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Title: Reflections

Authors: Celebdil-Galad &Tinlaure

Summary: Painful memories of heartache and betrayal return to haunt Legolas and Aragorn as they relive an adventure they had years ago, only this time the tables are turned and nothing is as it seems. As the two near the end of this 'new' venture, they begin to fear it may be more than either of them can bear.

Rated: PG-13, NO 'adult situations' but a whole lot 'o gore and angst!

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Part one

Legolas Greenleaf ducked a savage blow intended for his skull. His blonde swished about his shoulders as he used his twin knifes with striking precision. Black orc blood covered his face and front of his green suede tunic. The prince was surprised at how many of the hideous beasts kept coming. There was many of them-too many. He and Aragorn killed them and more appeared. He looked over at the ranger between blows and blocks. The human was tiring out. To his own amazement and disappointment, the elf realized he too was becoming weary. Striking another creature across its brutish face, he yelled to the ranger, "lookout mellon nin!"

The mortal spun around just in time to see a large, burly orc heaving a club straight at his head. An elven arrow singed through the air and hit the creature in the neck. It stumbled and fell at the human's feet. Aragorn nodded his thanks to Legolas who nodded back. Suddenly, the human realized that as he had fought he had been pushed near the edge of a deep ravine. His heels bordered the thin air. Legolas dodged another scimitar and with panic, saw the position of his friend. He ran, heedless of the arrows that the beasts let lose at him, to Aragorn. The human screamed for him to look after himself but the loyalty of the elf overran his common sense.

He went forward and reached for the ranger's hand. Just as their fingers touched, the fair being lurched forward. His face changed to a shade of pale. A dead sensation went into his blue eyes that were normally so radiant. He stumbled and fell to his knees. A black shaft projected from his back, right in one of his shoulder blades. The ranger fell forward as well, landing beside the elf. Legolas was trembling now. He watched the orcs surround the ranger and felt a wave of pain run over him as they rolled him aside. He felt a shivering crack, as the arrow twained.

All that he could think of was that he had failed. He had not been able to warn or save his friend in time. It was his entire fault. He looked at the orc bodies that littered the ground and the pools of dark black blood that his own silvery red mingled with. He could feel unconsciousness creeping up on him, or was it death? He did not know. "I'm sorry Estel," he whispered. "I have failed."

Aragorn watched as the elf closed his silvery blue eyes in pain. An orc came by and yanked the arrow painfully from Legolas's body. The prince cried out softly.

He could hear them dragging away the ranger. "LEGOLAS!" called Aragorn.

The call haunted the elf as time passed. He had not stopped it. He had been a failure to his closest friend.

Legolas lay thinking. The feeling he had felt creeping up on him was not death. He was certain. It was not death, because he would not die. Not until he had saved his friend from the clutches of the hideous captors. He would just lay there for a little while and rest. As he lay there questions raced through his mind. Why had they not killed the ranger? It was not out of mercy, orcs had none. As he thought of the answer, memories flooded back. Ones of terrible grief that he had not bothered to recall for years, as he lay there he could not restrain them.

years prior...

Blackness lay thick around the blonde Silven elf. Legolas's head reeled. A long cut marred his forehead, fresh and agonizing. Where was he? Who was he? He blinked and found the darkness to be real. A stench filled the air and caused the elf to choke as he inhaled the venomous fumes. As he coughed, a harshly cruel voice purred, "Awake my sweet?" A cackle filled the sir that put the prince into a state of near panic. He had no idea where he was nor who he was. He tried in vain to pull together past events, but it was hopeless. He pulled at the thick hemp holding his wrists together. /why can't I remember/

Knowing of nothing else to say, the elf spat, "what do you think filth of Morgoth!" The cackles stopped and a heavy booted foot connected with Legolas's ribs. The elf coughed more and cringed. The kick had been calculatingly brutal. Another struck his chest and another. It seemed every orc within earshot of the snappy remark had come to pay him more than twice the price for it. Legolas clung desperately onto consciousness. He was not going to give in even though, his body screamed for it. He felt locked in his own dark prison. He could not remember anything good and green. He did not even know who he was or who his friends were. He was alone.

He felt himself get hefted to his feet by the cruel bonds. An orc brought him close to his evil, foul face. The odor of his hot breath caused the prince to hold his own. "Elfy, everything you say has a price! You had best hope it is never more than you can pay for. Got it!" No response from the prince. He did not know what to say. The orc shook him. "Is what I said clear, or do I need to make it plainer to pierce your thick skull!"

Legolas quirked a brow. "Crystal." The orc snarled. He dropped the elf to the rocky ground and stomped off. Legolas said under his breath, "I'm not the one with a thick skull spawn of evil. That's why you aren't dead. Arrows don't have much affect on solid bone."

The orc must have heard the comment or at least thought he did. He spun around and said in a menacing tone, "what was that elf dung? I didn't hear you." Legolas rolled his eyes. Stupid creature. "That's what I thought!" barked the beast. "You know when to shut up, don't ye? You elves think you are so smart speaking that miserable, bitterspeak you do. You think that you can scorn us all you want! Well you are going to learn real quick that doesn't work here. We did not keep you alive for your joy. Oh-no."

Legolas frowned and then looked up at the cave ceiling. "Really?" he muttered sarcastically. He winced as the orc's boot tapped against his bruised ribs. Legolas tried to jerk his face away as the beast took his huge paw and ran it through the elf's fair golden locks. He snarled his claws in the end and yanked it hard. The orc whipped out his knife and pressed it beneath the taut hair. Legolas tried once again to jerk his head free, but the orc snapped it the other way with a firm grip on his hair. He began to saw at the hair and the golden strands popped as they were severed. Before long, a truss of hair lay on the floor. Legolas grimaced, elves took a lot of pride in their hair.

The monster obviously knew this and whispered in Legolas's ear, "how do ye like it, love?" The prince looked stonily ahead. He made to effort to retaliate. He flinched as another lock was sawed awkwardly away. His braid was taken down and his loose hair draped about his shoulders.

By the time the orc was finished chuckles and screaming laughter rang out in the small cave room. The prince's hair was a little more than chin length now and was uneven. The orcs were doubling over with laughter. Legolas rolled his eyes, 'stupid oafs!' he thought. He was hurt emotionally but this would never break him really. It actually served to harden his spirit.

Then the captain of the hideous bunch went and stuck his face up into the princes. When Legolas turned it away he backhanded it back. The metal on the gauntlets cut and burned the prince's face. "What is your name elf rat, eh?"

Legoals could not remember. He crinkled his forehead as he thought. The orc grabbed the elf's chin and squeezed. His claws dug into the soft flesh. "Well!"

Legolas glared icily into the hateful black excuses for eyes. "I can't tell you." It was an honest answer, but they took it the wrong way.

"Is that so? Well we can change that, huh fellas? Don't ye worry elf. We'll help ye." He yanked the prince up and pinned him roughly against the cave wall. It felt wet and cool. Legolas could feel his breath coming in short rasping gasps. The orc took a razor sharp nail and went to the first button on the elf's tunic. Sliding it beneath the thread, he popped it off. The leaf shape fell to the floor. He went on to the next. Legolas squirmed over to the right trying to get away and found a sharp spear point at his head. He went the other way and met a crossbow. He began to struggle but the orc put his huge paw on Legolas's pale throat and held him pressed to the wall, allowing little oxygen to reach the elf. Legolas felt panic surge through his system.

Presently they had his tunic off and the prince shivered. He began to tremble out of fear and cold. It was cold in the caves at the roots of the mountains. When the orc released his grip on the elf's neck, Legolas gulped down the foul air. His chest rose and fell with deep breaths. He was thrown to the ground. All that kept him from falling flat on his face was his bound hands that he had landed on. The jagged gravel scraped his skin. He hissed as he felt a stinging burn upon his back. Another hit and then more.

They were beating him. If he didn't tell them a name, true or false, they would most likely kill him. He could not remember any elvish though. His memory was wrecked. He flinched as a lash laid open an already existing welt. His back felt on fire. He began to curl into himself. He tried to shield his head from the blows, but it was in vain. The impacts were harsh and laid large bleeding welts on his back. Finally, he felt consciousness leaving him. At last, he gave a weak scream. He could not hold it back.

He had to tell them something. This had to stop now! "My name" He panted and looked wearily around at the darkness. "My name is Morband," he said. Only after he said it, he realized he had called himself 'Dark Prison'. It was close enough to how he felt. Somehow, subconsciously, he had thought of the elvish word for darkness and prison. He shivered. For now he realized, he was going under. He could not stop falling.

He had lost himself. All he knew was he was theirs now. Locked in their world of starless night with no way out.

He sighed with relief as he heard their footsteps leaving the room. He lay still for awhile. He felt like ice. The prince felt the wet grime of the cave against his clammy skin and quivered. It felt rough and cold. The small pebbles bit into his skin and caused small bruises. They had left him alone for a time. He closed his eyes against the darkness, even though physically there was no difference, his spirit felt better with his eyes shut. He felt like he was shutting out the pain. This was odd for an elf, they slept with open eyes regularly. Even as he began to sleep, he wished he could remember who he was, all he could remember was his capture and that was little and of about as much comfort as the icy chill of the crushing darkness.


Aragorn lay in a swoon. /Legolas? Where are you my friend? I am trapped. I need you here. I need your strength to help me...Legolas.../ A cold splash of water woke the human. When he still did not fully come out of his 'sleep' from the water, an orc slapped him across the face. The nails scratched him. They left a set of thin red lines on his cheekbones and nose. "Wake up ranger scum!" growled the beast impatiently as he shook the mortal. This did nothing to aid the throbbing headache the man had growing by the minute.

Aragorn said groggily, "I'm awake." The orc dropped him and Aragorn groaned as he felt the ground come in contact with his bruised ribs. When they had captured him they had been non-too gentle about the means. He remembered Legolas and tears welled in his eyes. His friend was dead. He had saw him fall. "No. Legolas," he whispered to the ground. He could not hold back a tear that slid down his cheek as he mourned his friend. He wished he had died instead. It was his fate anyway, he was mortal. Legolas could have lived forever in peace. Why had the prince chosen to come with him? He did bot have to die. He could have fought for himself and lived. The prince could have stayed and ruled his kingdom. Legolas had chosen to die for him, a mortal.

Aragorn was so upset, and buried in grief, he did not notice when an orc came to stand in front of him. The creature stared down with scorn. He nudged the ranger with the toe of his heavy boot. "human, do you want to know a secret?" he snarled with glee as he gloated above his captive. Aragorn looked up and rested his face back on the ground. "Your friend is alive-for now. It is only a matter of time before the wargs find him." The monster cackled. "They will make short work of that elf filth of the vile land of Mirkwood. You'll see, you'll see." A screeching laugh went up from those who heard the prediction.

Aragorn felt anger stir in him. His friend had been wounded if not killed for him and he could not stand to hear the orcs talk about the elf thus. "He died for me! He has honor and valor! You cannot say near as much slime of Sauron!" The orc reached down and jerked the human up by the back of his tunic, and threw him down to the ground upon his back.

"You will learn to speak better to your elders human muck!" He kicked the ranger savagely in the ribs with his iron-toed boot. Stunning pain took Aragorn's breath away. He was struck again and he grunted under the pain it afflicted upon his battle weary body. A shower of blows rained on him as other orc took advantage of this time to bring out their cruelty. A foot connected with his stomach and he doubled over in pain. He curled up into a ball, trying to hinder the boots from hitting his stomach and face.

One orc yanked him up and rammed his fist into the human's face. Blood flowed from the corner of Aragorn's mouth. He felt unconsciousness tugging in the back of his mind. He was tempted to let it claim him. He wanted to be rid of the pain so much. Another beast slammed a clenched fist into his stomach. The mortal cringed and spots danced before his eyes. He went limp in the orc's grasp. A hard blow to the back of his skull made his head spin. Another such blow rendered him senseless.

The orc captain he had spoken to first when he woke from his capture grinned evilly. Humans were so weak. He dropped the man. The ranger crumpled to the ground. Kicking him over with his boot, the orc left to go back to the campfire and consort with his fearsome comrades.

An lower orc came by and looked into the man's face. "What's this Raksi? Keeping the goods all to yourself and your scum?" he snarled with jealousy at not being able to participate in the human's welcome.

"Shut your yap Griknak!" The lower orc poked the unconscious man. His followers came to investigate the prisoner as well. One of them started to lick it's lips. "Stay back you trash! The human is not for eating! He is for a slave you dull-witted slugs!" The orcs did not back down from the higher one. He came forward and drew his scimitar. Swinging it as he prepared to strike, he snarled, "if you don't step away, you rats, I'll take your heads from your wretched bodies!"

The other orcs backed down but protested all the way. "He thinks he's better than all 'o us! The filthy slug!" Raksi stepped forward. He snarled at the other orc then jumped onto it, teeth bared.

The smaller orc was not prepared and went under beneath the weight of the captain. The wrestle was short lived and the captain stood up, his mutinous comrade's dark blood showing black on his fangs. Griknak lay with his throat torn out on the ground. The orc leader licked his lips and teeth with his bright red dog-like tongue. He seemed to get a pleasure from the taste of the weaker orc's blood. "Anybody else?" he growled in a threatening tone. He scrutinized the goblin faces. "That's what I thought you lugs! Now stay away from the human scum or you'll be next lubbers!"

As the human lay in unconsciousness he began to have thoughts about the past. The memories haunted him and he wished he could not remember them. All he saw was darkness and more darkness. He also saw ahead, the Misty Mountains.

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