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Black Tears

Chapter One

Warnings: Mentioning these once. There will be abuse, rape, and language. If you don't like, then don't read.

Riing. Riing. Riing.

The red haired youth groaned, hand reaching blindly for the intrusion that disturbed his sleep. Groggily, he sat up after the insistent noise of his alarm clock had been silenced and made his way over to his closet.

Grabbing his favorite outfit, the fuschia colored uniform, he entered the bathroom down the hall from his bedroom and turned on the tap to almost the hottest level possible. Hot water always did wake the young kitsune up quite well.

He stepped out of the shower, watching as the steam poured out and settled on the mirror, so he was now looking at a fuzzy and distorted replica of his own face. After he got dressed, a comb was pulled out of the top drawer and his long hair began to be unknotted.

"Suichi! Breakfast is ready!" called his mother from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a minute, Mother!" replied Kurama. He quickly brushed his teeth, grabbed his bookbag from his room, and proceeded down the stairs to the bright yellow and blue kitchen. Already sitting on the table was a plate of french toast, his favorite.

His mother came and sat down next to her son, placing the syrup next to his plate. "Took you a while to get out of bed this morning," said his mother casually. "Exactly where were you last night, Suichi?"

"I was at a friend's house working on a project for our biology class. You knew that, Mother." Actually, Kurama had just gotten back from his third mission that week, completly exhausted. Koenma sure did have a lot of problem in the Spirit World.

"I'm sorry, dear, you know how a mother can worry."

"Yes, Mother, I know you do. But I'm perfectly safe working on a biology assignment."

"Well, maybe to ease my heart you would consider taking that karate class that the district offers. You know, I don't like you walking home alone when you can't even defend yourself."

"I'm sure I'll be fine." He smiled brightly at the aging brown haired woman who had streaks of gray in her hair. "I'd better be off if I don't want to be late for school."

"All right, but remember, if you encounter any bad people on the way to school the best thing to do is yell for help, okay."

"Yes, Mother, I'll be sure to remember that." Kurama bent down and gave the woman a kiss on her cheek. "Bye, I'll see you later."

"Bye, honey. Have a good day." The fox smiled once more and then left out the front door, his bag slung over his shoulder.

The walk to school was quiet. No bad guys anywhere. School wasn't even close to exciting though. Just the normal everyday classes in the same ordinary fashion that every day of the week held. The only difference: New homework was assigned each day.

Finally, seven hours later, he was free from that horrible place. Kurama knew that most students had a favorite class, but his had disappeard in grade school. Recess. Every chance that he had to be outside was taken and used to its fullest extent. At high school, Kurama was in horticulture, but it didn't have the same effect as being outside and being free.

He was halfway home when he sensed a presence tailing him, or trying to tail him without being noticed. "Hello Botan, what brings you around?" he called pleasantly, still walking calmly down the street.

The blue haired ferry girl stepped out from behind the bush that she had been crawling behind in hopes to surprise the never surprised Kurama. "Why hello Kurama, I never knew I would be running into you," she laughed.

"Very funny, Botan. Does Koenma have another mission for us?"

"Yes, in fact he does. Koenma-sama just can't seem to keep control of everything. Can you come now? I've already sent a telepathic message to Hiei, I have no idea where he lives, and Kuwabara and Yusuke should be headed there right now."

"I don't think Mother will miss me for a few minutes... Tell me, does it sound like another difficult case?"

"I'm not sure, but I think that it is pretty important. Koenma-sama is a mess, and this time, for once, I understand it is not his fault. He doesn't appear to have lost anything or told someone a secret or anything like that."

"Well then, we'd better get going. No point in making Koenma worry more than he already does." Botan smiled, her cat face appearing and hopped onto the oar that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Hop on, I'll give you a lift." Kurama climbed on the back and they were off, headed for Spirit World.

"Where are they? What's taking them so long?" The toddler was pacing around the office in gigantic circles, Yusuke and Kuwabara just watching. "How long does it take that stupid ferry girl to get Kurama here?"

"What do you mean stupid ferry girl?" asked Botan, slipping off her oar and advancing toward Koenma, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Just a slip of the tongue, Botan, that's all. You are actually my best ferry girl I've ever had," he said nervously.

"Hmph." Botan crossed the room and plopped onto the couch next to Kuwabara. "Shouldn't you start to explain the mission Koenma-sama?" she said testily, still upset he called her stupid.

"Ah yes, of course. OGRE!" The toddler yelled at the top of his lungs.

A blue skinned ogre rushed into the room, carrying several heavy books before dropping them with a crash on Koenma's desk. "Here you are Koenma-sama," he panted. "All the books I could find on the black pearls."

"Black pearls?" asked Yusuke, genuine curiousity in his voice. "Is that a group we have to fight or something?"

"No," said Koenma seriously, "It is exactly what it sounds like. Tell me, have all of you heard of real pearls, the white ones?"

"Yeah," said Kuwabara. "Shizuru has a pretty necklace with them. They're really smooth and round too," he added as an afterthought. Yusuke and Kurama both just nodded.

"Well, as Kuwabara just told us, pearls are often used in jewelry. Black pearls can be used the same way, but they have another property. If crushed, the pearls turn into a deadly poison, and when administered it kills the victims immediately."

"So where do we find black pearls?" asked Yusuke. "I mean, normal pearls come from oysters. I don't think they can make black ones. And how do you expect us to get all of them. And why is it a problem now?"

"Good questions Yusuke. These pearls were never a problem before. Only several exist in the first place and everyone that owns one has a liscence stating their name and that they won't use the pearl like that. Besides, most people just keep them for show."

"Well then why are we worrying about this now?"

"Because all of the owners of the pearls have contacted me, informing me that they have been stolen."


"That's beside the point," stated Koenma. "The fact is someone is collecting the pearls and they need to be stopped."

"Has anyone seen Hiei?" asked Kurama suddenly. "It doesn't look like he ever showed."

"Shorty probably felt like sleeping or something," said Kuwabara.

"I'll just stop by his location that he was last seen at," said Kurama. "I believe it was a cave on the south side of Genkai's temple."

"Let's get on this mission," said Yusuke happily, "I'm ready for some action." The two humans departed through the portal that Koenma had set up. Kurama quickly followed, but the portal instead dropped him off a little ways from the temple.

"Hello, Kurama," spoke a voice softly. "It's nice to see you again."

Kurama looked down and saw the Koormire gathering some flowers next to him. "I'm getting some of this aloe plant for Genkai-San; she said she needed more," stated the ice apparation.

Kurama knelt down next to her and began to collect the flower with her. "Thank you so much, Kurama," said Yukina. "What brings you around here anyway?"

"I heard that Hiei was staying near here and I have to tell him about our newest mission."

"Oh. You will be careful, won't you? I don't like seeing any of you hurt." A few tears sparkled on her eyelashes at the thought.

'Wait... She's an apparation that makes pearls, the white kind. If Hiei is her brother is it possible he can make pearls? His wouldn't be white but they would be...black.'

"I have to go Yukina," Kurama said abruptly. "I just remembered something really important."

"All right. I'll see you later, Kurama." It was then the Koormire realized she was talking to space. "I guess it must have been really important. Hmmm..."

Kurama went as fast as he could go, using his energy to move the plants and trees out of his way as he made a straight dash for the cave on the mountain. It all made sense now. Why Hiei wasn't at the meeting. He had probably been attacked and was injured and lying in his cave at this moment.

The kitsune scaled the mountain's sheer rock wall and ran into the dimly lit room. "Hiei?" he called uncertainly. Knowing the fire demon, if nothing had happened to him he probably wouldn't like being disturbed. "Hiei, are you-"

Kurama stopped calling when he heard a dull splash as he moved forward into the blackness of the cave. The fox darted back outside and grabbed a bright white flower that was growing near the mountain. Pushing some of his energy into it, a small glow started to emit untill the whole flower was aglow.

He entered the cave again, his flower lighting a path. A demon minion lay near the puddle he had just stepped in, clearly dead. On closer inspection the kitsune determined it was blood. "Hiei," he called anixety clearly evident in his voice.

The deeper he got into the cave, the more bodies he found and the more blood that coated the walls and floor. He kicked a body out of the way, and proceeded even deeper, worry growing with every step.

"Hiei? Are you here? Answer me."

And then a gasp escaped the kitsune's lips, a look of horror spreading across his features, green eyes widening in shock. It was... But it couldn't be... he never went anywhere without it...

Lying in a pool of crimson, the light glinting off its bloodied blade lay akatana... Hiei's katana.

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I decided to write one of these when I finally got into a YYH craze. I've been buying all the DVD's from Sword and Dragon and I've become obsessed with Hiei. So I decided, what better way to get rid of some of this hyperness inside of me then writing a nice angsty fic?

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