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Of Torment and Tyrants


"Tenchi how…how could you? How could you choose her instead of me?" I wail into the indifferent wind. Tenchi had just chosen…he chose Ayeka the perfect princess with the perfect hair and the perfect personality. My heart feels like it has been ripped from my chest and spread out onto the ground in a bloody mass of dejection. My lover, the guy who had freed me from my prison; the one man who I have been living with for some of the happiest times of my life has just thrown me out. I drift solemnly above the ground, luscious and green with grass and flowers. Figures Mother Nature would be happy at my loss, there has never been a prettier day.

I drift far away from the little shrine I have called home for so long. I soon find myself floating slowly towards the unaware, bustling city of Tokyo. Me and Washu's mental link had been blocked long ago. I don't even want to think of Ryo-oki, my sister, either; my stomach is tied up in too many knots and my hot cheeks bare too many tears. I hardly even seem to notice the spirits that drift along behind me, probably creating quite a sight to anyone who passed by. 'Why Tenchi? Why? I love you…but you chose her…'

I land near an old style building, too crushed to feel anything but nauseating heartbreak. I walk slowly near a very old well covered by a neatly kept, but old fashioned, well-house that looks as if it used to be another shrine. I hardly even notice at all that I am drifting into the heart of Toyko; I don't care…I bet this used to be one of those stupid fabled wishing wells.

I take a small coin from my kimono pocket, one I stole from Jurai, and hold it in my trembling hand. No pain, not even the torture I received from Kagato can compare to this…this is unbearable.

"I wish I could just go away, go far away from everyone…even my Tenchi…he doesn't love me anyway." I sniff out, my amber eyes brimming over with salty tears as my soft cyan hair flutters unceremoniously in the light breeze. The spirits around me, still collecting, follow my every movement and even change color to my emotion. They changed from a soft pinkish white to a dark blackish blue. Spirits have always been here, they are not good company but they are company.

I toss in the coin, but instead of hearing a nice little plunk I hear a disheartening thud, the damn well is dry. Not wanting to waste my only wish on a dried up well, I levitate and then float down into the well with the spirits. Not a second after my feet touched the bottom, an overwhelming blue aura surround me and pulled me downward into mysterious depths.

'Where am I going? Where is this taking me? It's taking me away. Tenchi…I still love you no matter where I go…' My thoughts are too jumbled to even consider teleporting back to the safety outside the well. More prominently I don't really care where I am going, my wish is granted.

My heart shatters as I fall

'Where am I know?' The blue aura disappeared and left me sitting at the bottom of the well, unharmed. 'Am I still in Japan? Am I still on earth?' I float out of the well only to witness through my puffy pink eyes that there is indeed no well-house and it is a dense forest instead of tall apartment complexes. Most importantly, I can read from my natural youkai instincts that there are other youkai around, along with humans. I plant my feet on the ground and my upset stomach, overfilled with grief, finally claims me and I double over and vomit brutally into a nearby bush.

"Tenchi…how could you?" I murmur as I slam my shaking fist into the ground making a fairly large crater. I feel my ki rising, filled with anguish and complete devastation. I just want to feel whole again I need someone to make me feel like it is worth living. Then, just out of the corner of my senses I sense a youkai coming towards me from the air, I really do hope this youkai is friendly- I don't really feel like killing anyone today.

My broken heart doesn't feel up to it.


I cannot believe my luck, Kanna is unable to find that bastard Naraku in her mirror, that means he doesn't want to be found! I am free to do as I please for a change, even though time is limited. My claret eyes brighten and I feel my lips tug awkwardly into a facial expression I have not held for a while, a content smile.

I feel the comforting wind blow through my feathery, obsidian hair as I float above the serene forest, enjoying the scenery. My sister Kanna, behind me, has not said a thing. She is definitely a troubled thing, tormented by the souls in her mirror. Just as I thought the day was perfect I feel a disturbing wave of ki erupt through the forest on the edge of the western lands where the silly hanyou dwells.

'Who is that? I have never felt a youkai like that. Her aura is so agonized, who could she possibly be? I will have to go check this out.' I continue to drift down towards the agonized ki that appeared to be coming from near an old well. The bone eaters well.

"Kanna-san stay in the bushes over there." I command quietly as I place back my feather and walked towards the well, instantly seeing a crumpled form of a beautiful youkai with cyan hair. Curious like most demons would be, I approach the youkai and make my presence known.

"I am Kagura the wind sorceress, what is your name?" I announce gently, but firmly. The last thing I want to do is to fight this youkai. I have had enough of fighting for a while. I notice the crumpled form levitates, without need of a feather or youki cloud, and stands up facing me slowly. I note the Youkai's soft cyan hair and piercing amber eyes that seem cloudily overcast with despair. I also notice that her ki lowered and calmed the moment I spoke.

"I'm Ryoko the…er…ex Space Pirate." Ryoko, regaining composure; I notice that she is trying her best to make herself presentable. She doesn't need to though; her levitating trick is quite impressive. I glance towards the nearby bushes to see Kanna meekly peeking through the bushes also. This is highly unusual, is Kanna drawn to Ryoko? Kanna never notices anything, she never even presents herself, why is she now?

"Hello there Ryoko, are you from around the western lands?" I ask. I did not understand the last part of what Ryoko said, but I got her name. Her Japanese seemed different and her clothing is very revealing, so I figure she is from a different part of Japan, perhaps Hokkaido or Shikoku. This Ryoko seems very strong and has very interesting abilities, perhaps she can help Kanna and I, I think hopefully. I have tried in vain to find someone to help myself and Kanna, but no one wants anything to do with Naraku; like I blame them. I feel my claret colored eyes boil over with a brief pause of hatred as I collect myself.

"Actually Kagura, I am from outer space …but that doesn't matter. Where am I?" Ryoko asked innocently, I can tell by her eyes that she is a mischievous little youkai though. In spite of her despair, such things are pretty easy to notice. I almost crack a small smile when I see her trying to regain her stability by wiping her eyes and quirking a small smirk. I do not know of this 'outer space' though, is it another island? Aha, I got it, she must be from the continent! Only people from the continent name lands such foolish names as 'outer space.' I grin at my small victory. 'She seems nice enough, her ki is a little wicked now that I notice, but then again mine is too.' I brush a stray wisp of obsidian hair from my face and tuck it back into place.

"You are in the Western lands of Japan controlled by Lord Sesshoumaru." I answer almost proudly; I cannot help but like the fact that Naraku's rival owns such a vast amount of land. I see the confusion enter Ryoko's face as she levitates in the air once more and began to think. I pretend not to notice the tears brimming in her eyes. I am not one for comforting people and I do not really want not want anything to do with what made Ryoko so anguished. I just actually, as stupid and crazy as this might sound, want to talk to someone who does not hate or fear me. I almost laugh at my own foolishness.

"So...it's not where, it's when. I went back in time… Uh thank you Kagura, hey do you mind telling me more about when I am exactly." Ryoko is surprised, I don't understand. She is not from this time? How can this possibly be? One cannot turn the hands of time, not even Naraku, Sesshoumaru, the silly hanyou, or I can. Could it be that this Ryoko is able to do so? Wait, wasn't there another who could travel through time? Rumors they are, but rumors can be true. I will make a mental note to myself to seek out this information later.

"Well, you are in the middle of a battle for the shikon no kakera. The shards possess mystical power that can make a simple youkai into a powerful warlord. I am in fact seeking out the shards for my oppressive overlord Naraku." I pause, perhaps I went too far in explanation; I sense a disturbing change in her ki. Her eyes are glowing a venomous red. I take a hesitant step backwards placing my subtle hand on my fan, readying myself for an attack.

"Are you a slave to this Naraku guy?" She hissed like a bloodlust youkai. I regain my composure as I straighten myself up and grab my fan, unfurling it out in front of me. I will kill this Ryoko if I have to, I do not wish it, but I will not be killed before I have my taste of true freedom.

"Yes I suppose you can say that, I have no freedom. I wish to rid myself of him immediately, but unfortunately I am unable to do so." I state truthfully. I was just about to flick my wrist and shoot a fatal wave of wind to hurtle towards her when a diamond tear slid down her cheek. I stopped my self to hear her out; Ryoko does not look like she is going to attack anymore. She looks as if she is sorting out her feelings internally.

"I will help you destroy this Naraku guy; I too know what it feels like to be a slave and to be tortured. I do not want that to happen to you." I blink, this is too good to be true. A youkai actually wants to help me! She knows what it feels like to go through what I am going through. I smile thankfully, my claret eyes glowing with success. I know now that Naraku is as good as dead. I have an ally. I put away my fan and bow slightly.

"I only wish for one thing in return though, Kagura." Ryoko's face brightens up and her small fangs show her trouble-making side. She is going to be a handful I bet, she is going to stir up all sorts of trouble. What is it she could be asking? This trouble-making youkai could only want one thing, the shikon no tama.

"What is your request?" I ask simply biting my lip hoping it is not the shikon no tama; the Miko Kikyo is evil. She is filled with nothing but hatred and clay. I do not trust the walking dead. Although I can control the living dead with my winds, I cannot control Kikyo.

"I want you to be my friend, got it?" I blinked again, it is most unheard of for Youkai to have friends, you either have allies or enemies, but if that is the price I have to pay for freedom then I will pay it. Besides, it is not like I have a lot of 'friends' anyway.

"I accept, Ryoko I shall be your friend, arigato for your help."


I couldn't prevent a big, goofy grin from sliding onto my face. I have a new friend, and yeah, she is from the past apparently. I read some of the Masaki scrolls in the shrine one day and it spoke of this era where youkai roamed feudal Japan. I like Kagura so far, she seems like a cool youkai, a little stiff, but no one is as laidback as I am. After all I am Ryoko and I am on a quest to kill some bastard who is controlling my friend. My spirit link opens because of the sudden happiness and all of a sudden youkai spirits surround me.

What is going on? Where are all of these souls coming from? Wait a damn minute, these are souls of the living not the dead! Something fishy is going on here; someone is taking the souls of the living. I can tell because I can hear their cries of horror. I turn to Kagura in confusion.

"Kagura, why are these souls taken from living bodies?" I asked a little miffed of course, I have always felt a slight responsibility towards the spirits, even if I only use them to summon other youkai. I am nonetheless irritated. I see the shocked expression on Kagura's face as I spot a small, extremely pale entity whom I could not sense come from the bushes holding a mirror.

"I am responsible for the souls. Master Naraku insists I collect them. You are the only one who has been able to personally remove the souls from me without affecting the mirror." I am really confused, so this sick-o Naraku is keeping kids as slaves too and makes them collect souls? This guy is a psycho, he needs to be killed and fast.

"You can communicate to the spirits?!" I turn to see Kagura in a state of confusion and enjoyment. She really is funny, she is so stiff but you know she just wants to let loose and have some fun. I can also tell though that she is plagued with hatred towards this Naraku guy as I was with Kagato. That hatred weighs down your conscience and your soul, I know- it has happened to me twice. Hatred towards Kagato, and despair towards Tenchi the love I could not keep.

"Um, not reeeeeally I can do a lot of stuff." I'm definitely not in the mood to be listing extra ordinary abilities, knowing they were not enough for Tenchi decides to only list a few, Kagura is friend after all.

"I can fly, phase through matter, have a ki sword and orbs and I can summon youkai." Ryoko listed putting a finger to her lips as she felt a presence come her way. Before she knew it there were a group of people in the clearing with her and Kagura. A hanyou, three humans, and two youkai approach; one youkai looks like a large cat and the other looks like a little kid. The hanyou takes an offensive stance along with two of the humans and the fire cat.

"Hey, can't you see we are trying to have a conversation? Ya kow you are kinda rude!" I yell at the intruders. Kagura immediately draws her fan and unfurls it. If they attack Kagura then I will be forced to join the battle.

"Who are you wench? How are you able to collect spirits around you?" The silver haired Hanyou yells. How dumb is this guy? I see a human girl with a massive boomerang take her weapon from her back and lift it alongside a monk with a magic staff.

"Inuyasha, I don't think she is an incarnation of Naraku, but be careful she is very powerful." The boomerang girl warns the hanyou. His name is Inuyasha, how creative, dog demon. I teleport over to Inuyasha quickly and stand between him and the boomerang girl. Kagura is looking as if she is going to blow her stack too; we weren't doing anything bad we were just standing here.

"Listen Jerk, leave us alone we weren't doing anything, so turn your ass around and go back home!" I shout at him my amber eyes sharpening into his. I feel his ki rise up and his anger boil over, if he wasn't about to attack me I would grab his cute little fluffy ears.

"Do what the youkai says Inuyasha. I am not in the mood for a fight today." Kagura spoke up venomously; they have obviously met before I can tell. She raises her second fan which triggers the idiot Inuyasha to charge.

"That's it you're dead!" Inuyasha lifts his great fang katana and instead of attacking me, he attacks Kagura. Kagura parries his attacks effortlessly by unleashing a great wind blade. While they fight the boomerang girl hurls her massive Hiraikotsu at me. I merely phase out and the boomerang passes through my body, to the surprise of the girl.

To my horror, however, the boomerang reaches its zenith and comes back to hit Kagura by surprise giving Inuyasha enough time to slice her stomach. I see my friend double over in pain as she was hit twice by cheap shots. Blood oozes from her stomach, soiling her elaborate silk kimono Right when that evil Hanyou was about to deliver the finishing blow I explode.

"HOW DARE YOU!" I teleport between him and Kagura and clench my fist. Red lightening crackles around the gem in my wrist and with a powerful right hook my fist collides with the right side of his face sending him flying into a tree, much the surprise of his little comrades. His katana transforms magically back to a normal sword in his hand as he struggles to stand after such a harsh blow. I look towards the other members in pure rage as tears pour down my cheeks; how could they be so cruel to someone who is a slave?

"How could you attack her like that? What gives you the fucking right? Wait, I bet I know, she is the slave of Naraku! Even if Naraku harmed you it still gives you no right to offensively attack her." I look at the boomerang girl who reminds me of Ayeka, standing tall and prettily, almost too prettily. Then I look towards a girl holding a bow and arrow, she reminds me of Sasami, her eyes are soft and emotional. My heart skips a beat but there is not time to think of that now.

"Kagura is evil. She tried to kill us. You cant trust—" I stared at the silver haired hanyou named Inuyasha. I felt my eyes narrow into slits as I picked up the body of Kagura, bleeding profusely onto my kimono. The mirror girl is no where to be seen.

"Listen up dog! None of you knows what it is like to be a slave to a torturing overlord, who forces you to kill against your will only to torture you mentally and physically when you return. You know what it does? It breaks you down cell by cell until your whole body is dead from the pain and you cant live anymore without thinking about the number of people you have killed—" I look around to the rest of their cracker jack party, they are just raven-haired replicas of my old family from my past life. I turn back to Inuyasha and proudly finish my point.

"I do! I don't want it to happen to Kagura or her mirror friend. So either help me kill this Naraku bastard or prepare to meet your maker because I will not back down." I feel my eyes ignite with a similar fire as I had when protecting my old friends.

My ki reaches a height I have not obtained before as I stare down the party, red lightning crackles around me and the slightly conscious form on my shoulder. I look into the quivering eyes of Inuyasha. My eyes soften a small bit as I adjust my hold on Kagura who is moving slightly.

"We are sorry, let us help you, and help you heal Kagura." I heard the raven haired Sasami blurt out awkwardly; her eyes are teary and filled with guilt. I turn and see a similar reaction from the boomerang Ayeka, I couldn't see the boy right though, his face was angled away from me looking into some bushed nearby. Maybe he sees the little mirror girl.

"Ok girl, oh by the way, the name's Ryoko." I smirk as I begin to walk towards her with the now unconscious demon sorceress. I notice the Hanyou sheathes his sword reluctantly and walks after me, muttering a few choice words I didn't quite catch.

"Hi, I'm Kagome, this is Kirara and Shippou—" She points to the fire cat and the little kitsune. "and he is Miroku and she is Sango." Sango smiles a warm smile and before I could really get a good look at the monk I feel the hanyou behind me scowl. Kagome scrunched up her nose "Oh, and Inuyasha, why don't you SIT down." She says crossly as I notice Inuyasha plummets a good five feet into the ground. I notice the others walk on unfazed, towards a small village made of wooden huts, this is really in the past. I turn in amusement back towards the sputtering hanyou.

"Oi wench!" He mutters spitting out dirt trying to recover from the attack. I couldn't help it; in spite of everything malevolent that has happened today it feels so natural to laugh. So I did.



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