It was a beautiful night with the air crisp, a nice gentle breeze from the south. But the only problem with this glamorous night was. . .

A single girl's eye brow twitching violently.


"Um. . . because It's not healthy for apprentices to cook at night Ms. Cleo."

"And you..." she growled out loudly.

"Che, I'm a man and guy's don't do cooking chores. And since you're a girl, you're obligated to cook for the superior males." Orphen said as he laid his back against the large rock behind him. He folded his hands behind his head to get more comfortable.

Cleo's eye began to twitch along with her eyebrow in annoyance. She walked back to the wagon and grabbed a large frying pan, then stomped her way up to Majic. And then slammed the pan down as hard as her strength in her arms allowed.

After she was through with Majic, who was currently unconscinece, she turned around and gave Orphen a death glare. His eyes were closed as she approached closely to her prey. And when her shadow was upon him as the predator was about to strike, only then did he opened his eyes in surprise at having been snuck upon.

"Uh... Take it easy Cleo. .." Swiftly she slammed her make shift weapon down, aiming at his head. He threw up his hands just in time to catch the sides of the dangerous weapon, and glanced up at his assassin who had long blond hair with two curls at the sides of her face and clear blue eyes that had a dangerous sparkle to them that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Orphen tugged on the pan, using his strength to over power hers and pulled the pan out of her claws. He stood up.

Frustrated, she aimed a skilled punch to knock off his devilish head, which caught her right wrist. And when she attempted to slap his face with her left hand and fought back a whimper as he caught that wrist as well. She tried to knee him where-it-counts but he knocked her down by kicking her foot out from under her. But as usual, gravity took it's course and dragged him down along with her.

And as a last attempt to get back at him, tried to knee him again. He just pinned her legs down.

Cleo squirmed under his body, then chose that exact moment to notice the position they were in. His face was only inches away from hers, she blushed a pretty rosy color. Her eyes began to sparkle, her fantasy's of him kissing her here was beginning to go throughout her mind.

As if figuring out what she was thinking, he smirked. He leaned down closer. His lips pressed up against hers then with the blink of an eye, sprang off her.

'The nerve! He was teasing her! Wait- maybe he was just shy...' She got up and dusted off her dress.

"Why did you do that!?" She pointed an accusing finger out at Orphen.

"Do what?"

"Kiss me!"

He just smirked again.

So. She was right after all! He was teasing her. She heard a light chuckle come from Orphen. She could feel tears prickle her eyes, was he making fun of her? She couldn't keep her bottom lip from trembling.

Orphen looked back at her. "Ack! Why are you crying!?" He held his one of his hands in front of his chest with his palm facing Cleo. To say the least, his expression was somewhat shocked.

"You're...Your making fun of me!" She cried in to her hands, sobbing loudly.

"I only make fun of little girls who can't take jokes." He got over his shock and shrugged.

"You don't kiss girls for jokes!!"

"Why not?"

"B-Because they get their feelings hurt!"

"Oh, and why so?" He smirked again, he was having fun.

"Because a kiss is supposed to be something magical, very special if you mean it. Oh how I wish I could find a guy who would do that." Her eyes began to sparkle while day dreaming of the guy. "Oh...It's so romantic!"

"So then, are you hurt by a little kiss that meant nothing in the world?"


"Why if it meant nothing?"

"Because that was my firs- never mind." She said rather quickly.

"What did you say?"

"Never mind!"

'Did she just imply that that was her first kiss?' Orphen thought.

Cleo sat down cross her arms over her knees. She had almost told him that his kiss as her first one! 'I feel so stupid!!' She looked at the fire that been going for a while and noticed that her stomach had begun to rumble. She stood up and began to make food.

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