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-A Sasuke and Sakura coupling fiction-

Chapter Four: Feelings

"Oh wait…" Sakura said as she checks who had come. "Coming!"

When she looked out, she saw nothing, and no one but an envelope. She opened it as soon as she got back to her house.

"Meet me at the plaza this evening…

Sasuke Uchiha."


A flashback:

He embraced her tightly and make sure she won't let go. As he feels the heat of her body with his, Sakura finally got the courage to say three meaningful words:

"I love you…"

He let go of her.

"If you really don't realize it, well it's fine…" she said "I know that from the very beginning you won't learn to love me… and I'm alright, I don't expect that much from you."

Tears poured out again…

"…And you know I'm just happy to be with you.. Even for few days… because those times are what I treasure most: because I love you still, Sasuke…"

"Those memories are worthwhile," Sakura said. "I shall be meeting you, Sasuke Uchiha…"


Sasuke was already there at the plaza when Sakura came. She walked slowly with a bit of fear within her, without knowing his reason of bringing her there…

"Sakura-chan," he replied.

"Why do you have to bring me here?"

"Well, I'm just asking your whereabouts this Christmas Eve," he asked. "…"

"Nowhere, just at my house, I think I'll just be sleeping…" she said. "Why?"

"Great, I'll be inviting you to… come over," he said "to our old house,"

Sakura recalled a large mansion located at the suburbs. That large mansion that the Uchihas own since the very beginning.

She smiled at him.

"Okay, that would be great. I would be coming over," she said "I'll be staying there until New Year, is that fine with you?"

"Much better, I think. See ya," he said and they bade to each other…


Christmas Eve…

Sasuke went that afternoon to fetch Sakura to the place.

"Why me?" Sakura asked "Why do I need to…"

"Because I miss you and I want to be with you." Sasuke said.

As soon as they arrived at the Uchiha mansion, Sakura felt something different in Sasuke's gestures and actions…

"Are you living here?" she asked "when was the last time you cleaned?"

"No, I don't… want to live here," he said "I live in a hut located at the woods. It's a good training site rather than a secluded mansion."

"Did someone rented here?"

"I don't want it either…" he said.

"And what do you want?"

"YOU. I want you."

Sakura flushed at his words. "ME? A girl? Is the Sasuke-kun I know a girl hater?"

"Well, if I am a girl-hater, why do I like you so much?" he said romantically…

"Ah--- okay," she said. "We better make his a house before Christmas. C'mon!"

"What will we do?"

"Clean up, of course…"


"There… much better. More house-looking… hmm… why don't we add Christmas trees and decors?" Sakura said "let's hit the department stores now!"

The two of them spent the whole afternoon buying some articles and a Christmas tree. They also saw Mr. Kakashi there, and they said they are buying articles for their first Christmas TOGETHER. Mr. Kakashi is happy for them too…

"Ah, things are getting better, right?" Kakashi said. "Just 5 years I thought Sasuke won't change and Sakura will be running after him! Ha-ha!"

They agreed. Quite a sudden change of Sasuke Uchiha's personality. But someone I guess liked it most. Sakura-chan…

"Hey!" Naruto called upon the crowd as he spots the other couple wandering at the streets and under the setting sun. "Howdy?"

Sakura waved her hand for Hinata. Sasuke has quite reacted, but nevertheless remained silent, for words have drowned him so much. Words such as "I love you", and the shocking "Will you marry me, Sakura-chan?" !

Hinata find Sakura's expression that night with a happy aura. They are now at the Uchiha mansion, and he girls are cooking while the boys talk.

"That's really sweet of Sasuke to invite you to stay here with him alone," Hinata said. "Tell me, has he proposed to you yet? Naruto says once you were, then he will!"

Sakura choked. "He said that? Why will Sasuke-kun, I mean…"

"You are really near to that, Sakura-chan." Hinata said. "My brother Neji really opposes our relationship for he hates Naruto."

"Oh, I remember the fight…" Sakura said and it was reminisced. "That was over, so he has gotten over that."

"I hope so," Hinata said.

"Now Mr. Ice block, when do you plan to PROPOSE to Sakura?" Naruto began. "I'm waiting for your go signal, anyway, in case you don't want yet--"

"Proposal?" he exclaimed "what do you mean?"

"Saying a romantic WILL YOU MARRY ME? to her!" Naruto said "that simple terminology you didn't know! Ha-ha! I'm still smarter than YOU!"

"Idiot," he quoted. "Hn…"


"This is the greatest Christmas eve we ever had. Everything is IN ORDER, right Naruto?" Sakura said.

"Oh-- yeah! Let's EAT!" then he moved his way for the Ramen, and pushed Sasuke away, who was trying to get a piece of the Roasted Chicken.

"You seem to eat as if it's the end of the world," he said angrily.

"Just mind your own food!" Naruto exclaimed. "I really want RAMEN! It's my life,"

"In case I wouldn't give you, will you die immediately?" Sasuke replied…

"OH! YOU!" he exclaimed.

"STOP IT!" Sakura's loud energetic voice made them cease fire. "I don't want you 2 to DESTROY my Christmas!"

Hinata laughed. "I presumed that your group has been like these 5 years ago," she said. "you have been Chuunins together… and finally Jounin."

"Yeah, but 5 years ago is more dangerous," Sasuke quoted, and Naruto laughed boisterously. Sakura didn't know if he broke a joke accidentally, or just said what he meant. Anyway, he made her laugh too, but she was quite embarrassed because eh seems to point out to her.

"Grr… Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried. "What do you really mean, huh?"

He laughed. Laughed? What has gotten into him!~!!!

Sakura, with her hands on her waist, stood up. Sasuke was still laughing, and then said:

"You are really cute when you're mad, and that's why I like you more."


"Your house has more than 5 rooms!" Naruto exclaimed as he opens every room of the house. "Hmmm… here. I want to stay here."

He pointed to a room and finally got in.

"Just be careful with anything there," Sasuke said. "I know you're not that careful."

"I'll be staying in the other room," Hinata said. So Sasuke and Sakura are left standing at the hallway…

"Where will you stay?"

"I think… can I-- stay by your side?" she said softly. "I'm sorry--- I mean…"

"Sure," he said "It will be better."

He led her o a luxurious and spacious room with a king sized bed. It was really nice and comfortable. The whole room is really colorful and it seems like it's the master's bedroom. The furnishings there are quite antique, giving a cozy look.

"You liked it?" he asked.

"Why, yes!" Sakura said. "It's really convenient to live at your… err… mansion,"

"Would you want to live with me for life?"

She looked at him directly as soon as he finished his question. Live with him. Does that indicate…

"I really took this opportunity to tell you something," he began tactfully. "Do you remember yesterday's event?"

She nodded. "I'm fine with it, don't--"

Sasuke went near to her and hold her hands, which are cold. The warmth of his touch really surprised her.

"I-- finally knew that…" he began, and Sakura closed her eyes.

I don't want to be rejected again! My Christmas will be totally ruined…

"…That I really love you, Sakura-chan," he shyly looked down and then smiled at her. "So, as I've said if you'd like to live with me… I really wanted to say that I want to marry you."

Sakura can't believe her eyes. Is this true or an Illusion? What is this boy saying! Then she turned to him and said:

"There's no any man I loved rather than you, Sasuke Uchiha…"

He hugged her tightly.

"I love you too, Sakura. So, will you marry me?"

"OF COURSE! Daisuki!!!!" she shouted and that almost woke the two up… they both fell in the bed and continued laughing.


And so, after a month they were married. The celebration was simple, and only their closest friends were invited, teachers, opponents? And even the examiners for the Chuunin exams with some Hokages I guess this is the happiest moment of Sakura Haruno-Uchiha's life, to be with the guy she longed for years at last!

Ino reconciled with her and finally accepted defeat. She wishes them good luck, and the best of all, she is now again best friends with Sakura. Naruto also proposed to Hinata, and at the result, Neji ran after him with an attack. Mr. Kakashi felt a bit jealous, for his student got married first than him! Anyway, he still wishes to marry a girl…

And that ends Pretending.


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