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"But where am I going to find a camel?" – heard from a woman examining her Karma Sutra pop-up book.

The Change

Chapter Six: Now Go To Sleep

May 24, 2004

- - -

The party, in the end, had proved too much of a bore, even for Robin who felt he should stay and support Bruce. But he too left later that evening with all the other Titans and Madeline.

It was nearing one in the morning when everyone returned safe and sound to Titan Tower. Starfire and Robin returned to his room to crash; Madeline happened to be kissing Cyborg goodnight, as well as making plans for tomorrow; and Beast Boy walked Raven to her room, a comfortable silence wrapping around the two of them.

After Raven stopped fearing Beast Boy's demise by her powers, it seemed she could control them around him, and things stopped breaking or exploding whenever they kissed or she blushed. It felt wonderful to finally be able to express her emotions, especially when she had hidden them for so long. Everything came out of her in an excited whirlwind of color and feeling. Everything she had ever wanted, she could find in Beast Boy… as scary as that may actually be.

They stopped in front of Raven's door, and Beast Boy smiled sweetly at her.

"Good night, Raven…" He whispered, kissing her one last time.

"Good night, Beast Boy…" She started to open her door, then hesitated a moment and turned back to her companion. Swallowing hard, she found the courage to say what she did next.

"You don't have to leave… you know."

The silence around them turned heavy as Beast Boy looked at her in surprise. Raven's cheeks burned brightly as the statement sunk heavily into his mind.

"I mean…" She started again, trying to reconcile, and shifting uncomfortably in the process. "You can stay… the night… with me…"

Well, this wasn't coming out right at all!

"Are you asking me?" He questioned carefully, so as not to upset her.

Raven took a deep breath, then looked him in his eyes. "I'm proposing you…"

There was another long silence.

"Would it make you uncomfortable?"

Raven felt her chest go tight as she watched him question her. She looked at him in complete shock. He cared about what she thought, he wasn't ready to just dive into the act without asking how she felt first. Gods, did she love this boy!

"Yes…" Raven answered carefully, eyes unable to meet his own. "But I want us to become comfortable… with each other…" She slowly raised her gaze to meet his and smiled innocently. "Beast Boy…?"

"Only if you wish of me, princess…" He teased gently.

"Yes, but call me 'princess' one more time and I will hurt you."

"Point taken."

Raven opened the door all the way and motioned him to enter her domicile. Beast Boy stepped in slowly, feeling every muscle in his body tense instantly. His first night with Raven…

"I love you…" He whispered, approaching her in the dimly lit room.

Raven took a shy step toward him and nodded. "I know…"

"I would never do anything to hurt you…"

"I know…"

"Do you still want this?"

They met each other in the shadows, and Raven nuzzled her head underneath Beast Boy's chin… strange, why hadn't she noticed his sudden burst in height?

"I do…" She kissed his neck, then leaned toward his ear. "Show me that you love me, Beast Boy, and I will show you how much I care…"

Those words brought down a shower of kisses from her companion… no, her lover. After all these years of obsessing over the protection of others and fear of her powers, Raven gave into her own obsession of Beast Boy… and came out with a lover.

He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, neck shoulders… everywhere that wasn't hidden by fabric. Slowly and carefully he reached behind her, and unzipped her dress. It slid off her body and to the floor in a pool of pure blue.

Raven felt slightly exposed as he pulled away to marvel at the dark goddess before him. She was clad only in her strapless bra and panties, and it made her nervous and fearful, but at the same time it enthralled her. It filled her with a strange feeling that warmed her from the pit of her stomach to the tips of her fingers and toes.

"You're beautiful, Raven…" He whispered, smiling seductively at her. He swung her into his arms and carried her to the bed, then laid her gently upon the dark, silken sheets.

Raven looked up into his dark, green eyes and felt the warmth inside her grow more intense. She reached up and stroked his face and hair affectionately, before slowly pushing his tuxedo jacket off his shoulders and onto the floor. She untied his tie carefully, then began to unbutton his shirt, watching in horror as her fingers fumbled with the small buttons. There was nervousness growing inside of her and it greatly affected her motor skills and their accuracy.

"Here…" Beast Boy covered Raven's trembling hands with his own, calming her slightly. "Let me help…" With a strange sort of ease, he unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off of his back, it joined his jacket and tie in the growing pile on the floor.

Raven stared at his wife-beater and sighed incredulously. "And men say that women wear too much clothing."

Beast Boy chuckled and pulled off his wife-beater, revealing his chiseled chest.

'Damn.' Raven thought, staring at him in wonder. 'Since when did that happen?'

But before Raven had a chance to gape at him some more, Beast Boy leaned forward and claimed her mouth with his own. He slowly lowered himself to her body, as if testing his weight upon her.

Raven pulled away and gasped for breath as he affectionately stroked her hair. His kisses made every muscle in her body twitch and cry for more contact. She wanted him, that she knew, however… would her powers manage to hold out until their passion had subsided? Or would her companions wake the next morning to find the tower completely destroyed?


Beast Boy's gaze snapped away from Raven's eyes, to a shattered vase, and then back again. "Raven…" He spoke carefully, "You're becoming worried again."

She blushed innocently and heard a teacup break in response to the coloring of her cheeks. "I'm sorry…"

"Raven…" Beast Boy shifted his weight so that he lay next to her. He stroked her face gently as he chose his next set of words. "Please don't worry about me… or the others. We can protect ourselves… and you."

"I know… I know…" Raven whispered, breathing slowly and deeply. Her eyes clamped shut tightly as she tried to calm herself down. She couldn't let this happen, she had to control herself. Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her slender waist and looked at her closed eyes with tenderness.

"I know you know… but you need to belive it."

Raven's eyes opened slowly and looked into his comforting face. There she found her courage, in his dark green eyes. She had to belive in him… she had to. She loved him and she wanted to love him.

"I belive in you…" She whispered.

Beast Boy smiled. "I belive in you."

Raven smiled innocently back, then kissed him again, pressing her body tightly against own and falling deeper into his warm embrace. She felt whole… she felt like a single person, a full human who could control and indulge in her emotions.

Beast Boy pulled away slowly and looked back into her eyes. "Do you still want this?" He questioned. "Because if you don't want to do this then-"

Raven covered his mouth with her hand and glared at him in exasperation. "Shut up. If I didn't want this, you would know by now." He smiled beneath her hand in response.

With those last words, Raven slowly slid her hand down his face, then his neck, then his shoulders, and finally took his hand in her and guided it to her chest.

"Please…" She whispered softly. "Show me that you love me…"

Beast Boy kissed her softly before slipping his arms around her back and trying to unhook her bra. After several failed attempts, and finally some help from Raven, he managed to remove her brassiere. Why did they have to make those things so damn difficult?

One look at Raven and any anger he might have had had vanished. She was lighted by a sliver of moonlight, which illuminated her body and made her look like a dark goddess. Swallowing hard, Beast Boy smoothed his hands softly over her breasts and hearing her gasp softly in response to the exotic touch. He cupped one of her breasts, massaged it gently, and was very pleased to know that he was pleasuring her by the sudden volume in her cries.

Beast Boy leaned forward and captured her lips in a kiss filled with passion, pleasure, and love. Raven wrapped her arms tightly around his back, then let them slowly roam around his body, exploring it fully. Finally her hands landed on his belt, she slowly undid the buckle, then his zipper… and the rest of his clothing (including his Spiderman boxers) was reunited with the pieces on the floor.

She gaped.




"Um…" Raven whispered, blushing deeply.

"Um…" They looked uncomfortable for a moment, as they each averted their eyes, then looked back at each other.

"You're beautiful." They whispered at the same time. Raven smiled, then Beast Boy, and their lips met again in a heated kiss.

Beast Boy kissed gently down her neck, over her shoulder, then to Raven's breast. She cried loudly in response, arching her back and pressing against him. Beast Boy smiled as he kissed to her other breast and felt elated at hearing another cry.

"Please!" Raven cried, pulling away suddenly.

Beast Boy looked at her in surprise. "Did I do something wrong?"

The dark girl's face softened quickly. "No… you did everything right…" She crawled to him, cupped his cheeks, and kissed him deeply. "Make love to me…" She whispered, pulling away.

Beast Boy looked at her kindly, then crawled over her and gently removed her dark, silken panties. With that he positioned himself over her carefully and looked deeply into her eyes.

"This is going to hurt a little…" he whispered.

"I know…" Raven said in response.

He nodded, then carefully slid himself into her small frame. Raven cried in pain and clawed at his back as he tried to calm her with soft, soothing words. She tried not to whither to much as he pressed painfully against her virgin walls, but at the same time she could feel a strange pleasure overcome her slowly. When all the pain had subsided, Raven stared at him in wonder, then leaned up and kissed him as a rhythm to their lovemaking was discovered.

Raven finally reached her endpoint, and every muscle in her body seized up tightly impressing both her and her companion with a wave of new and intense pleasure. Beast Boy collapsed next to her and gasped for much-needed air. Raven stared at the ceiling, smiling brightly. So, that's what it was like to make love to the person you couldn't live without.

Beast Boy stared at her, smiling softly. "What are you smiling about, Raven?"

She looked at him, then buried herself deep in his embrace. "Everything."

"Everything?" He asked with mild surprise.

"Uh-huh… now let's get some sleep, BB. I'm tired." She closed her eyes, waiting for her excitement to subside.

Beast Boy grinned. "You called me BB."

She opened her eyes and stared at him. "So?"

"You've never called me by a nick-name before…"

Raven blushed, then sighed and snuggled closer to him. "Well, now I do. Are you happy?"

"Enthralled!" He kissed her deeply once more.

Raven laughed lightly. "I'm glad." Pause. "Now go to sleep."

- - -


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