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Author's Note: Hey, hey! Just an insanely short, to the point fic about Inu- Yasha and Kagome. ^_^ Sweet, fluffy, dentists appointments are scheduled for six. ^_~ ::laughs::

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~Vanilla Sugar~





Vanilla sugar, to be precise.

Yes, I've only ever had one real weakness.

The overwhelmingly warm scent of floral vanilla- with just a touch of sweet sugar.

Forget all the oni-

And the rivals-

And the spells-

And the swords-

And the threats-

And the curses.

My only real enemy has been that smell. And, perhaps, the tears- which mix in with the vanilla and sugar to create a salty mess.

But still- forsake whatever you've been told or whatever you've assumed. This whole time-

All along-

That innocent, pure scent- that and that alone has caused my inner wars, my outer wars- and all wars in between. All because of her- her and her smell.

That kindness. . . that cheerfulness. . . that sugary-goodness that I so desperately craved and so adamantly refuse to allow myself to take.

I want to. . . oh, how I want to! To caress her delicious pink lips with my own. . . to feel that silky smooth skin beneath my callused fingers. . . to drown in the sweetness that is her aura.

And. . .

No matter what I did. . .

No matter how I tried to hide. . .

Her personality- her smile- her scent of vanilla and sugar- - - they would find me. She would find me. She would find my need. And no matter how my conscious tried to fend her off- fight her back- she always won. She always managed to lift me and my dark moods up- up higher than the clouds, the moon, the sun, the stars- - - !

She makes me so happy. . .

And I hate it.

I hate her for it.

I don't deserve such happiness.

I know that.

And she knows that.

But she tells me it isn't true- insists- as she wraps her warm arms around me- that I can be too foolish for my own good.

I don't want to admit she's right.

The inner/outer/in between wars start again. . .

The cycle continues.

But. . . Every time that tickling, teasing scent intoxicates my senses I can't help but feel it. . .

I can't stop the love.

And that love presents a weakness.

A weakness I cannot possess.

So. . .

All in all. . .

I've only ever had one, true 'Achilles' heel'.

The smell of vanilla sugar.

. . .

But. . .

Then again. . .

I've only ever had one, true strength, as well.

And that. . .

Is the smell of vanilla sugar.

That is Kagome.