Of clashes and catastrophies

"Well, now Mr. Frostbite is actually a big fluffy dog. That's one plot twist I didn't see coming." I laugh and become eyelevel with the massive dog, his red eyes narrowing on me with a disgust that Sesshoumaru could only show in his true form. Yet, of course, I don't give beans. I don't have to prove a damn thing to this guy, all I have to do is to serve him for a bit so he'll help me out; that's all.

I notice that the dragon youkai opens his enormous jaws, larger than Sesshoumaru's to reveal long slender fangs that fringe his mouth like razor wire. I suppress a gulp as I grip my ki sword and point to the malevolent dragon with an arrogant finger.

"You know you wont get away. I am Ryoko the Space Pirate and I wont let a little lizard like you stop me." I smirk as I get the reaction I want, a snarl and a swipe of a clawed hand, obviously he doesn't like to be called a lizard, which is exactly what this fool is. I dodge his attacks with a boring ease, being my size and having the ability to teleport really makes this less fun than I thought it would. Perhaps ill just let the big old fluffy puppy handle this one.

"Yo, fluff-ball, why don't you take him, I'm getting pretty bored." I turn to him, but of course he ignores me like always as he pounces on the dragon and digs his canine teeth deep into the scales. His acidic saliva also helps a great deal in wounding the poor dragon demon, resulting in a large portion of his outer scales to burn off. However…this isn't enough. the dragon counters by biting Sesshoumaru in the back with his larger jaws and longer teeth; making Sesshoumaru growl in pain as he tries to free himself from the jaw death grip.

"Hold on fluffs!" I fly at the dragon youkai at full speed, impaling my ki sword into his temple, slashing it through his tough scales, making him let go of the wounded Sesshoumaru to howl in pain. I take the opportunity to begin making long slashes along his neck, head and eyes, avoiding his swipes with his deadly talons and teeth.

"Ha fool, nice Tr—" I get hit by his left talon and plummet to the ground, hitting myriad of tree branches before hitting the forest floor with a crash. I groan and get to my knees slowly assessing the damage. 'how could I have been so careless…damn." a long gash goes down my side, not to mention the bruises and cuts that resulted in plummeting through the trees. I grimaced in pain as I stand up, wishing upon my demonic ki to heal the wound as I fly back up through the emerald canopy of trees I just crashed through.

I come back up to see Sesshoumaru on the warpath, biting, slashing and whipping acidic saliva at him any chance he got. 'I guess I was just in the way…' I thought to myself as I watched the wounded Dog demon begin to take control of the fight, the dragon being forced to parry or dodge Sesshoumaru's lethal volleys. Sesshoumaru finally got a hold of the dragon's neck and began to tear back and forth viciously, green blood filling the air.

"Nice Fluff, now finish him!" I grin as Sesshoumaru looks back for a split second before attacking once more, but I see something glow orange, the dragon's eyes. I immediately go to the fight up close to see what exactly is going on 'oh no, that can't be what I think it is…the paralysis beam!' Ryoko thought as the dragon demon slashed Sesshoumaru across the belly with one of his free talons, making him fall backwards onto the ground. My stomach began to sink as I noticed the orange was getting brighter. 'Damn, he is going to paralyze Sesshoumaru at point blank!'too wounded to fly, I manage to teleport myself in front of Sesshoumaru and hurl as many ki blast orbs as possible at the eyes of the dragon. He recoils in pain and I continue to advance, throwing out as many as my body could permit, the sky lighting up in little fireworks of crackling red orbs.

"Take this you bastard lizard!" I scream as I begin to run out of energy. I look to see one of the dragon's eyes completely green from blood and closed, and the other half open. 'score one Ryoko!' I smile wearily as I begin to teleport back to let Sesshoumaru finish him off, when the dragon somehow achieved uncharacteristic speed. A splatter of blood and a scream later revealed a dragon tooth impaled through my stomach. My eyes are wide as I somehow push myself off the dragons tooth only to fall again to the forest floor, through the whipping branches of tress.

I cough out blood again, and lay on my back facing the sky which is orange. The sky usually isn't orange. My whole body feels numb and cold. I am very cold right now. I see out of my peripheral vision, a white and red blur rip apart something green. but I forgot what exactly who they are…I'm too tired to think right now. I do feel a jaki obliterated from existence…but my vision has gone dark, and I can't really feel anything, or hear anything. I struggle to open my eyes again, but only to see a blurry figure…one that has long burgundy hair and emerald eyes. I think, I can't tell. I close my eyes again, trying to breath in and out.

"Kagura, what a pleasant surprise, I assume Kikyo agreed to your proposition, did she not?" I grit my teeth as I take my rudimentary bow towards him and look back up into his venomous eyes. He is planning something, something that I know I am not apart of. 'I wonder what he plans to do with Ryoko once he finds out her secrets. I told Kikyo not to tell him about what type of Youkai she is, a demon summoner. If Naraku knew that, then he wouldn't create anymore of his incarnations, and he wouldn't be so weak after constructing them. I also told her not to tell him about her gender, because if he knew she were female, he would now doubt intent to capture her. 'I won't let that happen. She is my only chance for escape, and the only person compassionate enough to do it.'

"Yes she did. She should be finding information soon." I reply dryly, trying to mask any bad intentions on my part. Naraku can be such a bastard. He chuckles a bit, running long pale fingers through his thick black wavy hair. He can be very vain too at times. Naraku looked to Kagura and his eyes narrowed.

"Is there something that you are not telling me Kagura? If you are hiding something…I will be forced to find it." I am used to this, but nonetheless his vicious voice almost caught me off guard. I had to feed him some piece of information so he wouldn't get suspicious. I mean, I don't want to get beaten by Naraku! I sigh, trying my best to look exasperated.

"I just heard some rumors that this youkai has been seen around the Western Lands, but that's it. I don't give a big shit about this guy." I sneer, trying to look pissed off and irritated, and I guess it worked because he is chuckling. He either already knew that she was in Sesshoumaru's domain, or he thinks this is some big breakthrough. He waves his hand to dismiss me.

"Thank you Master." I bow, again, with a pretty cringe, and walk out the miasma filled room, sometimes I have to put my kimono to my nose to block the smell. I walk down the hallway, hoping that Kikyo actually doesn't come through and gets killed or something. wouldn't that be convenient, the Miko gets blast to pieces? Kagura frowns immediately

'Wait, I might need Kikyo in the future. she better not get killed, because if that stupid twit Kagome does also, then I am in big trouble.' Kagura picks up her pace and walks down the hallway, thinking up of a plan along the twisted, dark, clammy way.

'If Naraku finds out about Ryoko, then he will try to absorb her powers no doubt. However, if I can fix up a way for her to get in a fake fight and Naraku to think that she got killed, then things would be coming up roses.' Kagura's ruby lips turn up into a grin of triumph as she walks back down the hallway to think of how to orchestrate her plan.

"Miss Ryoko!" I call as I pick her beaten, bloody body from the forest floor. My emerald eyes widen at the extent of her injuries and my claws curl into a fist at the sight of dying Dragon youkai, no doubt the same type of youaki that has been ravaging the Northern part of the Western Lands. I gingerly pick her up, trying not to disturb any of her blossoming, fatal wounds and wrap her in my ash gray tail.

"It will be alright, your mate is coming." I tell her softly, because if she could hear me then it might comfort her that Sesshoumaru is fine, and is walking this way. I must say that Sesshoumaru does have an interesting taste in females, she is by far one of the most unconventional female youkai I have ever seen. Yet, I am glad for him, he needs a female who can keep his unbridled arrogance in line with a sharp tongue.

"She is not my mate." I whip around to see Sesshoumaru standing coldly behind me, and I could have sworn I felt the temperature rise a few degrees in the area around me.

"What are you talking about? Weren't you looking for a mate, and is she not the one? I mean, by the look of the way you reacted when she got hurt—" In a blink of an eye his hand is constricting around my vulnerable neck, and since I am carrying Ryoko, I cant pry his hand away. I look into his cold, icy merciless eyes and a wave of ice and confusion washes over me.

"She is Nothing. I care not whether she lives or dies except for the fact that she is a servant." Sesshoumaru hisses stoically and unleashes my throat which now burns and hurts, but I continue to stand tall, looking at him as he walks away, then looking down to Ryoko's pained face. Something inside of me felt like there was something amiss, since when did Sesshoumaru hire such powerful and unusual servants? I looked at her face closer, and began to speedily walk back to the castle.

She wasn't a knock out beauty, certainly not the delicate flower, or the blushing maiden, and even though she came out bruised, could not be the damsel in distress. She was simply, Ryoko. And as I entered the garden before the gate to the medicinal ward, I felt a presence, not a ki, but a pair of eyes watching me, I whipped back to see a woman standing there, looking at me with dead cold eyes.

"Who are you? What are you doing on these premises?" I slowly begin to put down Ryoko, and pause ever so slightly to see that she is a Miko, and probably a powerful one at that.

"That does not matter for now, if you wish to save that demoness' life, you best give her to me to heal." I could feel my emerald eyes widen at the audacity of this miko, how dare she assume that I, Akira one of the best generals in Sesshoumaru-sama's army, would trust her in such a dire situation. I snort and turn my back on the priestess, but my ears pick up the sound of a strung bow and I stop in my steps. I look in the corner of my eye to see the Miko aiming a potent purification arrow at me.

"it is not a request, but a demand. If she dies, we will no doubt fall to Naraku." Her sharp words pierce the glade, and I feel my claws heat up, but she is correct, I am in no position to defend, because if I made a move to attack, she could easily beat me for I would have to put down Ryoko to do so. I sigh, deeply annoyed, and my eyes like blades of grass cut back at her.

"If you try anything Miko, I will not hesitate" my claws burst into little candles of flame "to burn you slowly to the ground." She unintentionally silently swept the ground with her hakama pants as she walked towards the dying youkai and took out from her haori a few vials of crushed herbs. She peeled back the sticky fabric of Ryoko's once lovely kimono and began to slowly massage them into the glistening open red wounds.

I fiddle with my long, burgundy hair as the miko begins to chant a bit, or really, she was murmuring under her breath and making hand motions to each syllable that sunk from her stone serious lips. The wounds on Ryoko begin to glow a mysterious lilac color and the miko turns to me with her sepia eyes set on mine courageously.

"Do you know, and I mean truly know of her key role of this present hour?" Kikyo asked gravely, my emerald eyes widen, taken aback at such a weird question. Ryoko's importance? To whom is she important to, obviously not Sesshoumaru. Perhaps she has influencial friends, powerful friends? or perhaps she herself is a daughter of a Lord? I suppose the confused look on my face answered for me because the miko began to answer.

"She, this youkai, will be the one to tip the scale of pure and impure. She will aid us greatly in the battle against Naraku because she is the one youkai who Naraku knows nothing about." I narrow my eyes, Naraku, that treacherous snake hanyou. He deserves to be reincarnated so many times, he shall never reach Nirvana! He is the bile of this earth, trying to use the Shikon no tama to make him stronger, what a coward, what a pathetic excuse for an existence! I clench my fist, little flames burst from the knuckles, but the miko doesn't seem to notice.

"I will then protect her." I vow, and this stunned miko as a witness shall make sure of it. "I will protect Ryoko, because if she wishes to destroy Naraku she will not do so alone. I shall accomplish it with her, side by side." I resolve firmly, not knowing that within the walls of the fortress, there was another witness to my words.

"I have done all I can do, take her inside to heal." and with those soft words, the Miko rose and left, and for gratitude, I let her keep her life. She also needs to stay alive to bear witness to my vow, I shall never break it, I shall make sure that Ryoko and I walk away victorious on that fateful day…and perhaps she and I could stay together after that as well.

"uhm…ugh. did someone get the number of that spaceship?" I sit up, probably a bit too fast, and open my eyes to the sun setting lazily on the horizon line. Akira, the burgundy haired version of Sesshoumaru, is snoozing lightly to my left on the dark stained wood floor. I stretch out my limbs nimbly and look over my stomach to realize that my wound has almost completely healed. I amaze myself. I smirk and stand slowly, relishing the cool breeze wrapping it around me as I step out to admire the sinking sun.

I hum a small tune, content with just standing and watching the fireflies dance over and near the small pond with the treasure trove of vegetation. I could be doing so many things right now, but ironically, I am just standing here, thinking. Sesshoumaru. He must have killed that dragon youkai, good riddance, that guy was a pain in the ass anyway.

"like that matters though, he just thinks I'm a nuisance even though I'm doing him the favor. Gees, the first job I get, and I bet he didn't even care I was a hair from dying." I levitate a few feet in the air and perch myself comfortably on a tree limb gazing at the pond with a languid interest. I mean of course he doesn't care… "I'm just some bargain to him, a material possession, a tool. Just like I was with tenchi and the others except now I'm the tool not the court jester." I sigh angrily. Tenchi… I could have loved you better than anyone, I made you laugh, I tried to cheer everyone up…in my own way of course, but you still chose that stupid ayeka. I am the fool.

"You believe yourself as a material possession?" I nearly jump out of my skin as I see Sesshoumaru standing below my tree, not looking up at me, but looking to where I was gazing, at the tangerine ball becoming more and more of a sliver as it disappears in the horizon. His silver hair catches the tangerine and the magenta and the gold of the sky softly, and for a moment, he looked as if he could be docile, and dare I say, tolerable?

"That's all I am to you, a tool to do your chores, no one I have met really thinks of me as anything but a tool to use, that's why I ran away, to live for myself." he remains unmoved, and I snort unladylike and I look up at the stars and imagine Prince Charming, one day will ride with me to the ends of the solar system, and we shall live together and think of each other as close equals, well, close being that no one can equal me of course.

"You are a fool. You have let go of your own self-worth. Do not let others dictate to you what you should be." he sharply cuts, and I have to say, it hurt. Yet, it was different in a way, to think that he would say something like that to me. It made me feel a tiny bit warmer inside for Sesshoumaru actually care about my troubles. I smirk and a coy look appears on my face

"Oh Sess, I knew you cared!" I chuckled, my voice achieving a grating high pitch like the old fashioned geishas. He visibly winces and turns to me with a glare that could cut through metal, but it doesn't faze me in the least. Just when he was about to retort, Akira appears at my side instantly making me jump and scream.

"Wha? What was that all about!" I exclaim, a little shaken at the soft expression Akira had on his face, his facial expressions were eerily similar to Sesshoumaru's, except Akira's were more softened, and colored differently. All of a sudden, he ensnares me in a suffocating bear hug and I sweatdrop and squirm. I hear what I thought was a low growl, but it must be my stomach, I am starving.

"I am just so glad you survived Ryoko-san! At first, I thought we would be preparing a funeral, not a feast!" Akira smiled, and I couldn't help but smile a bit too, not only was Akira's face so gentile and sweet, friendly, but the feast sounded almost too good to be true. I run my hand through my unruly hair and chuckle a bit before turning to where Sesshoumaru was standing only to realize that he wasn't there. Confused I looked around, but ultimately settled on Akira's emerald eyes and smirked.

"A feast is fine with me, something tells me I'll be doing chores all tomorrow anyway." He laughs quietly, his voice like satin in the air, and we walk to the pond, where I was meaning to go in the first place. Unknowingly, his gray furry tail wraps around me slightly to keep me warm against the cool breezes that play with my thick cyan hair and makes his luxurious merlot mane flutter in the breeze. I sigh, at that moment, everything was almost blissful, until I reached out a hand and pushed him into the pond with a resounding splash that chased away all serene wildlife.

"pssssh! Hey! ill get you for that!" I burst out laughing, olive colored seaweed clung to his face and shoulders and creased his hair. I could hear him say some more things, but was laughing so hard I couldn't hear. Then my wrist is grabbed harshly and before I could fly or even react, his fast movements flung me into the pond as well.

I surface and glare at him with a heated look that sends him into a fast sputter of apologies, "Oh Ryoko-san, please forgive me, I was not myself, I was not think—" but a splash of water later, sends him back into battle mode over a splashing fight. He started to win as his splashes began to conquer mine, and I had to resort to a secret plan to win, because it'd be a cold day on Venus when Ryoko admits defeat.

I chuckle as I multiply myself, a trick I haven't used in a while, and dunk him with one of my selves, while splashing him with another. He surfaces, with some difficulty, wide eyed at my abilities, and I resume one person. Then I felt a familiar ki level, and noticing where Akira's eyes were looking, I guessed Sesshoumaru was right behind me.

"Hey there frostbite, how are ya doin?" I turn to face his blank expression once again, and something inside of me really wanted to pull him in too, but the part of me that likes being alive overruled. Sesshoumaru is such a stick in the mud.

"Akira, get out. Prepare for the meal. Ryoko, you shall as well immediately." He turned to leave and I got out of the lake, pruning myself of seaweed and anything else that certainly didn't belong. Akira did the same, only like a dog, He shook his whole body, getting me wetter. I frown and walk slowly back to my room, down little narrow hallways, finally to the main hall and phasing into my room to dry off privately. Only then did I notice the treatment that sealed my wound. It wasn't normal, and I have never seen it or felt it's ki before except for the fact if felt like Kagome's but different.

It was then that I remembered Kagura, and that I would have to stay focused and keep honing my abilities, I probably shouldn't be playing around as much. I put my hands behind my head and look up at the ceiling. However, I'm not that good at being serious, it's a good thing I have a sick sense of humor or I'd probably still be sealed, or dead, or catatonic by now. Speaking of catatonic, I better change into dry clothes before Mr frostbite decides to deny me of food.

I begin change into a kimono I found folded on my futon, I examine the simple gown, lavender with a goldenrod colored obi. I quickly put it on, knotting the obi hastily, and flew down the hall to what I hope is the dining room. It didn't even occur to me that this dinner could be more chaotic than the ones I used to have with tenchi and ayeka. I sigh as I float down the hallway, at least things wont be boring.

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