When Raven looses a bet to Starfire, a huge change outside herself takes place (AKA: makeover!!) But what happens when this change attracts the attention of a certain green Titan?

The Change

(A Raven and Beast Boy Fan-Fiction)

Chapter One: Horse Races

            It was a slow and boring Saturday night. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg had left to go pick-up pizza, which left Raven and Starfire to sit around the living room and wait their return with actual food. Raven was reading, as usual, and Starfire had taken to 'surfing the channels'.


            The dark girl looked up from her book. "Yeah?"

            "What are these small men doing on the backs of such large animals?"

            If only Raven knew what fortunes that question would bring, she would have never answered it and therefore provoked Starfire's interest.

            "That's horseracing. They ride the horse to see which horse is the fastest." Raven moved from her perch in the back of the room to join Starfire on the couch.

            "Oh? Is it fun to watch?" Starfire questioned.

            Raven shrugged. "If you like to watch them go in circles, I guess. Most people bet on their favorite horse. If that horse wins, then the people who bet on it win too."

            "Oh, that sounds… interesting."

             Raven's eyes flickered with sudden amusement. "You wanna try?"

             "Gambling on a horse?" Starfire asked innocently.

            "Sure. You don't have to bet something big. Like… okay, I bet my next three dish duties," Raven said conversationally. "If I win, you have to do my next three dish duties. Now, you bet something."

            Starfire shifted uncomfortably. "I do not wish to bet my dish duties."

            Raven blinked. 'Don't tell me she actually likes doing dishes…'

            "Oh? Why not?" She questioned.

             "Robin… likes to help me. I enjoy receiving help from Robin." Starfire blushed innocently. "He makes me feel nice…"

            Raven let a shadow of a smile pass over her lips. She had always felt the vibes of emotional attraction between Robin and Starfire, the two of them were strangely perfect for each other. "Oh? Maybe you should tell him that, I doubt he knows."

             "Perhaps…" Starfire averted her eyes for a moment, then looked back at Raven. "So, what should I bet against you?"

            Raven shrugged and leaned back into the plush coach. "Whatever," she said indecisively.

            Starfire thought for a moment, then her eyes lit up. "If my horse wins before yours, then you must allow me to make you over!"

            The dark girl face-planted. "WHAT!? You can't do that!"

            "Why not? You bet your dish duties," Starfire stated matter-of-factly.

            Raven stuttered for a moment as she fought to think of a good reason why Starfire couldn't bet that.

            She gave up.

             "Alright… I agree… but only if I can bet my next four dish duties instead!"

            Starfire nodded. "Agreed!" There was a strange pause. "Now what?"

            Raven glanced over the screen as horse listings came on. "Pick a horse."

            Starfire looked for a moment. "Pretty Pink Butterfly!"

            Raven nearly face-planted again at the name of Starfire's horse. "You're kidding me, right?"

            "Of course not. I chose a horse. That's what you told me to do."

            Raven sighed and looked over the horses again. "Fast as Death."

            "Raven, must you always choose such morbid things?" Starfire asked.

            Raven raised an eyebrow in her direction. "Everything isn't always roses, Star."



            Raven and Starfire's gaze snapped quickly to the television screen, where the horses had taken to running. Raven's horse was in the lead, and her eyes locked on the screen in excitement.

            "Go…" she whispered. Fast as Death quickly pulled ahead of all the other horses. No more dish duties for the next two weeks… that horse better win!

            "Go. Go! GO!" The finish line was only a few yards away and Raven stood up and watched with excitement as her horse-

            -suddenly ate dirt.

             Raven's mouth fell open in surprise. "Wait! That can't happen!"

            Pretty Pink Butterfly came in second to Greensleaves… and beat Fast as Death, which was now being put back on all four hooves.

            Starfire smiled brightly as her companion. "You are right, Raven! This is much more enjoyable when you engage in gambling."

             Raven's eyes were glued to the screen as they replayed the image of her horse face-planting on the sand track. She lost… she lost to Pretty Pink Butterfly!!

            "Yay, Raven!" Star hugged her companion's unresponsive shoulders. "I shall go and make my pudding of happiness in celebration!" She started for the kitchen as Raven continued to stare blankly at the screen.

            "Damn it!" Raven suddenly cursed. She shouldn't have lost! Her horse was supposed to win! And now, not only did she have to continue her dish duties, but she had to get a makeover… and from Starfire. Her entire wardrobe was going to be pink before the day was over… and there were only three hours left.

            "This sucks!"

             "You're telling me!" Came a voice as the living room doors swished open. "Did you see our bill for pizza!? It was like forty dollars!" Cyborg complained as he entered the living room.

            "It's not like we're paying for it." Beast Boy shrugged as he followed with four boxes of pizza. He put them down, then looked at Raven. "Hey there, Raven. You okay? You look a little pale."

            "I'm fine!" Raven snapped, brooding silently.

             "Woah…" Robin said as he entered with four more boxes of pizza and a couple cans of mint frosting. "Something happen between you and Star while we were out?"


            "Raven is upset because she lost our gambling bet." Star appeared in the living room, holding a bowl of pink pudding.

            Robin looked strangely at her. "You've been betting?"

            Starfire nodded. "Raven was teaching me how to gamble with horses."

             "Wow…" Beast Boy said. "I'm proud of you, Star."

            Raven hissed between her teeth and turned away.

            "What did you lose?" Cyborg asked.

            "My self respect." Raven stood up and started to walk out of the living room.

            "Hey, Raven!" Beast Boy called after her. "Don't you want some pizza?"

            She turned and glared at the green boy. "No. Now leave me alone…"


            "I said, leave me alone!" Raven snapped again, eyes glowing dangerously white.

            Beast Boy backed down quickly. "Alright… I respect that…"

             "Hmph!" And the doors closed behind her.

            Beast Boy's face fell and he walked to the others. Robin glanced at his green friend and noticed his depressed look.

            "Hey, don't be upset. I'm sure she'll come and join us later."

            Beast Boy shrugged slowly. "I don't know… she's always distancing herself from us… especially me."

            "That's just who she is, BB. Don't take it personally." Cyborg patted him on the back.

             "Mmm… hey, you guys go on and eat with out me, I think I'm going to go to bed," Beast Boy said softly, turning away from the group of his companions.

            "But, BB," Cyborg asked confusedly. "We got your favorite movie." He held up a DVD case, but Beast Boy just shrugged in response.

            "I guess I'm not in the mood. You guys should watch something you wanna watch. G'night." He walked through the door, head hanging and shoulders slumped.

            Starfire turned to Robin with slight confusion lining her face. "Is he alright?"

            Robin smiled sadly. "Yeah, I guess he's just a little heart broken."

            "Does he need medical help?" Starfire questioned, blinking.

            Robin chuckled. "No, Star. It means he's hurt because Raven doesn't want to spend time with him."

            "Oh yes," Starfire responded, nodding her head in realization. "I understand. I would be upset if you-"  She stopped suddenly, then turned away and blushed deeply. "Never mind."

            Robin opened his mouth to say something, by Cyborg cut him off.

            "Wait a minute!" The metal man interjected suddenly. "Are you telling me BB is heartbroken over Raven!?" He asked, as if this was all new news to him.

            Robin looked at him strangely. "Yeeeeaaaah… haven't you noticed? It's only been building for the past three years. Beast Boy has feelings for Raven, Cy."

            "Uh-uh, there's no way I can belive that. Beast Boy wouldn't be stupid enough…" Cyborg paused. "Never mind, I take that back."

            "I must admit that I belive Raven to have feelings for Beast Boy as well," Starfire contributed to the conversation. "She only treats Beast Boy the way she does."

            "Yeah, but it's really easy to get annoyed with Beast Boy." Cyborg shrugged, then opened a box of pizza and grabbed a slice.

            Starfire shook her head. "It is different… there is something subliminal about her treatment of Beast Boy."

            Robin smiled at Starfire. "Hey, good use of the word 'subliminal', Star. Your English is coming along really well."

            She blushed in response and turned her red face away. "Thank you."

            Cyborg rolled his eyes and walked away. He wasn't dense enough to notice that there was a thing going on between Robin and Starfire; maybe Beast Boy and Raven, but not Star and Robin.

Sorry it's so short! -_-;; It'll be longer next time, I promise! For all of you who were looking for Who Wants to Date Starfire? don't fret. The next chapter should be out before I go on break next week (I apologize in advance, but I'm going some where and will not be able to write all week!)

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