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Chapter 3 – The Killer Game



May (angrily): Ash Ketchum!

Misty (looking around): Did I just say something?

Ash (whispering to Misty): Make sure that the damned handcuffs doesn't show – Eh, hi!

May (walking up to them): Is it true what this entire department know about you, Ash Ketchum?!

Ash (nervously): Um, what do they know?

May: Don't play stupid, mister. So, what? A normal relationship isn't enough for you? But stuff that can happen in an empty elevator is totally ok to go around and show off with?!

Ash (trying to explain, pulling out both his hands): May, it's not like that. We're here be-

May: With handcuffs?! What kind of twisted mind do you have?!

Ash: W-what? – Oh! You mean this. They're not mine; I'm just watching these for Brock.

Misty: Nice move, Romeo.

May: From Brock? That makes everything so much better.

Ash: It – it's not what it looks like.

May: You should be ashamed of yourself, Ash! I thought you were different but you're just like every other guy on this planet!

*May walks off, angrily*

Misty: I think things would've gone better if you hadn't opened your mouth.

Ash: I think that you should just keep your opinions for yourself until I ask for them. We need to find Brock so I can fix this up.





I was so tired that day.

Everything I did went wrong, even the things I didn't do went wrong.

Wherever we went, people stared themselves apart.

Brock had been eaten by earth and I knew that the president would find out very soon. As fast as he came to work, say, around lunch?

Misty was still calm and wasn't bothered by all the glaring and whispering.

The whispering was seriously driving me crazy. There would be laying brain substance all around Viridian if people didn't shut up.

I wanted to go home and forget all about this. I hoped that these darned handcuffs would fall off or that Brock would come by to get them.

Misty and I sat in my office, mainly because no one else but us could be there so there was no need for Misty to go right into me to hide the handcuffs that were visible anyway.

As I predicted, the president found out.

He wanted to talk to me.

An emergency, he said, right through the speakers.

It was like that one time in school when I, with no intention to hurt someone, tripped and spilled glue all over a girl's hair.

I had to go and talk with the principal and he called out to me through the speakers so the entire school knew what I had done.





Ash (nervously): What should I say in my defence?

Misty (easily): The truth. What else?

Ash: Eh, yeah. He asks me why the hell I'm walking around the office building chained to one of the former gymleaders and I say, it's Brock's fault. Then he'll call me a baby for not assuming any responsibility and blaming someone who has mysteriously disappeared. Then I'll say, hey, it's the truth. Then he'll go, "mr. Ketchum, are you taking any medicine for the time being" and then I reply that I'm not. Then he'll say that I should get an appointment with Agatha 'cause she's into herbal medicine and stuff and that she is 'the only one' who can help me from moving on from my instable, psychological condition right now!

Misty (smiling): How many times have you been called for emergency-calls?

Ash: This week, you mean?

Misty (laughing): Why so often?

Ash: Because I like to play Tetris and because I find the paperwork boring.

Misty: But isn't office-work for the educated? I mean, you're the Pokémon Master and your task is to battle and raise your Pokémon well, right?

Ash: Yes, but I need this work since I spend all the money I make on the high-seasons.

Secretary: Mr. Ketchum and miss, mr. Goodheard can see you now.

* Ash and Misty walks into the big office and they see a middle-aged man sit behind a luxurious, wooden desk*

Mr. Goodheard: So, mr. Ketchum. We meet again. This time because of inappropriate behaving at the working-place. Is that correct?

Ash: Um, well, not really.

Mr. Goodheard: Ah, so I guess that the entire staff of this building has been misleading me?

Ash: No, sir. I can explain everything.

Mr. Goodheard: Then please do explain everything, mr. Ketchum.

Ash: Um, I... it began yesterday...and...

Mr. Goodheard (awkwardly): Mr. Ketchum, I don't need any details on how exactly everything began.

Ash: What? No! Wait, it's nothing like that. Misty is here because her kami told her...

Mr. Goodheard: I do beg your pardon! Mr. Ketchum, it's absolutely unacceptable for a global Pokémon Master like you to be involved with any kind of prostitutes.

Misty: Excuse me! I am not a prostitute. Kami means spirit, not pimp. Just because we're stuck to eachother with these handcuffs, doesn't mean that we are involved into a sexual relationship.

A friend asked us to watch these for him. My guess is that this is a joke from this friend's part or that one of Ash's Pokémon put these on us while we were asleep.

Ash: That was exactly my point.

Mr. Goodheard: Aren't you one of the Cerulean gymleaders?

Misty: Yes.

Mr. Goodheard: I apologize for my conclusion, miss. Waterflower.I must say that this is a very tricky situation. My suggestion would be that you go home for the day, mr. Ketchum and try to find the key to whatever keeps you stuck to eachother. Keep me informed. I don't want any scandals here and I can assure you that in a matter of time, this building will be surrounded by reporters. That would be everything and youths, behave.

Ash (scratching the back of his head): We will. Good bye, mr. Goodheard.

Mr. Goodheard: Good bye.




Phew, that was a good turn.

I didn't get fired, I didn't get yelled at and I made it to the front door alive.

Sure, people were still staring but I was too happy to be bothered by that.

Before heading back home, Misty and I 'passed by' the day-care centre to pick Pikachu up.

Maybe this wasn't that bad after all; the president gave me a day off.

I'd enjoy this one day and kill Brock tomorrow for getting me into crap like this.

Yep, that sounded like a good plan.

But then again, I guess that the sun can't shine an eternity, it has to rain sooner or later. My problem is that it wouldn't only rain on me.

We're talking hurricanes, thunder and lightning to not mention inundation and earthquakes. By the time we came home, I was on the edge of death.

I can assure you that cycling roads are necessary along the Viridian motorway, with fences.

People there drove like they stood on the gas-pedal and as if they had forgot that the brakes to their left were actually there to be used.

My face print was probably on 50% of the cars in Kanto.

Anyway, we came home and I crashed down by the computer only to be glared at by Misty.




Ash (tiredly): No. Don't look at me. I'm sick of people looking at me today.

Misty: Ash, what are you doing?

Ash: Don't say that you don't sit by the computer either. I need at least three hours of Counter Strike so sit down (he reached out for a chair standing nearby and put it beside him so that Misty could sit down) and enjoy the glorious game here with me.

Misty: Counter Strike is a killer-game, Ash.

Ash: Yeah, I kinda noticed for two years ago. (he turned on the computer as he looked down onto his phone) Oy, I was pretty popular today, seven new messages. (he pushed the play- button)

"Hey, Ash! I called to your office but you weren't there. What's this rumour I hear about you 'misbehaving' around the building, ey?"

"Oi, Ash, stop dissing me man. I'm curious, I haven't heard the entire story and the parts I hear just goes from dirty to plain nasty. Call me!"

"Oh hell no, you better call me now, man! Is it true that it's Misty?! What the hell is wrong with you?! I'm gonna ban you from Brock!"

"With handcuffs?! From an empty elevator?! How many times have I told you to stop paying for the Playboy channel?! You're young and more stupid than you should be, if you have that channel, you'll always be tempted. Here are the consequences. Just take it easy, Tracey's here to fix everything, I'm gonna hook you up with the best brain-shrinker in the entire region."

Ash: What's he talking about? He needs a shrink for even believing in those things.

Misty: We did get out of an empty elevator with these handcuffs on and you did look pretty tired.

Ash: I went by bike the whole way from Pikachu's daycare centre to the Indigo office building. Two different sides of a very big city.

Misty: Yeah, but they don't know.

Ash (picking up the phone): I'm gonna kill Brock after he's given us the keys. (Two signals went by before someone answered)

Tracey: Hello?

Ash: Hey, Tracey. You called my answer-machine apart...

Tracey: Ash! I have not ever heard anything so perverted as I did today! How could you?! I mean, c'mon! You have an image to take care of! You have fans that look up to you!

Misty (giggling): Ash has fans! That's a line I never thought I'd hear.

Tracey: Is Misty there with you?! God, I swear – you need an agent, now. You can't possible screw this up more. The situation right now is unscrewable.

Ash: Take a chill-pill, Trace'. Nothing happened. It's just speculating. Listen, yesterday Brock came by with these handcuffs and asked me to watch them for him and the next day when we woke up, Misty and I had the handcuffs on us.

Tracey (even more shocked): Oh, so now you drink too!? Ash, you're going straight to re-hab and after that you'll need at least ten years intensive therapy.

Misty (leaning over to the phone): He meant that nothing happened at all. We fell asleep while watching "Gone With The Wind". Don't worry, Tracey. I wouldn't let Ash get that far anyway.

Ash: What's that suppose to mean?

Misty: Nothing.

Tracey: Oh – you finally signed in. Are you gonna be the usual dude?

Misty: Huh?

Ash: Naa, I'm gonna go for the CT this time. On what mission are you at?

Tracey: I'm going for the VIP-mission.

Ash: As a terrorist or a CT?

Tracey: As a CT, 'n you?

Ash: I think I'm gonna be the good guy for once.

Tracey: Great, let's see if anyone else gets online so we're at least three in our team.

Ash (leaning closer to the screen): Is that Brock?!

Tracey: What? Where?

Ash: You should get glasses. You can afford it. He's the only one who'd call himself "SexGod#1".

Tracey: Ah, there!

Ash (taking out his cellphone from his pocket): I put you on the speaker, Trace'. Um, hallo?

??? (teasingly): You little brat. You played with the handcuffs after all.

Ash: Brock! Where have you been?!

Brock: I've been chillin'. Hey, I'm joining you and Tracey.

Ash: I need the keys to the handcuffs, Brock. Do you know how hard it'll be to explain this?!

Brock: Don't blame me. I told you not to play with them. Oh, and I also told you that when you put them on you can't take them off until the two persons wearing it falls in love with each other.

Ash: As fast as I'm done with this game, you're giving me the keys.

Brock: Yeah, yeah. Connect the phone to the speaker; I'll need your help through the game.

Ash: Pikachu! Can you get me the black cable underneath my bed!?

Pikachu (from the hallway): (Coming, Pikapi!)

Misty: I don't understand the fun in these kinds of things.

Ash: It's a way to get out the aggressions. I mean, if you go out in the city with an AK-47, in two red seconds you have Officer Jenny right after ya and then you'll face at least two years in prison for only going out with a weapon.

Misty: Ash Ketchum!

Ash (calmly): Yes, Misty Waterflower?

Misty: Don't you ever repeat that line ever again! Do you have a clue of how unsafe the streets would be if people were allowed to go around with weapons like that!

Ash (pointing at the screen): What's he doing? Ey, Brock, what the hell are you doing? You almost blew my head off!

Brock: That was you?

Tracey: You're not supposed to shoot the dudes in your team, man. If you do, we lose.

Brock (surprised): Hey, Tracey! I didn't know you were there.

Tracey: I'm not, kind of. I'm talking through the phone.

Brock: Get outta here! Me too!

Tracey: Wuah, hey! I said; don't shoot your companions, man!

Brock: Sorry.

Ash: Ha! I got two down.

Brock: How many terrorists are we fighting?

Ash: Um, let's see...it's a six on six battle.

Misty: Do you guys have to play this?

Ash, Brock and Tracey: Yes!

Brock: Wait, I remember why I called now. Ash, you piece of crap!

Ash: What do you want?

Brock: What do you mean with walking around in the Indigo Office building, acting pervy all over the place!?

Ash (tiredly): It wasn't like that.

Misty: It was a big misunderstanding and in speak of which, you better come over with the keys, mister!

Brock: I already told you how those handcuffs works. You have to fall inlove in order to make them go off.

Tracey (sceptical): Yeah, like you had the handcuffs from the Shineodi- story.

Ash: From the what?

Misty: The story is true?

Brock: I said it was.

Tracey: No one knows if the story is true. It was a legend among the old Poderosu-tribe and they were eradicated for at least a thousand years ago. A script that was found outside Cinnibar Island told scientist about a young and beautiful princess called Paetna that refused to marry a stranger. That would be like dishonouring the entire tribe and it would piss the Gods off, you know the usual.

Ash: Yeah, I mean we go through that all the time. Bewitched handcuffs there, pissed off Gods here – what do you mean the usual?!

Tracey: I mean the usual as in "old-legends-from-history-way-back"-usual. Not as in "daily-routines-today"-usual.

Brock: You know how the handcuffs looked like, Tracey?

Tracey: There are pictures of the so called magical handcuffs. I can study them 'til tomorrow and come by to take a look at them.

Misty: And what do we do if these are the handcuffs from that Poderosu- tribe?

Tracey: There's nothing to worry about. I doubt that what you are wearing actually is the handcuffs that finally killed both the princess and Shineodi.

Ash: Say what?

Brock: Yeah, what do you mean "that eventually killed" them?

Tracey: Shineodi really loved the princess but she made herself believe that she was in love with the strongest warrior of the Poderosu-tribe. But the legend says that she was in fact inlove with Shineodi and the reason to why they both finally died was because Paetna could not maintain herself from letting Shineodi come close to her one night.

According to what she believed, her actions were unforgivable and when she told the warrior she was going to marry, the general killed her right in front of Shineodi...

Ash: And you were saying "lived happily ever after", Brock?

Misty: What happened to Shineodi?

Tracey: The handcuffs took care of the rest. He had sworn that he would always be by her side even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

Brock: Crap! I died.

Ash: How could you miss him? You had neon signs pointing at him in at least ten different colours; it took him at least three minutes to choose a weapon...you have some serious reflex-job to do.

Misty: Weren't we just talking about the handcuffs?

Ash (keeping his eyes onto the computer screen): Old news, life goes on.

Brock: Where have you guys gone? I can't see you.

Ash: I'm invisible.

Tracey: Why do you have to be so full of yourself?

Ash: I said invisible not invincible! – Wuah, you have one coming at you Trace'.

Tracey: Yeah, I saw him.

Brock: How will you know if it's the real deal?

Tracey: It has an inscription.

Misty: How can you understand each other when you jump from subject to subject?

Ash: Tracey, turn to your left – your left! That's your right!

Tracey: You said turn to my left not your left.

Ash: Can you see the helicopter?

Tracey: One more floor.

Misty: Hello? Can somebody please answer my question?

Pikachu (from the couch): (It's no use, Pikachupi. I've tried to understand for years now.)

Misty: Come here, Pikachu. We haven't been able to speak properly.

Ash: You fix this Trace', I have your back covered.





Do I get into the game or what?

I think I sat by the computer for at least five hours and truth is that I don't know how I managed to convince Misty to sit there for such a long time.

After that, the day passed by pretty fast.

I ordered a pizza for me and a Ceasar-salad for Misty. I mean, there's no way I'd go to sleep with an empty stomach and I haven't been at the supermarket for a while so I had a kitchen which was foodless, except for the moulding bread in the pantry which I had tried to not forget to throw away.

While watching Animal Planet's "Donphans Survival In The Rocky Mountains" (a program chosen by Misty, who apparently was an active member of the Protection Organisation for Donphans in Johto) I couldn't stop thinking of the possibility that the handcuffs we were wearing, were the same handcuffs in that tribe-legend.

If it was those handcuffs, what would we be forced to do? Would I have to go to expeditions concerning the lack of Wailmer's second evolution in the Chucara-sea outside Lilycove City?

Or would I have to follow Misty through the dangerous forests of the Orange Islands in search of yet another possible Eevee-evolution?

I hope not.






=) Chapter three, people!

The Chucara-sea is something I made up and so is the Poderosu-tribe ^^

There will be many made-up things in the coming chapters and the fourth chapter is on its way.

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