Wuah, I have to get the 11th chapter for "What Magic Can Do To You" finished soon. : S

I will get done with it, I swear.

I'm doing this to break my writer's block and it's actually the first time I write a story like this.

It's not a one-shot, it's a multi-chaptered story and please tell me if you mind it being put out like this.

Anyway, I have the next week off from school, so I'll probably try to finish the 11th chapter of my challenge-ficcie.


Here's the story!


Hey, everyone!

I guess you remember me, right?

You will not believe what I have to tell you guys. Fun for some, saddening for others and somewhere in the middle for me.

I feel like sharing my story with every one of you and that's what I'll do now. As you know, I'm a hardworking guy, I love my job although the off-seasons are the most boring times a human can experience.

So for exactly, three weeks, two days, four hours, fifteen minutes and ten, eleven, twelve...bah, who cares what the seconds are?

Anyway, by that time I thought that after five years hardworking I had earned some kind of vacation.

I wasn't asking for a room in a five star hotel by Acapulco during high- season with my own tennis-court and view over the ocean and my private beach (not that I have all that). All I was asking for was two weeks off, the latest version of Counter Strike and a refrigerator filled with Coke.

That would be my ideal vacation, and maybe a stock of films in the living room too. So there I sat that day, thinking this innocent thoughts while playing Tetris on my five year old computer in my office.

Why such an old computer you might ask me? Well, the president of the Indigo Plateau Office building said that since I only sit in my office on off-seasons, there was no need to buy me a new computer every other season.

We're talking a computer that hangs itself whenever I get to the 15th level and things begin to get a bit fast.

I decided to ask for two weeks off, ignoring the piles of paper that had been accumulating on my desk.

At times I wondered what I was. A Pokémon Master or just an average, overworking, office guy?

I went to the top floor where the finest offices were and where the "important" dudes that "made things work" around here, had their HQ.

Before even getting into the hallway that led towards the president's, secretary's office, I had to go through at least ten security controls.

And let's make a note here, I'm not just the regional Pokémon Master, I'm a global one that works his ass off to maintain his every won title.

When I finally reached to the waiting room, the secretary told me to sit and wait, there was a possibility for me to actually get a chance to talk to the president.

By then, I didn't know that it meant that I was going to sit there for an hour without any reply and that I should've just left as she said that.

But, what can I say? I was young and stupid. Or younger and still stupid.

I'll never forget that day.

Except that I knew that I wouldn't get a vacation, there was still stuff in stock. I went back to by office and crashed by the computer, returning to my Tetris, only to be disturbed by the phone ringing.

Here is where everything really began.





Ash: This is the Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum speaking, how can I help you?

???: Well, to begin somewhere, stop acting like you were so important.

Ash: I am important.

???: Heh, yeah, I guess that I guy can dream.

Ash: So, Brock, what bug bit you?

Brock: Huh?

Ash: What bug bit you? Why are you calling? You never call, unless – you never call.

Brock: I have the news of the year for ya.

Ash: It's Mars, how can you have the news of the year when it's still nine months left to the next year?

Brock: I swear you'll drop dead when you hear this.

Ash: You say I'll drop dead for everything you say.

Brock: You wanna hear or not?

Ash: Yeah sure, shoot, I'm listening.

Brock: Turn that damned Tetris off.

Ash: How'd you know?

Brock: I can hear the annoying music.

Ash: I don't have the audio on.

Brock: I guess I heard the annoying song from your head or something – do you wanna hear this wonderful news or what?

Ash: I said yes. Go ahead and talk, the Tetris is shut down.

Brock: Allrighty, hold on now. Your girlfriend and future wife will be in town in, say...oy, in half an hour.

Ash: Where are you?

Brock: I'm at Tracey's place, why?

Ash: You want me to pick you up or will you take a cab back home?

Brock: I'm not drunk.

Ash: Sure you aren't. It's either that or you've dialled the wrong number. And don't call me for crap like that. I have paperwork so far up my ass, people are using me as a printer.

Brock: Why do you have to use such brutal expressions?

Ash: Because my job here is brutal.

Brock: Ash, don't be such an ass and copy here. Your girlfriend is in town...or will be....soon.

Ash: I don't have a girlfriend.

Brock: Ok, not officially but you have one.

Ash: I do not.

Brock: You do too. Misty will be here soon, what's the matter with you?

Ash: Misty is not my girlfriend! And she is? Wow, I gotta go and see her.

Brock: That's the reaction? You better spice it up a bit before the reunion. Five whole years and he react as if I'd told him I saw his mom at the supermarket.

Ash: Shut up.

Brock: You should kiss her or something like that. I bet that would make her happy.

Ash: Shut up, she's not my girlfriend.

Brock: You know what, Ash? I think that you're intimidated by steady relationships.

Ash: That coming from a man whose longest relationship lasted a day.

Brock: That, my friend, was the most give-and-take relationship I have ever experienced with just one woman in that long time.

Ash: That's just playing nasty.

Brock: Knock it off. Besides, we were talking about you, not me. You gonna kiss her, right? I swear you will.

Ash: I swear that if you say that Misty's my girlfriend again, I'll stop paying for the Playboy channel at my place.

Brock: Wuah! No, I'm sorry. Forgive me?

Ash: Yeah, yeah. Um, is she coming by bus or train?

Brock: Train. Viridian City Train Station.

Ash: Do you think I should go?

Brock: Why do you think I called? Imagine, I'm sitting here, with a wide screen right in front of me, with the best channel ever made and I call you.

Ash: I dunno if I will, though.

Brock: If you decide you will, remember to not stick your tongue to far down her throat.

Ash: Gaah! She's not my girlfriend and I am not gonna kiss her!





By then, my blood was boiling in my veins. I hung up at a chuckling Brock.

Is it possible that something like that could last for so long?

For several years have I heard the story of me and Misty being a couple.

I don't know if I speak Russian with an Italian accent when I say this but she is not my girlfriend!

With that out of the world, I was left with the decision; should I go and meet her or not. I took a look at the clock attached to the wall in front of me and saw that in two more hours I had to go and pick Pikachu up from the Pokémon daycare centre.

I had to go.

I don't know why and don't you dare to think that it was because "it is my destiny to go and meet my soul mate at the train station."

I want to meet a good friend of mine that I haven't seen for many years.

I had made my decision, I was going to meet her at the train station so I got up from my chair and left my paper-filled office and headed to the parking lot, six floors beneath me.

But before that, I had to get someone's car keys.

Brock's teasing was still echoing in my head. God, he had changed the past years.

Everything began when he actually got dates . . . with girls. And not only that . . . he managed to get them into bed.


Calling Misty my girlfriend and everything.

Before going down to the parking lot, I stopped by the third floor. That's where all the labs and the "Evolution of Pokéballs"-department were.

You know Tracey?

Well, he got pretty much in the spotlight as professor Oak's assistant and he got a part time job at the League as a product developer and as the head manager for the Pokémon Medicine department.

When I had come to the reception of the third floor, I learned that Tracey had an own office...in the pretty side of the office quarters!

In a somewhat pissed off manner, I went through the halls necessary to get to Tracey's office, only to see that he had a wooden door into his office with a gold plate on it, saying "Mr. Tracey Sketchit, Head Manager for PMD and Product Developer for PLKR".

I reminded myself that I was here to borrow his car, not to compare offices.

I entered and didn't bother to get surprised by the fact that Tracey had a secretary as well. She looked up at me and smiled widely.

"Good day, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?"

That's what she said. She called me 'sir'.






Ash: I'm here to see Tracey.

Secretary: Oh, do you have an appointment, sir?

Ash: No. But it's urgent, though.

Secretary: I'm sorry, sir. You must have an appointment to see mr. Sketchit.

Ash: I'm the Pokémon Master and I need to see Tracey!

Secretary: Can you give me your personal information?

Ash (frustrated): C'mon, let me in!

Secretary: I'm afraid I'll have to call security if you don't calm down, sir.

Ash (really frustrated): I'm his boyfriend and this is a very urgent matter so if you excuse me.

*leaves a very shocked secretary and enters Tracey's office*

Ash: Hey, Tracey? – wuah, I see you're working your ass off here.





You wanna know what he was doing?

I'll tell you what he was doing.

He was looking into a mirror . . . and fixing his black tie that was supposed to go with his apparently new Armani.

You heard me, his new Armani.





Tracey: Hey, Ash. Clare let you in?

Ash: Nope. I went in myself. So, I see that you have work over your head but I need to ask you for a favour.

Tracey: Yeah, sure.

Ash: I need to borrow your car. Two hours tops. No scratches and no lost keys.

Tracey: You're going somewhere now?

Ash: Yep. I'm gonna go and pick Misty up at the train station. And you? You don't seem to be fit for the lab.

Tracey: I'm going out on a date with Clare.

Ash: The girl outside?

Tracey: Yeah, why?

Ash: I said I was your boyfriend to get in here. You might want to explain a thing or two to her.

Tracey: What?!

Ash: This is an emergency, plus I have piles of paperwork to take care of when I get back. Gimme the car keys.

Tracey: Now she's gonna think I'm gay!

Ash: Yeah, the system is entirely screwed up. Gimme the car keys.

Tracey: Ash!

Ash: Yes, Tracey, I'm right here, there's no need to yell. Could you pretty please, give me the car keys?

Tracey: God, you're unbelievable. Here. Keep your promise.

Ash: Thanks and I will. Hope things go well with you and your girlfriend.

*walks out of the office and passes by a tear eyed secretary*

Ash: No need to worry, Clare. Tracey's straight and I'm just full of crap. Have a nice date. Buh-bye.





Yes, I'm an asshole who deserves to be eliminated from the surface of the earth at times. But I was mad and it just slipped out of my mouth.

With this mission accomplished, I had the next ahead of me.

Fact was that I was in such a hurry that I didn't have time to think of what was actually going to happen.

I guess that in my mind I was still thinking that Misty was the same like last time I saw her. And that she was probably going to hit me for not keeping contact these past four years.

We did mail each other and such the first two years but after that she disappeared so she should be the one to apologize, not me.

I guess I was kind of excited over this reunion, but still somewhat scared. I dunno why, though.

It took like a quarter to get to the train station so I came in time to see the train drive into the station.

It's somewhere here where the next level of my nightmare begins. Right when I accidentally bump into what later appears to be Misty.


Iih, you'll never guess why.

Why that will become a nightmare, I mean =).

Second chapter will be up soon and I'm working on the third chapter (plus, the 11th chapter of Ash-turning-into-Psyduck-ficcie, ^^)

Oh, it's first April today . . . people have been pulling my leg all day ^^;;