuun! Help!!!!" Naruto's bloodcurdling scream…

"I think there's a bloody massacre that happened. I am out of that…" Kakashi said. "Why don't you give a chance to Sakura-chan?"


"Ouch!" Naruto cried as Sakura was healing some of his wounds. Sasuke was still with them.

"Hey you, Ice block! Why are you still around here?"

"I know you inherited the master's perverted character so I am here to eye on you and Sakura-chan…" he said and went back to his seat. Naruto frowned. Sakura blushed.

".. And I have something to say to her,"

"Man! I got to go!" Naruto said as he jumps off the sofa "the Ramen stock is limited today! I don't wanna miss it! Ja ne!"

"Naru--" Sakura was startled when Sasuke didn't leave too. "Oh,"

"… Can I have some of your time talking to you? Well, if you don't mind…"

"I'm sorry but I have to go to my grandmother's today. She is sick… and I need to nurse her, maybe tomorrow--"

"I can't wait to say these-- few words," he said unemotionally "can I just go with you to there?"

She nodded gleefully and they left…


"Is that Sakura-chan already?" An old woman's weak voice replied.

"Hai, obaasan…" she answered politely. Her grandma took no second in looking at the Uchiha boy, and asked something:

"Is he your-- boyfriend?"

Both of them were alarmed. They were blushing…


"Boyfriend? What the hell is that word when it comes to-- him!" Sakura almost shouted. Calm down… stop that blushing…

But Sasuke came to say a few words… which he said to get his chance to Sakura. So that he can have her in his arms again…

"Yes ma'am."

Sakura's headache got worst, and finally she can't fight it… so she fainted.

"I'm just dreaming… wake up…!" she thought.


"Unrelieved tension and stress…" the doctor said "she must rest till tomorrow to regain her strength. She must've worked so hard the past few days, and her body needs actual rest, I got to go now."

Sasuke was there by her side. He did actually brought her home yesterday. He was really worried for her condition. Now he has to fulfill his responsibility to her. For he told the grandma he is the boyfriend… he almost slept by her side… and that happened when Sakura woke up…

"Sa---suke?" Sakura asked herself. "What is he doing at my-- room?!"

She recalled everything that happened yesterday. Ah… at the house of her grandmother, she fainted… and everything was left unknown. She took a blanket and placed it on his dearest-- and she dreamily thought of him. She recalled that he agreed to be her-- can you believe? - Boyfriend at her grandma's sight… was it his game?

I still have this certain feelings just for him… and I won't hold it back…


*** To be continued!***

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